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  1. Double Silencer+???

    This is the one I saw on list juggler Sienar-Jaemus Analyst + Advanced Optics + Fire-Control System + AutothrustersSienar-Jaemus Analyst + Advanced Optics + Fire-Control System + Autothrusters"Quickdraw" + Veteran Instincts + Special Ops Training + Advanced Optics + Fire-Control System + Lightweight Frame Looks like you’re of the same mind. It looks like a lot of fun, is bomb resistant and maeuvreable enough to give the Wookiees trouble. Try it and let us know!
  2. They are all solid squads, except the last in my opinion... The strongest to me seems either the Rainbows or the Liberators. I’d prefer the Rainbows as I find the Wookiees to be a bit of an npe to face and I don’t fly what I don’t like to play against, but that’s just my personal bias
  3. Congrats! im the opposite, I practiced with the same list for a big tournament last year and I got so fed up with flying the same thing I was glad to get the event out of the way.
  4. What’s your Signature List?

    I have a list for a season and then move on. Otherwise the game feels too stale. I started with imperial aces, moved onto x wings, upgraded to t-70, twin Firespray, back to x wings, Dash Poe and now I’m searching for my next thing. It’s not as skittish as it sounds if you’ve been p,aging since wave iv!
  5. Canon Material still needed in X-wing

    Assault shuttle and stormtrooper transport from TIE Fighter still need to happen. I’d quite like the Lambda and Delta shuttles with Rebel and Scum variants as I feel they should be ubiquitous designs.
  6. I’ve been doodling lists, and wanting to use my pretty repainted Protectorates and I’ve stumbled across this... Scum aces (96) •Fenn Rau (34) - Protectorate Starfighter Push The Limit (3), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2) •Old Teroch (32) - Protectorate Starfighter Push The Limit (3), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2) •Thweek (30) - StarViper StarViper Mk.II (-3), Autothrusters (2), •Virago (1), Fire Control System (2) It’s got a decent bid incase I want Thweek to shadow anyone, it’s got Old Teroch to counter those pesky X-7s that are enjoying a resurgence and it’s got Fenn Rau, because he’s Fenn Rau. The Starfighter title helps me in R1 of Ghosts if I’m caught in a bad spot. Lots of modded attacks, lots of defence if I can get to range one... Do you think it’s competetive if I can fly it? Which obstacles would you choose and why? What would you use to counter it?
  7. Thweek Is Incredible

    That would depend on the opponent and alcohol.
  8. KyloRAC + ??? - Still Viable?

    Nothing wrong with RAC. You’ll probably suffer more against the harpoon Gunboats than Ghost builds - PS0 Fenn is a sad Fenn!
  9. Are triple T70's viable?

    So, going on your experience how would you approach making a viable build?
  10. The Role of Boba

    Scum Boba with VI to fire missiles on the way in and then to crash into range one and kick ***. Or cry when they barrel roll around the sides.
  11. Revenge of the 5000

    Expertise and Maul are probably good places to start. I saw a great contracted scout with Dengar crew, Expertise, rigged cargo shoot and apl paired with Assaj on stream yesterday.
  12. That’s a lot of stuff for an eight year old to keep track of...
  13. Are Tie Advances still viable?

    Vader sees a lot of play. Being able to get to PS11 helps. I’ve seen Juno around a bit too but rarely doing well. I think if you’re wanting to be competitive Vader as part of a PS11 missile three ship alpha strike list is the way to go. But meh, the rule of cool states if you want to fly something, doooooo eeeet!
  14. Upcoming SOS list help needed

    For the Gunboats, have you thought about crackshot instead of deadeye? It seems somewhat redundant unless you expect BB8 Poe. Most people seem to (incorrectly) use R2D2 around here. I feel like Fenn works best with FAA or R2, but that’s just my personal choice. I like the two x-wing phantom build and have flown versions myself, but I prefer two t-70s for aesthetic reasons. Jess with M9G8 and PT is a pretty good fit, and allows you to take PS9 Poe.
  15. PSA: How Targeting Scrambler Actually Works

    It doesn’t look as cool though, so you lose the style points the Lambda gives you.