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  1. I am just learning the co-op version of Descent and played FS for the first time this last weekend and had plenty of questions...so take my guidance with a heavy dose of salt. But, I think you are a bit mistaken in your play. When you finish an exploration card, you do not draw another until you open the door. Instead, you have to advance fate and complete a peril card each turn that there is no active exploration card. In other words, as the requirements for the current exploration cards are winding down, start preparing to bug out for your next card. Tic toc. Also, I need to check that specific card, but didn't that shadow dragon disappear when the search tokens were taken?
  2. Don't goblin's have the scamper ability to let them crawl right over the heroes anyway? Great advice on the swapping of roles. My daughter's whined and complained about how I was so OP as the overlord (yet they won the campaign!) so guess who is going to play OL next?!
  3. With only 2 rooms, I struggled with placement for my zombies and placed them close to the entrance, which proved disastrous as they all died before the end of the first hero turn. My shadow dragons did some sweet damage but they fell too quickly to the OP heroes. So it was up to Lord Merrick and Baron Z and whatever zombies I could stagger in. I decided to whittle them down to minimize their effectiveness, so I focused my attacks and dropped Leoric with Merrick (sidebar: LOVED Merrick's ignite ability!) and then turned my attention to the already-damaged Jain and took her down--two left (Syndreal and Avric). I tried to stay mobile with Baron Z while using the reinforcement zombies in the small hallway to immobilize the heroes. From there, it was a battle of attrition for a couple turns that I was winning because of wonderful cards like frenzy. Oh and the Dark Charm was a wonderful addition. Merrick was going in for the kill on Avric (3 health) when the dratted X popped up on my dice. Looked desperately for a card to bail me out but no. So I decided to chance it and move in the man who would be king for the kill and he too crapped out on the dice. Seeing that their chances were waning for victory, Syndreal used his heroic feet (spelled wrong on purpose) and they both piled on The Baron, finishing him.
  4. Thanks for the clarification, Charmy. Having never played as a necro (or any hero), I am not as up on their mechanics as I need to be. I was working from the idea that if monster cannot pass an attribute test, they are eliminated, but I see now that reanimates are treated differently. I was counting on my daughters to know the specifics about how to play their classes but that might have been expecting a little much.
  5. We got Descent 2e for Christmas and (finally!) finished our first campaign. It was back and forth and we had a great time. As we played the finale (The man who would be king), a couple questions came up. Leoric (Necromancer) spent her first action to summon a minion. That minion attacked my lieutenant Lord Merrick. He has Aftershock which causes a willpower test against the hero. Since the minion cannot do attribute tests, the minion died. But Aftershock says it applies to heroes. Do "heroes as figures" suffer Aftershock? Second question: for her second action, Leoric wanted to re-summon the minion and then have the minion attack my beloved shadow dragon. The issue we wrestled over was can the re-summoned minion get a second attack?
  6. I can only go on what I have (Descent 2e, LotW, LoR and 1 H&M pack) and what my daughter's groan about the most, as I have never played a hero. When I pull out the Shadow Dragons (as I did last night for the Shadow Rune finale), they always get that wonderful look of dejection and defeat.
  7. In BaHotH, the players all start in co-op mode, helping to discover (and place) rooms in the house. The longer the game goes on, the greater the likelihood that the haunt mechanic triggers. Once it does, the player that triggers it is not necessarily the turncoat, that is determined by what caused the trigger. Then, whoever turns out to be the turncoat goes off and reads what his/her new objective is and plans the strategy while the rest of the players read their new objective and plan their strategy. Both sides know the basics 1) that something has happened and 2) they have a specific goal they need to achieve however, neither is fully clear on the specifics of the other side. But, the turncoat is now completely against the players. In BaHotH, there is almost nothing automated, it seamlessly moves from co-op to 1 vs 4 on the fly. Great game. How this translates to Descent 2e...like UM said, balance would be rough and getting a newb to be the turncoat/OL might prove too complex.
  8. Fun but brutal... The OL will need to hoard cards over 3 encounters? The heroes will carry their wounds and conditions over and over? yee-owch! I love the idea tho--it becomes a war of attrition. Can the OL make the heroes bleed enough before they force him to blow out his deck completely. Love it!
  9. I will keep my answer shot n sweet: I like quests that are varied and competitive. Races, fights, king-of-the-hill, it's all good. I don't want to always have to do variations of the same theme but actual variety--sometimes going after the same objective, sometimes playing to differing goals. The most important aspect is that both sides need a realistic shot at victory. So 1 encounter or 2, I think there is place for both. But I think e1 cannot have such a significant impact on e2 that it basically cripples the losing side. Hope this helps a little.
  10. Gridash, I use this and love it! http://www.amazon.com/Plano-1374-Rack-System-Tackle/dp/B000E3FKTO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1427295689&sr=8-2&keywords=plano
  11. One of the biggest hurdles I had in playing Descent was overcoming my D&D mentality that I, as the GM (OL), was to throw miscellaneous monsters in the way of the heroes create an exciting story for them and they can all sit around the table afterwards noming Doritos and celebrating their magnificence at dungeoneering. No, ten thousand times no! This is Descent, where everything is out in the open and everyone knows the score. The fun and excitement come, not from delving into the unknown, but from coming face-to-face with the brutality and vicious cunning of the diabolical OL. He or she has so many wicked tricks to throw down to stop the heroes onslaught. You want unknown and hidden aspects to the game? Let encounter #1 go 10-12 rounds so that the OL's deck balloons nice and plump and wait to see what happens in encounter #2...
  12. Enjoy! Feel free to post any questions that will arise because many folks in here are very knowledgeable about the game.,
  13. I believe it means that whatever the monster did actually affects the hero, that is he hit a hero for at least one heart (after adding the hearts rolled and subtracting the shields) or the action did its intended thing (e.g. the hero didn't make his might roll, so the master ettin tossed him 3 squares).
  14. Hydra Frost Dragon Army ants (you thought rats were bad) Doppelganger (share that hero card!)
  15. I am a new OL as well, we have one last act II quest before the finale. Interestingly, my two daughters have almost the same heroes, except Jain instead of Grisban. I will leave the specifics of strategy to those far more in-the-know than me, but let me offer these tidbits because I was where you are a couple months ago. First, realize this isn't a D&D dungeon crawl. If all you are doing is shoveling different monsters in their way to slow them, you are playing the wrong game. Second, learn what weaknesses those damnable heroes have and pick that scab. My advice? Hammer at one or two heroes to weaken the entire group. I find it hard to bring down Syndrial but Leoric doesn't take much. Third, the way you win as the OL is to make the heroes waste actions on things that don't really help them. Conditions are great and making Leoric waste a turn by doing nothing but standing is even better. Fourth, use the cards wisely. Try an keep card playing to zero in the first encounter. If you can get a good pile of cards heading in to encounter 2, let the devastation commence! Lastly, learn about your monsters. Some are weaker than others but each has its strength. When I posted something very near what you did right after Christmas, I was whining about how weak those pathetic goblin archers were. I have come to love them because once you learn to play to their strengths and try to minimize their weaknesses, they become damage machines. Use your first campaign to learn how the game works. I hope this helps.
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