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  1. Seastan

    Gandalf, Elrond, <defense hero>

    Alternatively, Gandalf and Elrond are both strong defenders. That makes any readying attachment, like Unexpected Courage or Shadowfax, equal to a strong defender.
  2. Seastan

    Gandalf, Elrond, <defense hero>

    Personally I'd go for Leadership Denethor for a defensive option. He's low threat, you get access to Steward of Gondor and can even do a full strength Heed the Dream on turn 1 to grab Vilya. Gandalf or Vilya can play Gondorian shield on Denethor to bring him up to 5 defense.
  3. Seastan

    Hall of Beorn and Shadow Cards

    @Amicus Draconis I believe this is the correct query: http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR?Query=%2Bshadow%3AShadow
  4. Seastan

    Heirs of Numenor: Dethroned

    Back on topic: for me Heirs of Numenor doesn't pack the punch it once had, but I think it's more due to my own improvement at the game and experience with those particular quests rather than having an expanded cardpool. I've gone back and played the quests in minimum purchase mode (using cards just from Core+HoN) and beaten them without too much trouble, whereas when I first played the quests I found them challenging even with a much bigger pool of Core+Mirkwood+KD+Dwarrowdelf+HoN.
  5. Seastan

    Heirs of Numenor: Dethroned

    I had thought about it, but no I still I think Quester/(3 defense defender)/Beregond is a better deck than Quester/(3 defense defender)/Dori. I value the ability to start off the game defending for 3 and 4 more highly than defending once for 5 (or twice for 3 and 2), especially since Beregond will quickly get to 6.
  6. Seastan

    Heirs of Numenor: Dethroned

    I agree as mentioned previously that the problem with Dori is Beregond. In almost every case, swapping out Dori for Beregond would be a straight upgrade to the deck. So the main reason to run Dori is because someone is already running Beregond. But this means that in solo, almost every viable Dori deck is going to be Beregond/Dori/Questing hero. So he's not useless, but from a solo deckbuilding perspective he is pretty restrictive and boring.
  7. Seastan

    Discord community

    Unfortunately I had to shut down that link because it was being used by spammers. Here's a new link: https://discord.gg/n2CdNsj If that expires as well, just leave a reply here and ask for a new one.
  8. As for Journeys in Middle-earth, I pre-ordered! I am beyond excited to play this.
  9. My opinion is that they should just offer all their older products through their PoD store, with a markup that covers the increased cost of printing them in-house. This would give players an option to pay a premium to get out-of-stock products between reprints. FFG gets money, and players get their cards. It's a win-win.
  10. Great to hear, thanks!
  11. Big update for the app! It now tracks rounds and threat, and you can set the number of players and assign player names. I find my games to be a lot less fiddly when I use this app.
  12. Seastan

    Mount Gundabad

    There is also ally Halbarad, who can make Gaffer work for almost any deck. I expect him to see a lot more play now.
  13. I'm concerned about making the buttons too small. What about: -1,+1,+2,+5
  14. I made an Android app for keeping track of willpower, threat, and progress during the quest phase. It's called "LotR LCG Quest Phase" and is available on Google Play here: https://bit.ly/2QX9KNW
  15. Seastan

    Mount Gundabad

    Actually, I was half-serious.