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  1. Oh dear gods, are we still talking about dice?
  2. You've done the exact list mod I wanted to try when I first saw Nom, Fenn and two zealous recruits on the table. How do you rate it vs the original?
  3. Do you know if there is a way to do it in touchscreen? I would prefer if the firing arc were illuminated like in Vassal, personally. My number one request is for the Skip button to be elsewhere on the screen. I often seem to catch it by mistake. Keep up the work, everyone. This remains my main source of list testing thanks to all who contribute!
  4. I remember the dark days of nymiranda, bombs are terribly effective and the only thing stopping that coming back is the current high points cost. I like to take a proton bomb in my scum lists because I invariably run either a firespray or hwk, and you can force opponents to worry about pressing home attacks and therefore making suboptimal moves at the risk of a crit. It's often good to never drop the thing and use it psychologically!
  5. 2 deltas and an ace like whisper or soontir work well.
  6. A random thought. At the UK System Open it was announced that the management for x-wing OP (at least over here) was being given over to a new venture called something like Organised Play Events Ltd. headed up by Aec Thorne. Is there some hope for the future of IA organised play in this way, and does anyone have an avenue by which to contact this organisation? It didn't occur to me to ask while in the same place as these people
  7. Estarriol

    UK System open

    Well, if its consistent we can all go back to the good old days of crying nerf!
  8. Estarriol

    UK System open

    Lists are up on list fortress. Please add yours if you haven't already.
  9. Played against them twice just pre-Open. My take on them is that they are Fun, but not great. Lots of janky tricks that are hard to get your head around as an opponent who has never faced one, but so very fragile.
  10. Hey! We chatted briefly after your round 2 on Sunday. Its an amazing squad.
  11. Tell me about the gunboats you trust! I struggle to get anything else to perform as well. Thanks for the input, guys. Very helpful!
  12. The gunboats work, don't worry about them . For background used to fly three as above but with ion missiles rather than torps, and whisper. The art is in the approach. Upgrading one to Vynder is very tempting. Slimmer deci is probably a good idea.
  13. A little melodramatic. Apologies. I've been looking for ways to get my gunboats back on the table but I've never flown a deci and I don't know if my build is a good one, or even if Oicunn could be a better fit. The gunboat loadout is tried and tested, but easily trimmed by 2 points to give them ion missiles instead of torps, so the deci can easily be fattened by 4 points, but if you've a better gunboat build feel free to suggest it! Critique and suggestions please!
  14. I get it, i do. When hyperspace dropped none if the twenty or so lists i had made were legal. But I enjoy list building, and so it became a challenge. I'm sorry you aren't enjoying it, but if it's not fun for you then there will be plenty of Extended OP events this year to enjoy. Or maybe its a good excuse to get those huge ships out, or play some HotAC.
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