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  1. SP 3 on VMware XP 32bit did not work. Le sigh... Oh well, I'll keep using the old lappy for now. No chance this can be ported to OSX eh?
  2. So I installed .NET 4.0 and the WIC and now it opens the title screen and then promptly crashes Gonna update with SP3 since the build I have in VMware is SP2 Wish me luck!
  3. Sorry I am trying to set this up in VMWare on my Mac, but I only have Windows XP there (unlike Win7 on my old lappy), does this not work with XP? Is there a way to get it to work with XP? Any help would be great on this
  4. Thanks guys! I should have seen that as obvious but I am a derp sometimes. Love this piece of software, any chance it could be created for OSX? If no, I totally understand, just had to hope Cheers!
  5. In OggDude's character generator, sometimes I get black squares (with a red line?) in them at the end of a skill, what do they mean exactly? I am confused? Also I saw one that gave me a Blue Box (which I assume is a Boost Die), can someone please explain what's going on here? Thanks
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