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  1. Stunami... I totally agree. I also paint my miniatures... But I agree with your point... Why try to tell anybody how to have fun? It's certainly not my job.
  2. Oh... I ordered a core set and a second Nebulon and Victory I ordered the expansion sets separately so they don't hold up my core set... In case they are released at a later date
  3. I pre-ordered mine a short while ago... The worst part is that we still don't even have a release date yet!?!
  4. I am thinking about running something along these lines… The battle begins in space… Capital ships engage with specific tasks to perform in the battle… For example, the Rebel player has to break through a blockade. At this point everything is Armada (including Fighters) Assuming that the Rebels break the blockade, they must then land a shuttle on the planet. Now an X-Wing game starts, with a shuttle and escorts trying to get planet-side with a group of Tie’s attacking. Finally, if the Rebels make it this far, we will then switch to Imperial Assault and have the Rebels try to accomplish some mission (blow up the Imperial station for example) The whole time the Imperial players could have a counter mission like disable a specific ship, board it and capture a specific person on board. The same game switching mechanic would be in play for them. Yes, it would be lengthy, but 48 hour games are nothing new to my gaming group.
  5. That looks very cool... Keep updates coming!
  6. And then came the Imperial Raider... I would love to see that ship In armada soon... A small anti fighter craft for the Imperials should be welcome :-)
  7. Well now I am hoping to see the Imperial Raider in a future expansion :-)
  8. Admittedly the AT ST is much harder to justify having no facing... even though the "head" does pivot it is not a 360 swivel. The game designers were clever enough to limit the walker's field of fire so that it can't shoot targets directly next to and underneath it, but the facing rules do make for a somewhat questionable turn about ability for the walker. ...of course now I am forced to envision the scout walker spinning around on one "toe" like a pretty ballerina, landing in plie' and firing at targets that were behind it. Thanks Alarmed!
  9. Yea, just think of the e-web gunner as swiveling around that tripod.
  10. I have a lot of Wizards of the Coast miniatures including the Star Wars minis. I re-base all my miniatures on to WoTC bases; Mostly just for uniformity. I simply cut them from their original bases with a sharp exacto and glue them on to the new base, which I have removed some other character from at an earlier time. I have so many duplicates of unwanted miniatures that I almost always have a good source of extra bases. If i need more, I buy a big set of Pathfinder Miniatures and wala... more bases!!! I keep the bases black, again just for the uniformity and because I feel that putting a terrain on the base makes the miniature look out of place on every terrain except what was put on the miniature... A grassy base while romping around on the decks of a Star Destroyer!?! A metal deck plating base in the forest of Endor!?! Not on my miniatures!!!! But that's just me ;-)
  11. Those are good ideas... the Ion gun would fit in especially well if they do a Clone Wars era expansion. I also think a Demo expert is a great idea... I can think of some great missions for a character like that :-)
  12. Bounty hunters would be awesome... Boba Fett is a MUST!
  13. I can't imagine that I would buy a second core set... Unless they take a while with a new Storm Trooper squad release. In which case I might break down and get the set for the miniatures. Hopefully I won't have to do that, because if I do FFG will undoubtedly release new Storm Troopers with new poses and I will have to buy them too!
  14. I would like to see some more imperial officers... Named and more capable ones.
  15. Hmmm... I was unaware of any bad feelings between games/gamers. I would have thought that this idea would be a natural consideration. I know my gaming group will at least try it. But we are a large group with some very eccentric players... Our love of Star Wars does not end with one element of the experience, be it cap ships, fighters or ground combat. We want it all **** it! and we will have it I was just wondering if there were others considering the same thing and what ideas they might bring to the table.
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