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  1. I was doing quite well with my Gunboat list before the points change. Three Nus with FCS, APT, Ion Missiles, OS1 and Advanced SLAM plus a juking Whisper. Comes to 205 now. I tried Echo instead of Whisper but she’s just not I. The same league. I was thinking of Soontir as a possibility.
  2. You don’t want to drop the cost of lower pilot skill pilots. There are enough generic spam lists out there already without giving them more points to work with!
  3. Would it be possible to have a Lady Luck type thing to track dice results?
  4. Luke could fly a t-65 with no training purely from being able to drive his landspeeder. I suspect the astromech takes up a fair amount of the slack
  5. I’m pretty happy with the Defender. I’d quite like a TIE/D config that says something like “if you are not defending (or if you spend an evade token) after attacking with a cannon you may perform a primary attack.” A points drop on the generics would be cool. But they’re pretty awesome as is for me. No one is making you lot use the 4K you know 😛
  6. I think the comparison between reactions to the tpm and tlj is flawed. Mostly because I like one and not the other and therefore everyone else is wrong by default. Partly, however, TPM didn’t assassinate any characters, there was no backstory to overwrite. There hadn’t just been a bunch of moderately cool cliffhangers in the previous film that had just been thrown aside for someone else’s creative vision. Spot on about fan reaction though. People don’t change
  7. I’ve run both, often found myself unable to capitalise on an Ioned ship with my apt without the ability to SLAM and shoot unless it’s pointed directly at the Gunboat. Ah well, must just suit your play style better!
  8. Take Ion missiles and OS1 instead. Opens up the option to Ion then slam in for apt next turn
  9. Advanced Proton torps do plenty of damage. If they’re Ion’d you know where they’ll be. PS2 makes blocking fairly easy. I’m 6/4 in tournament matches, but I’m capable of better and so is the list I’ve faced handbreak Han and quad phantoms and won.
  10. Gunboats are solid. Mine are loaded with Ion missiles, apt, AS, FCS, os1, three Nus with Whisper. Give them a bash
  11. One of our better pilots decided on a whim to put together a team for the UKTC, and I thought why not? Not having played much since the Open I put the Gunboats back in my case. Pete did similar, putting his twin ups and kylo into the fray, and Mark, our third, went with Vennie, L’ulo and a t-70 of some hue. We weren’t expecting much, which was quite lucky, but it’s a nice way to wind down the competitive season. Game One, Ani-Mace and two gold Torrents. I lost this one, he took init and tried to block with his Torrents which failed. I tried to kill mace which also failed. He ran and regenned but the damage was done with a Gunboat dead and one on half points vs a dead Torrent. The team lost 2-1 overall. Game Two, Handbrake Han the meta bad guy! I’m on record saying that this isn’t overpowered so I was nervous for my first encounter lest I be forced to eat my words. I sent the Gunboats after Jake hoping for a mistake from my opponent which was not forthcoming, however he took himself out of the fight and allowed me to position for a trap on Han. A couple of Ion missile hits later Han was blocked on a debris field and two Advance Proton torpedos left him in a world of hurt, but sadly not dead. Jake streaked in to help, but didn’t manage much, a reloaded APT finished Han. Team win 2-1 too. The fight back begins! Game three, Resistance A-wings. The team championship format is an interesting one. If there is a list we will struggle against we can pick our weak link and pair them to improve our odds for a team win. To this end I got the swarm. Accepting a probable loss I was surprised to kill L’ulo without loss on the first pass, but it went south from there. My inability to roll greens and my opponents ability to roll hits without modifications saw a Gunboat downed and Whisper and another Nu smoking for the return of one ps-1 a-Wing, still, Whisper is a force to be reckoned with right? One Ps-1 unmodified shot with crackshot scoring three hits to my blanks ends that dream in a hurry. Dont know about you lot, but I always find it worse to lose a match which you thought you’d already lost, but started to turn around and find a path to victory being cruelly snatched away! Just two A-wings left, but all the Gunboats were out of action team loss 2-1. Game four. Rexlar, onyx, Gideon Brilliant game, but exactly the kind of match the gunboats like. Three shots on a defender to strip the tokens and the fourth Ion goes through. Rinse. Repeat. Team win 3-0! Game five, Mace, Ani, two golds. Back to where I started the day, and a chance to redeem myself. I knew it was possible to win it as my first defeat was far from crushing! He hung the goldies back in an attempt to get behind and harass me while the 7bs charged for a hit and run, it was largely inconclusive but mace was out of force and Ani out of shields. Sending one Gunboat to try and tie up the Golds I charged everything else after Mace and managed to bring him down. We were close to time, and with a half pointed Gunboat and both Whisper and another Nu one damage away from half points it was close and my opponent asked to speed up a bit. Did my best, and secured a Gold and half points on another in exchange for half points in another gunboat, but another turn or two and Ani might have done horrible things! Team win 2-1. So, the Gunboats went 3-2 matching their score for the Open. There is definately something missing from the list but I still can’t decide what. Oh well, I’ll figure it out and they’ll be back even scarier than before for the next Extended event I go to! The team matched my score, going 3-2 and taking 13th. Only about 130 MoV separated us from the top 8, although the only difference would be bragging rights in this event! A big thank you to all my opponents, you were all awesome. Hope to cross paths again soon.
  12. Take the most broken unfun list you can find and tell every opponent how it’s totally fair
  13. Republic, separatists, many other things.
  14. Naboo is a small planet and I’m pretty sure if they were a meaningful arms exporter to the republic then the Trade Federation blockade should really have been more of an issue in the senate.... That said, it’s a nice ship. Rule of Cool says the protagonists should have access...
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