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    So uh....what exactly IS the cloaking nerf??
  2. I recently bought this game off Amazon...the typos are still there..still love the game, but couldn't they have fixed this by now?
  3. TI3 is great as it is. No need for fourth edition. But...more games in that universe WOULD be very intriguing...
  4. Lol I was such a noob when I started this thread XD sorry guys.
  5. What does 666 have to do with anything?? The ship looks sick...that's all I care about.
  6. So, lately I know there's been a lot of complaining about the x-wing and how it needs a fix. While I can sort of understand this, I disagree with this for several reasons: 1. Several of the named pilots are very good, and leave for numerous synergistic opportunities. -Today I flew an extremely successful squad with two X-wings and a B-Wing. The B-Wing was a generic PS 2 sporting Jan Ors, Deadeye and two pairs of Adv. Proton Torpedoes ( a lot of points for just one ship, eh?). Second I had Biggs Darklighter with R2-F2 and Garven Dreis with Proton Torpedoes. So the basic idea (The list still needs a lot of work) is that Garven can either give his focus to Biggs, which Jan Ors can convert to an evade, or Garven can hand off his focus to The B-Wing so that it can unleash its payload (using a focus instead of a TL) and make use of the three blank results flipping to focus, ensuring AT LEAST 3 damage when The B-Wing sits at Range 1! In addition, enemies are forced to shoot at Biggs, who can use R2-F2 and do some hiding behind asteroids to boost his agility way up. But because of the X-Wing's strong primary weapon, Biggs can also get lots of shots in on the enemy, even as he dodges their attacks with R2-F2 and focus/evades from Garvin/Jan Ors. 2. I cannot reiterate this enough: BIGGS IS SOOO USEFUL! Boost his agility and he can really help make an annoying squad to face. So, in short, the X-Wing may not seem like much but due to its well-rounded stats and great unique pilots (Don't forget Wedge :-)), the X-Wing will always have a place in my lists.
  7. The Dicer was the name given to Eelo Begraas' Z-95 Headhunter. The elite Bothan pilot customized his ship, making it incredibly maneuverable. It was also rumored to contain some prototype technology obtained by the Bothan from a job for the Hutts. Begraas painted the fighter black, with highlights in blood red. Begraas' personal insignia of a clenched fist was also painted on either side of the cockpit. -from Wookiepedia
  8. So I've been looking at a lot of "Rebel Swarm" builds, and I just don't think it will ever be as successful as a TIE swarm, but I was looking at the Lt. blount pilot card (his ability reads"When attacking, the defender is hit by the attack, even if it does not suffer any damage." So I thought about putting Assault Missiles on him! Maybe slap on a hull upgrade, and then he's at 25 points, which isn't too bad. But anyway, the Assault Missiles. Think about it: a swarm of TIEs flying at you, just let fly those missiles, and EVERY ship in range 1 automatically suffers 1 damage, not to mention whatever damage the attack does! Thoughts on this?
  9. I'm just wondering what people's thoughts on this ship are. With 3 attack dice and 3 agility, not to mention the wealth of actions in it's bar, i'm just wondering of it's worth the extremely high point cost (27 points at its lowest!) My brother often uses Knave Squadron pilot with R2-D2 in his builds, and it truly is a pain to take down. What is a good way to counter it? I often just surround it with Interceptors, but even then, the E-Wing's three agility makes it simply annoying! So I'm just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this ship( is it worth the points, how to counter it, etc.)
  10. I prefer using one or two x-wings in builds with other stronger ships beside them, such as two B-wings.....but truthfully the B-wings really do outshine the x wings....especially with Rebel Aces, the E2 Copilot option really opens up so many new doors, not to mention the wealth of secondary weapon possibilities that the B-wing allows!
  11. Anything that's Expanded Universe will have less diehard Star Wars fans confused. I remember when the HWK-290 came out people were wondering why FFG chose this ship, since it's not from the movies, and this is the same issue: as this game expands, we're gonna see more and more Expanded Universe stuff coming in, so the ships being released will be less and less iconic/familiar than the classic X-Wings and TIEs.
  12. Personally, C3P0 on the Millennium falcon really does it for me, guaranteeing at least one evade per turn (not including the Millenium Falcon's evade action :-) )
  13. Personally, C3P0 on the Millennium falcon really does it for me, guaranteeing at least one evade per turn (not including the Millenium Falcon's evade action :-) )
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