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  1. Hey kepGSU, I’m from Hogansville near cowers. I use to have a x-wing league at my house and we would travel to play in tourneys around atl. I’m going to be tourment preping for this year also, your more than welcome to join me and play when able. I have a custom board all the terrain you could think. Message me on Facebook, Josh keller picture wearing white shirt.
  2. There a list somewhere of Ga places that will do tourments? So I can plan ahead and take off work
  3. Crap just got the game also, too soon for getting off work and I have no play exp in IA
  4. To print the pvc map would you pick size 36inx 36?
  5. Should do a YouTube or a HOW to video I would love got to do that or even do it to add parts to other ships etc
  6. What is the material ppl use? I would to start trying some things and where to buy the material
  7. Am i wrong? But advance slam can ONLY be used in the k-wing right now due to it being the only ship with slam action.
  8. This is wonderful, anyone can remake or add on for empire or better yet at least scum?
  9. Jkeller01

    Die test

    Where did you get that custom dice set I want I want
  10. i have downloaded steam so in 2 weeks when i get paid i will download Table top and then install star wars x wing there. my question is it worth it? i hate vassal
  11. Jkeller01

    Help with RPG

    So any one got good , link for anyone that has used x-wing for a good rpg exp based system thank you in advance
  12. check our group out at Newnan X-wingers on facebook. looking for NEW players to old exp players just hit me up with any questions
  13. Jkeller01

    New legue

    Mostly rank like so many games vs each other then a play off type thing similar to sports etc
  14. Check out my play mats I make at www.facebook.com/jkspaceart under gamer mats
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