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  1. Estarriol

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Right. Need to plot my maiden outing of the Gunboats in 2.0. It’s not easy! Thinking back to my first tournament win where I flew pre-veterans Vessery, I thought pairing him with a pair of Gunboats might work. It’s.... well, not great but I love the concept and it’ll look amazing! (37) Rho Squadron Pilot (0) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (5) Ion Cannon (3) Advanced SLAM (3) Fire-Control System Points 48 (41) Major Vynder (0) Xg-1 Assault Configuration (3) Tractor Beam (3) Fire-Control System (3) Advanced SLAM (1) Trick Shot Points 51 (88) Colonel Vessery (4) Juke (5) Collision Detector (4) Heavy Laser Cannon Points 101 Total points: 200 Now, how do I change it to make it good...
  2. Estarriol


    I realise, I just wasn’t flying it well enough to use it much I guess. I tried running her along with perceptive co-pilot on the Falcon recently. It’s pretty strong, and frees up a lot of points for something. I’m still battling with knowing when to change arcs though.
  3. Estarriol


    UK! Bleh. I’ve had a mess around in the fly casual app and I’ve developed some better tactics. Think I’ll have another go at it
  4. Estarriol


    Not at all, just me being thematic. I also didn’t get much use out of Jyn as I found I was boosting to arc dodge a lot. I think I’m going to play about a bit with crew on Han. On the other hand, bids are pretty cutthroat out there, I had a twelve point bid in my last tournament and in three rounds it was irrelevant and the fourth he had a 14 point bid!
  5. Estarriol


    Went 1/3 with Han/Luke, lost to wedge/Luke/Dutch and Vader plus swarm. 1st loss I wasn’t aggressive enough with Han - completely outflow his approach and killed wedge before they could line up toro shots on Luke who proceeded to take four torps before he died. Sadly I miscalculated and he got half points on Han which won him the game, Second loss I conceded when my Dice killed me. And when I’ve taken three crits after four range three shots on Han by tie fighters (two over two turns) and only managed to score one hit in exchange? I guess I could’ve been a little more cagey with Luke , but he should’ve been alright... meh. Will have to have a rematch on that one! (62) Luke Skywalker (8) R2-D2 (12) Supernatural Reflexes (9) Proton Torpedoes (0) Servomotor S-foils Points 91 (92) Han Solo (14) Kanan Jarrus (2) Jyn Erso (1) Trick Shot Points 109 Total points: 200
  6. Estarriol

    How to fly better against bomber swarms

    It’s what I’m practiced with, tournament tomorrow Its likely only one player will turn up with them, but if i do well it’s likely I’m facing him across the top table in the final.
  7. Estarriol

    How to fly better against bomber swarms

    Thanks guys. I struggle with the sheer firepower out the front and the agile bombs guarding their tails. It’s hard to flank and hard to face. Ive been flying Fenn Teroch Palob, swapped Palob for Kavil, and the other was my first 2.0 list which was boba, palob, l3 escape craft and gunrunner. The problem with the first two is that Palob or Kavil are instant fire magnets, and the latter is that it only has one fighty ship. I think i may need to resign myself to flying Boba/guri, make them chance Boba and stay on their flank with the viper.
  8. So, the list to beat in my local meta is 4-5 bombers with barrage rockets and Jonus. Which lists or strategies work best against them? Best I’ve managed is playing to Final Salvo with Boba doing his thing but getting bombed to heck whilst doing it.
  9. Estarriol

    Triple interceptors

    Can’t be worse than Skull Squadron (trip fangs) surely?
  10. Estarriol

    Strategies to beat Scum swarms

    3/8 is enough to need a playbook for. A valid tactic is to nuke one and run. Swarms take a lot of time to plot and move so they don’t get many turns to burn you down, so killing one and running can be good if dull.
  11. Estarriol

    Triple interceptors

    Anyone flown them with any success? Just threw this together with no real experience of Imperials in second ed because it looks fun. (52) Soontir Fel (6) Outmaneuver (8) Afterburners (8) Shield Upgrade Points 74 (44) Turr Phennir (2) Predator (8) Afterburners (8) Shield Upgrade Points 62 (34) Alpha Squadron Pilot (8) Afterburners (8) Shield Upgrade Points 50 Total points: 186
  12. Estarriol

    Fangs and......

    At the risk of being unhelpful, I use palob...
  13. Estarriol

    World Championship Results 2018

    Lol, irrelevant European meta my ***. They came, saw and conquered! Great job Sim!
  14. Estarriol

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Had a harpoon continue to give splash damage every turn after the ship that fired the killshot attacked (I.e Boba killed a ship with the harpoon condition which resolved normally, then the following turn Boba attacked a new target but the original ship died again after the attack resolved).
  15. Estarriol

    Newfangled XXX! (or XXS?)

    I dug out my old Rogues, applied the new upgrades and... you can’t spend enough points on three! It’s strange!