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  1. Cyiel

    Strongest Monster

    Carrion Worms but sometimes Changelings can be a huge problem too (Valyndra's scenario for exemple). Valyndra was not the toughest Nemesis to take down for me, she was pretty easy but add some Changelings and then it starts to become a bloody mess for heroes.
  2. Cyiel

    Marie build

    I know and it was an indirect answer to Moon-beast King proposition to replace Knife with non-level 0 Mist of R'Yleh. I would take Mist of R'Yleh first then replace them with Suggestion later. And to add something to my previous post, Marie has access to lvl 0 Survivor so Suggestion is maybe not so important because she can have survivability elsewhere but it is still a two-in-one card. Don't you have any intend to play with her "Doom" ability ? With David Renfield can easily give you an extra action for spell, ressources and can easily be killed if necessary. Clarity could be useful with your team and let you mitigate Arcane Research x2. You have Shriveling, Scrying, Ward of Protection and Clarity could also be upgraded. Arcane Research would give you 14 xp to spend elsewhere for just 2 mental trauma.
  3. Cyiel

    Marie build

    For Marie and Akachi i think Suggestion is better than Mists of R'Yleh just because Suggestion can cancel attack on you which give you a big up of survivability. i'm not fan of Knife and Fire Axe for a 1 Combat character. The Chthonian stone return to your hand if you take a bad token so i'm not sure i would take it x2. If you want to play around her 4 Intellect why not give a try to Enraptured it would help you to get some Charge(s) or Secret(s) back (and Dayana Esperence will love it later) .
  4. Cyiel

    Player count cards for 2 and 3 player games

    3x 3Players : +4HP for each hero and after each player did an action, the leader choose an hero and this hero can do another action. 2x 2Players : +10HP for each hero. Each hero has 2 actions but you alternate between each player. Player A, Player B, Player A and Player B.
  5. Cyiel

    Goblin problem: why travel?

    Because the Red effect will be applied each turn and there is a possibility for Splig to come back if you need to reshuffle the ennemy deck. Honestly you don't need to wait so much, this quest is pretty easy.
  6. Cyiel

    question about dreadful menagerie

    I disagree with your "Never Travel" (I traveled two times and i was close to three times) and i barely used Aid action to solve this one. I used the Wildlander's Rest action (with Kairi) and the Explore's Berserk action (Syndrael). Landrec (for the free success token each turn) as Magician (took the Aid actions to pump Kairi's ability) and Ashrian as Healer (Shaman's Attack action). I used my success tokens to avoid spawns. Like you see there is multiple solutions to solve it.
  7. Cyiel

    question about dreadful menagerie

    I interpreted the same way. You need to empty the Menagerie deck and to kill every Giants in play. And for me, when you travel, even if a giant is facedown it should be reshuffle in the Menagerie deck and not discarded.
  8. 1) Cleansing Touch doesn't say "You may..." that's why i'm asking that question. 2) So for you there isn't any difference between "Engaged with 2 ennemies" and "Enagaged with up to 2 ennemis" ?
  9. Hi hi ! I have three questions : 1) Cleansing Touch (Healer) lets you cleanse a Condition. What would happen if the target has only a "Focused" condition card. Does he discard it ? After all Cleansing Touch does not say "You may discard a Condition card". 2) Provoke says "you may become engaged with 2 ennemies" and Skullcracker "you may become engaged with up to 2 ennemies". So with Provoke you can only engage 0 ("You may...") or 2 but not 1. And Skullcracker lets you engage 0,1 or 2 ennemies. Am I right ? What would happen if there is only one other ennemy in play and not engaged with the Warrior, can he use Provoke and engage it ?
  10. Not awkward for me. I really like them and they do what they are meant for : keep a full sleeved cycle safe and organized. I put RttZ and my PODs in the first one (with dividers from the kit) and decks we are using for the campaign. When the campaign will be finished i'll replace them with a foam so my cards won't move. I really like these boxes.
  11. Devs assume you have everything because if they don't they limit their design space. It would be a bad idea. If you have everything you already have 23 different Insight cards level 0.
  12. I'm a member of a club (we are 12 players of AH LCG). Our consensus is to play with everything you own. I have everything but didn't play Carcosa and Forbidden Lore yet but when i will do i will play with my whole collection in mind.
  13. Cyiel

    Splashing multi-class cards?

    Good news for Lola Hayes i guess ! ? If for restriction sake it counts as both then a double class card count towards 2 restrictions at a time for her "7 cards each from 3 different classes" that should be a good thing. It will give her more flexibility. Ex : 6 Guardian cards - 6 Mystic cards - 1 Mystic/Guardian double class card. So you have 7 cards for both Mystic and Guardian if i understood the wording correctly. Furthermore if she can use a double class with her "role system" it will be more easy to play her.
  14. Cyiel

    Borrowed Time Resources

    He was referring to Alter Fate. I should be awake before posting a response.
  15. Cyiel

    Borrowed Time Resources

    I don't think it costs a resource on top of the "action" because the "put a resource" is not a part of the cost (wich is always before the ":") or i forgot a counter-example somewhere ? So i think the resource is taken from the bank as a lambda token. Sadly Akachi can't use it. Arcane Insight + Borrowed Time could be funny but can still be useful if a seeker took it in multi.