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  1. Estarriol

    World Championship Results 2018

    Lol, irrelevant European meta my ***. They came, saw and conquered! Great job Sim!
  2. Estarriol

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Had a harpoon continue to give splash damage every turn after the ship that fired the killshot attacked (I.e Boba killed a ship with the harpoon condition which resolved normally, then the following turn Boba attacked a new target but the original ship died again after the attack resolved).
  3. Estarriol

    Newfangled XXX! (or XXS?)

    I dug out my old Rogues, applied the new upgrades and... you can’t spend enough points on three! It’s strange!
  4. Estarriol

    Please help me kill this

    Rebel damage mitigation is my bane! This is the list to beat in our local meta right now and I honestly can’t figure it out. (100) •Ezra Bridger (22) - Sheathipede-class Shuttle Snap Shot (2), Hera Syndulla (1), •R3-A2 (2) •Jess Pava (30) - T-70 X-Wing •M9-G8 (3), Advanced Optics (2), Integrated Astromech (0) •Captain Rex (14) - TIE Fighter •Lowhhrick (34) - Auzituck Gunship Draw Their Fire (1), Rey (2), •C-3PO (3) I was flying Kylo and two x-7 defenders tonight and my plan was kill Ezra and run, but it didn’t work out. I ended the game having list a defender and got one damage into Rex (I had no one else to shoot on one round, landed 2 hits 2 crits. He blanked out but had an evade token and Lowie drew one and reinforced the other), Shields down on Lowie (draw their fire) and one damage on the sheathipede. none of my lists have a path to victory that I can see, and I don’t really get how to unpick that much damage mitigation. He can tank harpoons, it’s hard to approach to bomb without getting shot to bits, spike damage won’t work... at the Open he was killed off by quad Wookiees. I’m not doing that! Anyone got any advice for teaching against it or tactics to use?
  5. Estarriol

    Thematic Rouge One list

    I enjoyed flying Heff with Jyn and Jan crew. Flew him with ?Biggs (pre-nerf) and two TLT hawks. I guess Tarn would make a good replacement, haven’t really considered it. I don’t agree that the U-wing sucks, I think it’s just waiting for the right crew to come out. I’ve seen some novel builds, utilising Sabine Or Boshek (or both!) work well with Miranda or the Ghost. I wish you luck with it! Although, I really have to point out that it’s Rogue
  6. Estarriol

    Launch Bay squad builder for iOS

    It looks good for my phone but gawds is it ugly on my iPad!
  7. Estarriol


    That, and playing really boring squads.
  8. Estarriol

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Legend! I’ve been hoping for this for a while so thanks for letting me know
  9. What do A and B want to do to resolve the situation? They’re both adults and should be given the chance to come up with a resolution.
  10. Estarriol

    Rebel Shut Down Parade

    One of my squad mates is running a similar list. Wes has R3A2, Fenn has M9G8 and weapons engineer, Rex as is and instead of Norra he runs Roark with a TLT. The crew is the one that gives focus tokens when you miss, so you have a token stack on whoever you want to protect. It’s a pain in the backside to push damage through (though I maintain he only beat my Kylo/Quickdraw/AP list because his greens didn’t roll a single blank after I annihilated Rex!) Norra is an improvement in damage output but you lose the reliability of the TLT and the PS12 Rex shot.
  11. As a natural blonde, I feel compelled to add that Blondes have more fun, and gentlemen prefer us.
  12. Estarriol

    Hoth Open Final

    I played a Maltese chap on Saturday, but my other seven opponents were all brits.
  13. Estarriol

    Please nerf Epsilon Ace!

    Some third rate rubbish. Quickdraw and Kylo or something. Obviously just second line assistants to the awesomeness that is Epsilon Ace - I mean he’s got Ace in his name and everything! Did FFG not think?
  14. Estarriol

    Anyone think the top three pilots are going change pre Worlds?

    Yes. Fenn Rau (Sheathipede).
  15. Estarriol

    Hoth Open Final

    I could imagine an alternate timeline where Kylo Ren turns out good and flies X-wings with Poe. It still wouldn’t be thematic.