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  1. Ent !

    As I said on the ringsdb page, nice job! I was also working on a "rule them all" type Ent deck, but I never got around to testing it against as many quests as you have:
  2. Quest companion down?

    @banania What about porting the info to a free wiki service like wikia or wikidot? This takes care of both the problems of cost (hosting is free) and time commitment (it's a wiki, so it can be updated by the community).
  3. Behind Strong Walls

    I had already been using Narya on ready allies. Glad I don't have to change my ways. I think this rules issue was settled quite well.
  4. Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Two players running mono-leadership, two players running mono-lore. Have the whole fellowship geared around playing 1 copy of Doom Hangs Still and 1 copy of Advance Warning every turn. Then means that you don't raise your threat for failing the quest, and you don't ever have to engage enemies. You will survive as long as you can keep playing theses cards (until you threat out naturally). To do it right you will probably need 2 or more card pools (or lots of proxies). Each leadership deck should also be running Legacy of Numenor, Seeing Stone, and Campfire Tales for resource/card acceleration and Tome of Atanatar and Second Breakfast to recur Doom Hangs Still. Each lore deck should also be running Deep Knowledge and Seeing Stone for card acceleration and Scroll of Isildur and Erebor Hammersmith to recur Advanced Warning. Pretty quickly the encounter deck will be entirely treacheries. So have each Lore deck run 3x Out of the Wild to pick out the worst ones. You might also want to have Elrond as one of the heroes and have each lore deck run Wardens of Healing.
  5. Rhovanion Heroes

    While others might complain that Bow of Yew doesn't combo with Foe-hammer and Golin-cleaver, I for one think it makes sense .
  6. Complete noob, event help

    No, just a couple suggestions in case you don't have the required cards, which is likely because that fellowship takes more than 1 card pool. Also, when I'm trimming down a deck I'll often move stuff to the sideboard rather than cutting it completely.
  7. Complete noob, event help

    This is a tough quest for an unprepared group (almost impossible I'd say), but with proper planning it's pretty manageable. We took a look at the quest beforehand and crafted decks specifically to counter what we considered the hardest cards in the encounter deck: If you can't coordinate your whole group of 4, you could just lift the two combat decks out of that fellowship. In my opinion, combat decks are good for new players because the more experienced players in the group can help you optimize your actions during the combat phase.
  8. The Eyes of the White Tower

    Nice! I like that we both made decks with the same title and theme (even the same opening quote), but with completely different spheres and hero lineups. I think it shows how lucky we are to have such varied options for deckbuilding at this point in the game!
  9. Zigil Miner with X-costed cards

    That's how I play it.
  10. Barad-dur timing

    "Players do not raise their threat at the end of the refresh phase." But, we don't normally raise our threat at the end of the refresh phase do we? The core rulebook says that raising our threat occurs during the refresh phase, and shows a player action window between raising our threat and the end of the phase. So according to the rules, the first line on Barad-dur doesn't actually do anything. We should all still be raising our threat by 1 each turn on top of the +X threat from the Forced effect.
  11. Ah yes, I recall we resolved this by saying that the enemies were "considered to be in play" while being revealed, but don't "enter play" until they are added to the staging area.
  12. Thanks for the link @GrandSpleen, that answers it. Caleb suggests a potential errata to the quest stage to be "Each Nazgul enemy in play". But are the Nazgul really in play before they enter the staging area? I think the best resolution to this would to errata the enemies. Instead of "Hide 2" it should be "When Revealed: Add Black Rider to the staging area. Then, perform a Hide 2 test."
  13. How I think a failed Hide test in the case of a Black Rider (BR) is supposed to work: 1. Reveal BR 2. Add BR to staging area 3. Perform Hide test 4. Fail Hide test 5. BR engages player 6. BR makes attack But where to we find a reference for the placement of step 2? This is important of course, because if step 2 comes after the Hide test, the forced engagement and attack won't trigger. Then there's this from the FAQ: Now, the phrasing of the Hide X rules specifically say "When an encounter card with the Hide X keyword is revealed". Wouldn't this mean that in fact Hide X should trigger before the BR is in the staging area (albeit after other "When Revealed" effects that may be printed on the card)? This would mean nearly everyone (myself included) has been playing this wrong. How do we resolve it?
  14. Topmost Chamber

    Well, its relevant to the OP.