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  1. I still like him with black one, bb8, Intensity and auto-thrusters. I save a point on the com relay version to do the same stuff. edit, to save points, trick shot is also cool - just park behind rocks for four target locked Dice with Pocus and bb8 out of the way after.
  2. PS9 won’t save Poe from high ps ordnance. Needs VI to guarantee.
  3. They would be the best missile without the condition card. OP pos.
  4. The conflict between your username and this comment is delicious.
  5. Sorry, keep forgetting it’s holidays in the colonies time! Have a good one!
  6. Any chance up uploading Saturdays games? I can see day 2 on twitch still but none from Swiss.
  7. If there were a new core set...
  8. I figured as much. The only other list I’m sufficiently practiced with is Rey/Poe which has her own problems. Bleh.
  9. So, tournament on Saturday. My take on Dash/Poe is coming along nicely but I’ve recieved word there is going to be a RAC w/Kylo, gunner, rebel captive attending backed up by Ryad in a stealthed x-7. I’ve lost against a similar list before, so I’m some what tempted to change up my list. My current thoughts are: hope we don’t get paired get behind the Decimator and stay there to protect the doughnut hole. Ignore Ryad as I’ll never hit her anyway. Any advice to add? Any helpful video batreps to watch?
  10. I was hoping for just Two named T-70 Pilots tooled up to the nines. R5P9 ptl Poe, R2D2 on the second, torps, thrusters... Maybe Expertise Ello? You know you want to...
  11. This is my version. I’m tempted to bump Poe down to PS8 to free up some points. I had burnout slam on Rey but took it off for a bid. I’d put it back on and upgrade primed thrusters to Com Relay with PS8 Poe.
  12. We want a t-65 fix, Rogue One provided lots of pretty new t-65s, why not push for them both to be released in one neat package? I’ll buy a t-6t buff however it’s packaged.
  13. Which Kessel run though?
  14. Anyone else streaming too? Looking at you, Gold Squadron...
  15. Click HERE for some Firespray lists... Ive run Boba Nym and it’s fairly fun until you hit anything involving Lowrick...