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  1. Hi ! The Navis Primer has extensive Familiar creation rules, but when I rolled Psychic Reservoir (p.112), I was a bit confused as to how this rule actually applies. (I'll quote it, hopefully it's fair use on this forum.) It's pretty clear what it does if you sustain exactly two powers or less, but I'm unsure what happens at the 3rd power. Does Psychic Reservoir stop doing anything, suffering the "normal penalties [...] for sustaining 3 or more powers", or do "normal penalties" resume *AT* three or more powers? For example, would the 3rd power thus reduce your Psychic Rating by 1 in this case (and the 4th by two, and so forth)? TL;DR Does Psychic Reservoir allow you to sustain two powers mostly for free AND start accruing penalties at 3+ sustained powers OR does it stop working entirely beyond two powers sustained? Edit: And while I'm at it, the errata seems to change the Psy Rating test quite a bit with the "checks 91+ always fail" and the paragraph that says Renegade psykers have the same +5 per PR for Psychic Phenomena (contradicting the table).
  2. Hi ELoHim! The link leads to a OneDrive / Excel Online thingy that doesn't seem to download with all the VB features correctly. Do you have a direct download link?
  3. (Arise once more my necrothread minion!) Whiphids, new jedi armor, a full spec based on crafting armor, a new Force power? This first FaD career book is a blessing! Q3-Q4 2015, with Strongholds of Resistance (i.e. VENATOR BASE!!!1one) and an Adventure book for FaD is almost too good to be true! /hides
  4. Here's the revised version of my Month/Day calculator using an Excel spreadsheet: http://www.filedropper.com/starwarsin-universecalendarcalculatorrevisedv2 Everything is pretty much explained inside. The Year has to be changed manually once the days reset to 0 (if above 368). Otherwise, Fete days and weeks are added.
  5. Let's say you a driving a fairly good freighter, and you happen to have a Quad-Laser cannon turret equipped (excellent choice!), with a critical hit rating of 3. In range lies an enemy Capital ship with Massive 1. Since you are feeling foolhardy, you decide to shoot it! You have 3 yellows, 2 greens, you get a Boost from Accurate 1, and you Aim twice for a total of 3 Boost dice. You roll against 1 purple and (let's say) 2 setback dice from the Deflector Shield the enemy ship has. You rolled extremely well, and get 3 Successes, 5 Advantages and a Triumph! (at least luck's on your side!) You use 2 advantages to trigger one Linked for an extra hit, and want to use 3 Advantages to get a crit. At that point, the GM reminds you that you would actually need 4 Advantages, because the Massive rule adds its rating (of 1) to the required number of Advantages needed to trigger a crit. You then decide to trigger another Linked for 2 more Advantages instead, and you use that Triumph to get that crit you so desperately wanted, because Massive 1 has no effect on crits triggered by Triumphs. End result: Three hits dealing 8 damage each, and a potential critical hit. If at least one of the hits manages to get through the enemy ship's Armor rating, your crit may be activated and rolled on the appropriate table. Next round: the Capital ship retaliates... oops!
  6. To add my two cents to the whole "including Capital ships in your game" thing. It helps to remember that the Empire has access to several classes of ship, and will likely use the most appropriate one for the threat the PCs pose, usually the most cost-efficient/least expensive one for the situation at hand. The way I see it, encountering an Imperial-class Star Destroyer should be a rare and scary encounter that's not to be taken lightly (unless the events of the campaign absolutely dictate it). According to former EU/now Legends sources, there were only roughly 25000 ISDs total in the Imperial fleet's history (http://jasonfry.tumblr.com/post/23039847571/eg-to-warfare-endnotes-pt-7), though debates rage between minimalists and maximalists (apparently, see source). The Galaxy is big, there are 100 quadrillons living beings in it for the Empire to subjugate, the Rebels are doing a hit and run guerrilla not solely based on full scale confrontations. There are countless reasons not to jump the gun with ISDs. I would advise against using ISDs too quickly in your games, speaking as a GM of a 1000xp group who have yet to encounter any imperial ship bigger than silhouette 5. Even the utter combat monsters they are, even as rich and crazy resourceful as they have become, the fear of encountering the Imperial fleet drives them crazy and plays a role in keeping them sane and well behaved, and not frothing mad berserkers wreaking havoc because they "can". Keeping the ISD as a very rare and utterly dangerous opponent plays into that. Heck, those things can even cause orbital bombardment (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Orbital_bombardment), what's not to instill absolute terror and fear? O_o According to the Anaxes War College system (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Anaxes_War_College_System), you have a lot of choice before resorting to the biggest Capital ships out there. Even a Nebulon-B is far from being a "beginner" cap ship to oppose. In order from biggest to smallest: Battlecruisers and Dreadnoughts: Super-sized SSD, Dreadnoughts, and Battleships (such as the Praetor-II from AoR) Star Destroyers: Imperial I & II-class Star Destroyers, Interdictor-class Star Destroyer, Victory-class Star Destroyer Heavy Cruisers: Acclamator-class assault ship, Dreadnough-class, Immobilizer-418 (Interdictor- class heavy cruiser), Vindicator- class heavy cruiser Cruisers: Broadside-class cruiser kdb-1, Neutron Star-class bulk cruiser (see Dangerous Covenants, this ship's a real badass!), Strike-class medium cruiser Frigates: Carrack-class Light cruiser (Frigate), DP20 frigate, Imperial II-class frigate, Lancer-class Frigate, Nebulon-B Frigate (EF76), Nebulon-B2 Frigate, Star Galleon-class frigate Corvette: ADZ-class patrol destroyer (Corvette), Raider-class Corvette, Vigil-class Corvette And that's without even counting the oddities like the Gozanti "cruiser", an armed freighter we see a lot in Rebels, or all the other gunships and patrol ships covered in the books. My point is that GMs should refrain from using the big Capital ships before the smaller ones if they want to keep their scare factor up there. I seriously think it's preferable to hold no punches when using Capital ships of smaller size than downplay the danger of the biggest out there by fudging rolls, reducing the size of gunner minion groups, reducing the number of technical teams, forgetting about boost dice, not aiming enough, or treating the Capital ships as a simple "terrain" feature. Edit: Once an ISD fails to become a fearsome opponent, that your players feel so high and mighty that they start to think OOC on how to game the system and "beat it", like any other encounter, what's the GM's last resort? Throwing them "a Darth Vader" and seriously messing up your Sorting Algorithm of Evil? (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SortingAlgorithmOfEvil) That's why it's better to keep them as last resort plot device and use the bevy of smaller classes first.
  7. Hi everyone! Over the last few weeks, I've posted quite a few questions resulting from our weekly SWRPG game, of which I am the GM. Many fellow forum posters have pointed out that the various small problems I'm experiencing stem from the amount of XP my players have (and perhaps, their wealth as well, but that's a different topic). I've been told on many occasions that my problems would be solved if I simply rebooted the game at lower XP, with different characters, after retiring the 1000xp ones. For reference only: We've had 38 sessions in a row, total of 150+ hours, we started at Knight Level (+150xp) and I gave around 23 xp per 4 hour session (on average, incl. roleplay, quest xp, etc.), which might be a bit much. [150+23*38 = 1024xp] I can see where people are coming from (it seems few GMs let their groups get that high), and it's true that the power level of my PCs is quite a bit higher at 1000 xp than it was at 150. But most of the issues I'm having, while they may be related to the PC's "power level" could very well, AFAIK, be emulated by much lower XP characters all the same. While XP seems to increase the number of possible overpowered combos, in my experience it was never the sole factor, and I recall experiencing problems very early on (below the 300 xp bar). So, am I doing it wrong, as a GM, continuing our game with the same characters at such high XP? My hypothesis, from the start, has been to put the blame on a) my shoulders, b) on perceived rules inconsistencies or c) my player's power-gaming habits. Contrary to others, it would seem, I find even relatively high dice pools to adapt very well throughout a PC's overall career, making Stromtroopers threatening at all levels. Even "hard" checks have challenged my PC's with 5 proficiency dice skill pools. Even "mooks" can use a speeder's autoblaster and put the PC's in check, if need be. In short: I love this system. The fact my PCs nuked an entire Imperial garrison last game may seem like a shining example of them being totally overpowered, but they began talking about doing that on the very first game, when they purchased the mesonics proton grenades explosives back on Formos (Trouble Brewing). Only a few abilities and sub-sets of rules, in the whole dozen-plus-book-spanning-system have seriously aroused my suspicion: the Move power, Autofire+Jury Rigged, the Double or Nothing talent (which I've banned, see: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/137047-i-dont-always-post-overpowered-combos-but-when-i-do/), Disruptors+Jury Rigged+Lethal Blows, the ambiguity of Stealth/Perception/lack-of-clear-Ambush-rules/Scanners and detection (and Misdirect power, only because of the former), and perhaps some minor aspects of starship combat. All my other problems are minor in comparison, and I've found fixes for them (see: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/135612-many-many-rules-and-adjudication-questions/, and even the old: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/129647-having-to-eyeball-everything-gets-a-little-tiring/). But no system is exempt of rules abuses, and the above issues would be pretty easy to fix if absolutely needed. All I'm saying is: I don't feel like the high XP is a problem for us, I feel like the system handles high XP groups pretty well, and our group is still having lots of fun. I find our problems are very specific and the rules abuses to be (mostly) unrelated to the amount of experience points acquired. Given the predominance of the "restart your game with new characters" response, I'd like others to help me tell if I'm doing it wrong. Edit: whoa, I'm actually defending the system this time around.
  8. I'm fairly certain that even if we restarted the game entirely, it's more my player's mindset of character optimization, inherited from d20, that is to put under scrutiny than a strict matter of xp. Sure at 300 xp you don't get to see the same heights in dice pools as you see around 1000 xp, where many more combos start to appear, but it's only a matter of time with powergamers. I haven't found a solution just yet, but I'm thinking of pausing the game for a change of pace a few weeks, and then come back to Star Wars. We've had 38 sessions in a row, we started at Knight Level (+150xp) and I gave around 23 xp per session (on average, incl. roleplay, quest xp, etc.), which might be a bit much. I have a spin-off scenario in mind, which might help "continue" the campaign with different characters if the "main" group becomes unmanageable. Edit: I started a thread on that very topic: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/138642-am-i-doing-it-wrong-i-find-high-xp-characters-not-that-much-of-a-problem/
  9. For most of your question, I answered here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/137020-so-whats-in-your-universe/?p=1496710 As for date/year, I use the following calculator to tell players which day they are in-universe: http://www.filedropper.com/starwarsin-universecalendarcalculator It's a homemade Excel file I've put together from the most "canon" notes on the in-universe Star Wars calendar I could muster. It has a "Legends" status, but it's compliant with the most well established dating practices. The notes explain how to get it working for your game. I started the game 10 days after the Battle of Yavin, which I calculated to be on the 35:4:31 GrS (Year 35:Month 4:Day 31): Between 35:3:5 and 35:3:21 according to Wikipedia + 10 days. The following article helps explain it: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Galactic_Standard_Calendar Edit: I may have made a slight mistake in my calculator (easily fixed): I added ten days to the original Battle of Yavin and again to the start of our game, meaning that by default the file should put the BoY at the 132nd day of the Year 35 instead of the 142nd.
  10. I whole heartedly agree with your initiative GM Hooly. I had the same idea, more in the form of an online calculator, but this does a great deal of it without skirting with copyright, etc. I came to the conclusion, after... not... listening to the Order 66, that it would be helpful to have a way to quickly generate a credible encounter by processing the stat block through some sort of algorithm. Your document takes the advice from the podcast and basically does that. The advantage a calculator would have is flexibility, once it's done, but would require a lot of programming and data entries. I was thinking of a kind of dropdown menu for choosing the capital ship, then choosing the desired threat level posed by what is opposing the Capital ship (a middling freighter wouldn't generate the same kind of armed response from a Star Destroyer than a Nebulon-B, for ex.). I was also thinking of a kind of, either alternate or as an additional option, a "difficulty level" which could be expressed in raw "gained XP" or in a more wordy / less numeric way, to account for higher level groups. I find that the suggested dice pools / minion group sizes are great for a 0-150 acquired XP group, but wouldn't quite cut it, realistically, for a very highly trained party of Capital ship crew and leadership. And by "realistically" I mean that the 150 guns on those ISDs should be more threatening versus a higher level group, just as I would add many more members to the piloting crew and a lot more technical teams to account for the full staff. Great job!!
  11. Results from tonight's game: They were scared, as expected, by the imperial garrison. They were so scared in fact, that instead of facing them, they decided to use the riskiest and most convoluted tactic they had in store: Mesonics Proton Grenades. Explosives, from Dangerous Covenants. Using 8 charges, for a total of 7 purple and 1 red (I did flip a Destiny to upgrade a die), they managed to score enough successes and advantages to get the explosives to work with no backfire. The team's pilot, using the fastest speed he could obtain, and with the player's making very hard calculations for the bomb's lauch vector, managed to throw the explosives and detonate them at the right height. The ship was supposed to be attacked while flying overhead, but again, my crafty players disabled the only AA-guns the Imperials had. Result: my PCs nuked the entire garrison, everything in its neighborhood, creating a 150+ damage sphere of destruction of Extreme radius. The earth shook as they annihilated every Imperial soldier on the field, with only the Sentinel landing craft making it out in one piece (after taking a huge amount of hull damage). Had the PCs not used Bad Motivator, I was going to make the shuttle chase them, to no avail. Once again, an epic game. 38th session for the PCs involved.
  12. I let my players loot stuff, get rich and make it a part of the story. If they have a good enough cash sink with a high symbolic-social status value, they'll be inclined to invest in it AND the ongoing story at the same time. Think Zann Consortium, think looters and scavengers. Those aspects can be made a part of the setting. Also, don't hesitate to charge them premium for docking in certain places, fixing their ship, etc. Once they realize they now *need* their looting and scavenging venture going, they'll start to save up for fees and just-in-case extras.
  13. Personal scale vs. Vehicle scale: seriously, try changing the conversion ration from 10-to-1 to 5-to-1. We've tested it in our game and it works wonders. I've run the maths in Excel spreadsheets, and it's fine at 5-to-1. Autoblasters become just a bit deadlier than E-Webs (if you count net successes), Missile Tubes can take down a TIE, Thermal Detonators can affect vehicles, etc. Vehicle vs. people fights I see when watching The Clone Wars, Rebels, PT and OT matches 80% of the time the results of 5-to-1 conversion. I'm guessing they chose 10-to-1 for simplicity's sake (less math), but were tempted to go with 5-to-1 during beta. As for the flimsiness of starfighters and the fact handling/skill levels are not taken enough into account, I must say I partially agree. I've read the debates and there are people on both sides arguing.
  14. Is there a limit to the number of linked weapons you can have? I want the "Hexa-Gun" (or Octo-Gun) to be a thing.
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