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  1. Awesome and thematic! I notice you need two card pools to build this, which many people don't have. There are only a couple offending cards - do you have recommendations for people with a single card pool that want to construct this fellowship?
  2. What quests does the deck have to beat to be on your list? I have a deck that has a perfect record (4/4) against Nightmare Battle of Five Armies but I don't think it does well against many other quests. So I'm just wondering.
  3. But if you are playing multiplayer you could still just choose one of your teammate's characters.
  4. It's not just about the age. It also depends on the dominant sphere that's in the deck. If the history is as follows: 1 day old spirit deck: 0 likes 2 day old lore deck: 0 likes 3 day old spirit deck: 20 likes The decks on the front page will be the 2 day old deck and the 3 day old deck, despite the 1 day old deck having the same number of likes as the 2 day old deck. ----------------------------------- My recommendation is that if you have a deck you've worked a lot on and are proud of, and will be disappointed if it doesn't get noticed, don't rely entirely on the ringsdb algorithm. You are always free to solicit comments on your decks by posting them in the strategy forum here, or on BGG, reddit, discord, facebook, etc. And besides, being on the front page of ringsdb is no guarantee people will comment on your deck anyway.
  5. What is Flash TE?
  6. I have worked on an update to the deck many times I just never have the time to go back and play through all the scenarios to refine it. But there are some really interesting cards that have come out since that deck was published that could be used to update it. Obvious example is Silver Harp. You could also swap out Hasty Stroke for Sterner than Steel to save a resource since Boromir always gets a shield. Peace and Thought might be better than Daeron's Runes since you can play it with Good Harvest. Then you can get into more drastic changes. I have one deck that uses Denethor and Erestor to start off Boromir with a huge pile of resources: I am slowly working on improving this as well, trying to make room for Burning Brand and Ioreth. I have stranger version that uses Beravor instead of Galadriel. You keep drawing with Beravor and Peace and Thought and play doomed cards like Deep Knowledge. You often fail the quest early on because you are so focused on drawing cards and setting up Boromir with attachments. Your threat goes up pretty fast, and after 3-4 turns you have drawn most of your deck, and are at 49 threat. Then you take undefended attacks on Beravor until he dies, then play Vanish from Sight and O Elbereth, targeting an enemy with <30 threat. It's very effective and fun.
  7. Those stats seem reason reasonable to me, if not a little good. I tried at least 5 times with the Vilya deck and never won, but I don't have as much experience with it. I'm surprised Caldara did so poorly though. Was the siege questing the main problem?
  8. Would someone recurring Doom Hangs Still work at all for this quest? Jump up to 80 threat with doomed cards and O Elbereth, then keep recurring the valour action on Doom Hangs Still to skip the quest phases.
  9. I don't see any issue with the Merry+Wingfoot combo. There are easier and more reliable ways to reduce your threat in this game. I will say that it's stronger than your argument makes it out to be though. I've played several 3 player games with 28 starting threat and ended each one in secrecy, and they sure didn't last 13 rounds. The Eleanor+Wingfoot combo is a whole different matter. I can't remember the last 4 player game I've seen or played in that was lost from an enemy or location being revealed. It's always those brutal treacheries that target everyone and scale horribly with 4 players that put an end to a multiplayer game. If Eleanor by herself was so good at preventing this, I wouldn't see it happen so often. But in reality two brutal treacheries coming out in 4+ cards is not at all uncommon. And often times Eleanor won't cancel the second-worst treachery in the deck out of fear of a worse one following behind. As a recent example, in Beneath the Sands Eleanor is going to be saving herself to cancel each instance of Forced Off Track. But this means you'll be taking the full effects of each copy of Injured Companion and Enfeebled, both of which target every player, and I've seen these cards end games all on their own. In Race Across Harad, do you use Eleanor on Sandstorm, Heat Exhaustion, or Fear of Mordor? Again, each one targets 4 players that I'm sure would rather see an enemy or location. Personally, I think these multiplayer-scaling treacheries are an unfair design since the main source of scaling is already present in the number of cards you reveal each turn. So being able to cancel them all makes me happy. But if I put myself in the place of the designer, I don't think I'd be happy with someone taking a third of the cards I design and adding the text: "If you don't like this card, replace it with the next one instead."
  10. All good suggestions so far. You could consider Arwen as well. Treebeard begs for UC which she can quickly provide. You also get spirit's treat reduction for your high threat.
  11. Personally, if I were designing a game and there was a card combo someone could reasonably get on turn 1 that would nullify 1/3 of the cards I design, I'd errata it, regardless of whether people think it's good or not. So I'd expect Wingfoot to get an errata requiring it to exhaust to ready the hero, considering that's how Caleb imagined it working it the first place. But given that we went this year without our regularly scheduled FAQ update, I'm guessing our ability to self-police silly combos over the years has been noticed and errata is not considered as important as it once was. I would like a FAQ update with all the rule clarifications that have been made about the last couple cycles though.
  12. No need to argue about this, it's been officially confirmed to work.
  13. Of course, you can play however you like. but starting with the resources on heroes definitely makes Test of Will an even better card than it already is, and it would give an advantage to decks with more Test of Will in them. Yes, in BoFA Bolg can attack you during setup, and and in Dol Guldur you can lose all but 2 or your cards during Setup. These may be bad card designs, but they are part of what makes the quests difficult. Iroeth may be better than Warden for Boromir. Feel free to give it a try.
  14. I have tried the Gandalf/Elrond deck several times now, and I can't make any progress.
  15. If you can use your resources then 2B is fine. But if you can manage to get the combo on the first turn then saving the Steward resource are important. When I test against BoFA, I use no treasure and I do not place any resources until the resource phase. If the whole point of testing against this quest is because it's so hard, so I don't see the point in making it easier. I'd just play an easier quest in that case.