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  1. I thought of use the Alchemy skill, so, Artifact method, but I also considered using Magic, ae, the gift to enchant the materials. Using poisons seems the simplest and it makes sense, provided they have the materials. There have also been suggestions of using herbalism in conjunction with any actual potion-making skills. I don't think there's necessarily a "right" way, and so many things actually work.
  2. Are there stats on the My'Hal, the wolves in Galgados?
  3. I've been wondering this for a while. If I have 3s in STR and CON, and use Uncommon size to go down to size category 1. . . What is the range of height/weight? Is there an official ruling? I'm a little iffy on the ruling for size 2, as well. Eight inches tall and ten pounds?
  4. I thought ambivalence added to the total, not each individual power. My math would be +60 potential split into 6 groups of +10, plus the +30 also split into the six groups, then add the +10 to each, then figure the courage. . . So, shorthand:: (60/6) + (30/6) + 10 = 25 (then increase to next level) making 40 or Basic difficulty at worst. I don't have the page, so I can't say whether that changes anything or not. Did I misunderstand?
  5. 150 is actually pretty good for Those Who Walked. I found three copies, one was in France and after shipping would have been 250, one was in Italy and they wouldn't sell international, that last was 135 after shipping and from Seattle. I wouldn't bet on finding a better deal. The digital copies are missing pages anyway.
  6. I don't for Anima, but I'd be willing to join one.
  7. I thought it was already fixed in the Core Exxet? It was a math error, and they fixed it. If you use Core, it works. Core Exxet, it doesn't. EDIT:: I don't use a lot of Ki, so I don't actually know all the details.
  8. A glowing green ki squirrel leaps from the user at his target to maul him. Of course, the color/animal would depend on the character and what their totem might be.
  9. All penalties in the system are steep compared to the bonus. The -40 seems fair, considering how extreme other penalties get.
  10. No restrictions other than gnosis (20) The drawback is the maintenence and the difference in gnosis. Create monstrosity-- 8 per round (3 seconds) gnosis 20 Create being-- 50 per day (24 hours) gnosis 25 To break it down, Monstrosity is costing you 86400 points of zeon/day vs 50, and can't learn abilities as powerful as create being.
  11. I know it's been discussed before in other posts, but I still don't have a workable understanding of how it is decided, which is only a secondary problem right now. The primary issue is twofold. 1) Per the rules, it doesn't change. 2) Per the Core book, a dragon's Natura/Gnosis changes depending on their age/level. I can't reconcile the two. Is there any way to explain this so that the rules make sense? or are at least uniform across the world.
  12. I think Navigation would be more relevant than Piloting, since you're attempting to control a vessel that was originally sea-based. The controls would still be for a ship so, knowledge of how to control a glider or other flying vehicle wouldn't translate correctly.
  13. I just had a thought to offer. You can use it on the ship, but to make it actually fly would be a check on the captains relevant secondary ability. I don't have a sheet on me, but Navigation sounds right. The difficulty would be relatively high as well. Let's go with 240. Beat it by 50 or less, you can control it for five turns, then roll again. 51-100, an hour, then roll again. 100+, you can control it just fine. Miss by 50 or less, nothing happens. 51-100, the ship teeters and you have to make an acrobatics check at 80 to remain on board. (STR 12 if holding on) 100+, the ship bucks like a horse, acrobatics 180, STR 16. That's just how I see it possibly working. Yes, the ship -can- fly, but can you control when/if it does?
  14. I meant the Balzaks, and I didn't mean the whole race as an enemy. I was more thinking an influential city/village/settlement of the race. Somehow the character has gotten on their bad side enough that they actively hate him. Maybe he killed the chieftain's daughter and that chieftain has enlisted other settlements to keep watch, maybe send out scouts to find him. Same as if it were a human enemy, but from another sentient race. . . .and demon ally, I figure it'd be more for help with info-gathering, knowledge-related. Quid-pro-quo in most cases. Thanks for the replies!
  15. What is your view on taking Powerful Ally/Contact/Enemy with a demon lord of some sort? or some other sentient creature/race? Those lizardfolk? Can't remember their name.
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