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  1. You could also try my Favor of the Valar game mode, which prevents you from ever completely stalling on a quest:
  2. Seastan

    Wilds of Rhovanion available now!

    @Gizlivadi As you say, Dale demands a bunch of attachments already so the two archetypes are competing for deck space. I think if I were trying to squeeze Haldan into the Dale mechanic I might run Mathom only, with Dwarven Tomb to recur it (since 2 resources for 4 cards is still quite good).
  3. Seastan

    Dale deck

    I've your version of the deck, but I found myself running out of cards while having lots of resources. So I built a Dale deck that uses Galdor, first to discard cards from my opening hand increase my odds of drawing into King of Dale, but also to give me a boost of 6 cards when I run out. Then I can easily maintain my card/resource balance with Elven-light/Elven Spear. Here's my list: http://ringsdb.com/deck/view/107504 I didn't use Steward so that it is more friendly in multiplayer, but it can easily be added to good effect. I also haven't included any cards from the cycle.
  4. Seastan

    Seastan Suggestion

    @alexbobspoons If you're not aware, I have a set of videos dedicated to this very premise: https://www.youtube.com/user/DwalorDwarf/search?view_as=subscriber&amp;query=minimum+purchase I've mainly focused on the quests that I think would be particularly challenging in minimum purchase mode, like Cair Andros, Shadow and Flame, Carn Dum, etc. So far they have all been beatable, although I did play Carn Dum on easy mode. After all, having a chance at beating the harder scenarios with a limited card pool is one of the very reasons easy mode exists. I think there is no quest that would be literally impossible to beat, but as others have suggested, some quests like Mount Doom or Escape from Dol Guldur might have such a low win percentage (<1%) as to be effectively unbeatable.
  5. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/8902/win-condition-kill-the-hill-troll-on-turn-1-1.0
  6. Seastan

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Saruman can only target one location at a time. If you play Born Aloft and play him again, the first location will no longer be affected by him. The Garden of Poisons and Ancestral Clearing make Druadan Forest a difficult quest for the Pathfinder strategy. Since they have 3 quest points they are rather expensive to get rid of. You will need several Evening Stars probably. Evening Star #1 & #2 to clear Garden of Poisons #1 Evening Star #3 to clear Ancestral Clearing (which makes Evening Star cost 1 extra) once it shows up. Evening Star #4 (passed via Message from Elrond) to clear Garden of Poisons #2 & #3. That's 9 resources...
  7. Seastan

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    In this step, player 1 gets back some Born Alofts as well, yes? So if deck 1 had Message from Elrond as well you could pass them to player 2.
  8. Seastan

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Yes, I see your point. 1x Tome of Atanatar should be enough. Will of the West is to allow you to play more copies of Born Aloft. Drawing gets pretty cheap once the encounter deck gets low on locations. Another card that might help is Erebor Hammersmith to recycle Born Aloft, although paying 2 for another Pathfinder might be too expensive. I'm in agreement that you want a lot of draw cards.
  9. Seastan

    Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    Sure, I can discuss and help optimize the deck. There may be some scenarios that present a fun challenge to the Pathfinder loop. Message from Elrond is good, this card was in my Black Gate fellowship for the reason of passing Justice Shall be Done. The reason for the 3x Tome of Atanatar was for higher likelihood of finding multiple copies, since each copy allows you to get 2 more uses out of Second Breakfast to grab Born Aloft.
  10. Seastan

    The One Deck

    ^ Yep
  11. Seastan

    Dwarves all around

    Denison's fellowship looks great, my main recommendation would have been to find room in the mining deck for Bilbo ally and some Dwarf Pipes, and maybe a Will of the West to prevent yourself from decking out. Something like: -2 Ever my hear rises -3 Dwarven Axe -1 Self Preservation +2 Bilbo +3 Dwarven Pipe +1 Will of the West
  12. Seastan

    The One Deck

    Thanks @alexbobspoons!
  13. Seastan

    Dwarves all around

    Two-player dwarves has gotten a lot better over the last two years because we now have two viable dwarf archetypes: swarming and mining. To that end I'd recommend: 1. Dain/Thorin/Ori: Leadership/Lore dwarf swarm 2. Gandalf/Oin/Gimli: Spirit/Tactics dwarf mining
  14. Seastan

    The One Deck

    Thanks @4n6gamer, that means a lot! This is my main hobby and it's always been a pleasure to contribute to the community, even if those contributions are are getting to be more infrequent now with my new responsibilities you mentioned. But I would've stopped long ago if it weren't for supportive community members like yourself! Thanks for being a long-time listener of the podcast as well!