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  1. Hello guys, A few updates about our DH game. (we still play the first edition) In our 7 members team, my psyker and the guardsman have been a lot combat oriented but both of us really didn't want to go melee, and we avoided it for a long time. We both patiently developped some abilities and talents to make it viable. I, as the psyker player spent roughly 1000 XP points to get there and some dedication, but it was definitely Worth it. Guardsman has powersword, and i although it wans't expected, i got a hand on an eviscerator asides my mono great weapon. Guardsman has a power sword. We have reached a point where our melee damage starts to outstrip range attacks due not only to the talents (Blademaster!) and gear, but also the sheer amount of strength. Melee can be frustrating and scary to begin with but past a certain level it is really cool
  2. You play Dark Heresy when: - Players are exhilarated to find out that someone has reached 30 corruption points and is about to roll a mutation - The priest in the same group asks the GM to make awareness tests to spot mutations and use his flamer against players - The psyker with the brute mutation prétends he has a new passion for bodybuilding - Everyone stop talking when the psyker is Rolling 9s in the middle of a fight - Tech priest, who has been kept at bay, suddenly breaks out and kills one key plot character - Psyker spends three rounds channeling telekinetic shield to get the maximum armor bonus and show how cool he is - Arbites rolls 01 on fel test to convince some cutthroats that they should just go home instead and blowing their covers. "Oh... sorry, we didn't mean to" - Fifhting with an eviscerator in a medieval world windmill nearly resulted in destroying the whole building and having everyone killed - The techpriest purposedly modifies the power armor's cooling system of another player who ends up catching a cold - Guardsman's biggest hobby outside working for the inquisitor is to build miniature Lemanruss figurines - Psyker uses divine shot to sell 500 thrones a "lasgun that always hits the target"
  3. I agree with you both on one point, that death of characters should be avoided if players are attached to them, but bad décisions can be punished nevertheless, like being taken prisoners, or having one limb cut off and have to pay a shitload of thrones for a bionic replacement and so on I am also not really favorable of my members losing permanent characteristic points as this can be really gimping their abilities. But i lose the idea of stacking insanity and corruption points :-)
  4. Hi guys, I was not used to the 40K universe until 18 monthes ago when i was invited to a Dark Heresy game creating my first character (which turns out to be a psyker... never had to regret that!). Since then i have been quite a hardcore fan and after GMing Deathwatch, i am starting my own DH campaign. As a player, i love the thrill of getting out of very difficult situations and trying to ascend at the best of my abilities in a grimdark universe where acolytes are but pawns of the inquisitorial machine. My character used to be a fragile voidborn being hiding Under a desk at the first fight encounter to being a badass savant with fearsome powers, extended lore, and a shiny suit of light power armor. Games are pretty intense for me and i sometimes overthink plots and opportunities, with the ultimate aim (selfish as my character can be) to be even more badass (earning more thrones, getting shiny gear, forbidden lores). But at the same time, i find the game truly thrilling when you feel that things can turn bad and be life threatening for your character at any moment: gangers ambushing you off guard, exploring a space Hulk with no survirors, feeling the presence of a daemon, of simply being suspiciously interrogated by your inquisitor who suspects you have more corruption points than you should. As a mutant, a psyker, and trading with hereteks, the game difficulty increases at the same rate as you accumulate thrones, status, and shiny gear. Well, all that to say that i am running my own Dark Heresy campaign with quite high prerequisites. I have told my players that the game difficulty will be insane (and honestly, given the starting characterictics, game as RAW is supposed to be extremely hard to begin with, meaning that players have a good chance to fail their rolls without modifiers). Note that i never lest players with no options and playing cunningly is the key, but sometimes the dice says otherwise and one can fail horribly even with the best idea. I ran a first session and i don't think it was disappointing. I won't go in all the détails, but if the characters failed their inquiry rolls to find an imperial ship, they would have to be part of a Rogue trader ship that would be immediately attacked after landing. I quickly show them how fragile they were by hammering the NPCs they were siding with. And the players are quite Lucky to be alive because the mooks attacking them failed almost all their rolls :-) But one thing i find hard to figure out is a paradox: at the one hand, you want to show your players that things can turn really bad for them at any moment, and that they can die, on the other hand, they play because they are to some extend, attached to the character they have built, so thats quite a tricky balance. The game becomes indeed interesting when you see your character evolve and be more consistent both in terms of skills and roleplay. One thing i should have done is to tell my players to prepare several characters they would like to play to play so that if one eventually dies, they won't be left with no options.
  5. The ability to parry / counterattack is one key reason why i want a weapon that deals massive damage in one single blow, such as an axe. The idea is to use a half action to make sure the enemy won't dodge, and half an action to cleave them in half. There are several possibilities for a melee psyker in that regard: - Feint (good when you have good WS or against poor WS enemies - can be used nicely with precog strike-) - Spasm (great ability especially if you go for the overbleed, but has to be used carefuly against pistol wielding opponents) - Push (against strong oponents, to inflict them levels of fatigue and make sure they won't be able to dodge - Distort vision + half move => disappear and attack people in their backs - Knock down action (with 52 str and power armor, you have a good chance to succeed). I would rule that people on the ground can't counter attack The mechanics of melee in DH is full of possibilities, especially for a psyker, and thats also why i want to give it a try. Full autoing people all the time is kinda boring.
  6. Good points made here! At a certain level indeed, people start to show up with bolters, power weapons, or heavy weapons that ignore or just cook up most of the strongest armors. TK shield becomes interesting only when your armor points are above a certain threesold, which is why i searched for a power armor (that took me a long time and all my savings). Power Swords top at 6 penetration i think, and if i remember correctly, genestealer claws have 7 penetration. A power fist has 8, and a power axe has 7, while a psyker with psy rating 5 has 7. Then TK shield really shines, although nothing like "Flesh like iron" (which is broken in my opinion). That 2 AP points can really reveal handy, although you always have to Wonder if theres no better power to sustain. It can reach 3 AP with invocation and a little diceluck, and this 3 AP will be damage soak unless your foes are using an Astartes Terminator chainfist. Plasma and melta weaponery can be addressed by "Endure flames", and heavy SP weapons and bolters are handled by the how useful "Catch projectiles". The main issue is therefore melee foes with power/force weapons, or improved natural weapons. Fortunately, there are a handful psychic powers that can disturb power fields, and spasm can make a powerfist-wielding guardsman cook himself :-) As for Genestealers... just run. Or use preternatual awareness and pray to start first to use force barrage on him.
  7. My WS is 30 now, and should be 35 in a couple of games if things are going well. I have several questions regarding Frenzy, but i assume these questions have already been adressed somewhere: - If battle rage allows you to parry while frenzied, but Frenzy implies that you shall use whennever possible all out attack (you can't parry with all out attacks), isn't this talent very restricted? - Is it possible to go in and out of Frenzy using a chem gland with Frenzon and Detox? It sounds a good solution to avoid to keep on fighting while outnumbered or outpowered and avoiding certain death This Frenzy build sounds workable although i haven't seen a character fighting like this, probably because of the "out of control" thing... @Alank2 Glandwarrior sounds nice and well fited with my character (he is already developing an addiction), i shall see that when i get the xp As for Synthmuscles, the issue is that my current agility is 30... so i would go for the good quality if my GM allows me
  8. I don't understand his mindset. I tend to give chances to player wanting basic gear over super powered gear. I've got a player assassin that still want to fight with "regular blades", so we decided that one day in the campaign, she'll be able to get an archeotech sword that acts like a normal one but have a few perks. Well, for him, force Swords and power fists are considered overpowered. But we have a guardsman who already has a powersword, and to me it belongs to the same weapon "level" as powerfists. The issue is that this stuff will be really strong on MY character and he doesn't want me to steal the show... Thats a bit anoying because optimizing and drawing upon one's character strength is my way of playing. Since i am brute meaning i have low agility and defend myself mainly with psychic powers, powerfist is a must on my character, but is certainly not inherently overpowered, given its unwieldy nature and high strength requirement to become really effctive. But yeah, if i go melee, i want to strike hard. Thats a lot of investment in thrones and xp points, and melee is arguably a scary place to be in dark heresy, since you have to reach close range (point blank being a dead zone). If i go that path, i don't want to regret charging someone instead of being able to full auto him safely from a cover.
  9. Hey guys, I think i will go for a best quality chainaxe. For 4500 thrones, it will allow my char to deal some nice damage and have a good chance to hit. The drawback i see is the bad penetration value which wouldn't be a problem with mid-experience characters, but is an issue when your foes start to show up with good quality flak, shield, carapace, or even power armor... I really do not intent to see a foe shrugging off an all out attack from a brute psyker in power armor waving his axe with both hands for the glory of the emperor (and his own). Thats why Angel of Death has drawn my interest with the toxic quality of non powered melee weapons and since toxic damage bypasses armor and toughness bonus, it is worthy of interest. I will ask my GM to get the tox dispenser upgrade (from Rogue Trader and Only War) on it. In my opinion, this upgrade will close definitely close the gap with power weapons in terms of damage output regarding armoured foes. The upgrade stacks well with the weapon since the probability to deal additional toxic damage is increased by the damage taken by the target. BQ chainaxe deals 1d10 + 5 pen 2 tearing. If you add str bonus + crushing blow, it amounts to a nice 1 d 10 + 13 tearing. A foe with a stormtrooper carapace (AP6) and a toughness bonus of 4 will still take an average 10-12 damage. It means that the target will have to pass a hellish (-50) toughness test or suffer another D10 points of damage. Thats quite nasty! I think i will ask my GM for having this upgrade as it synergizes quite well with the weapon. If he refuses i guess i l just grab a power axe since i have been denied any other option such as a power fist or a force sword. He has also made clear that the lathe upgrade would be nightmarishly difficult to find.
  10. What are chain sticks? You mean a tox dispenser?
  11. True, it could be nice for a sneaky psyker build using chameleon and distort vision.
  12. Hi guys, thanks for the quick replies. I thought about the long sabre, but it would really be Worth it with the lathes upgrade and once again my GM made it clear that this kind of upgrade is almose as rare as force weapons themselves so... If i get a best quality mono longsabre, we are looking for 1 d 10 + 3 pen 4 +10 WS and the balanced quality. It lacks a bit the damage output of the best quality chainaxe though. It would be a bit disappointing to see enemies shrug off my melee attacks while i just disintegrate them with my carnodon/hercutter pistols. I wanna cut people in half :-) Sure, powerswords are the weapons of choice (aside force weapons), but as i said our guardsman already wields one and i don't want to be a copycat fighter weilding the default melee weapon that is your regular powersword. I was thinking about the two handed powersword in the Inquisitor Handbook: Power Longsword Melee 1d10+6 E 6 Power Field 4.5kg 3,500 Very Rare IH p 180 Even if i can wield it in one hand, i don't see the point of paying +1000 thrones AND losing the balanced quality to gain a single point of damage... This kind of weapon should be treated like the greatweapon in my opinion, with significant extra damage output compared to one handed counterparts. I was thinking about a best quality mono greatsword as well wielded in one hand and my gun and an arbites riotshield in the other hand for parries... but i am pretty sure the GM will say no to this bizzare combo. It would be simpler if i coulf be allowed to carry a powerfist :-)
  13. My GM has made it clear that i won't be able to get a force weapon of my own. I will be able to borrow it a bit like in Deathwatch when you can ask for specific items depending on the mission. I have a pretty strong psyker character due to high rolls on strength, advances, and the brute mutation, i have SB 5 and a light power armor (+10), and crushing blow to complete the picture. The first thing that came to my mind was to get a powerfist since the damage would be pretty nasty: 2d10 + 14 with a big penetration value. My GM wasn't really happy with this idea either and fluffwise that could be a bit strange to see a psyker wearing a powerfist. I have thought about a powersword, which ensures good damage output, energy field, and the balanced attribute, but our guardsman already have one and i want to have something different. I have thought about using my high str value to weild a big powersword but the stats from the two handed powersword is not really Worth it. Basically, the powersword makes 1 d 10 + 5 and is balanced, while the two handed powersword (IH) is 1 d 10 + 6 meaning you lose the balanced quality for a low +1 damage. Plus, i want to be able to hold a gun in my secondhand. I would consider wielding a weapon two handed if the damage is really significant, but i have found that aside from eviscerator and thunderhammer (eviscerator is more a priest thing and i won't be able to have a thunderhammer if my gm doesn't allow me to have a powerfist), they have not enough punch compared to being able to hit and fire with a gun. I was wondering if i could instead get a best quality chainaxe ( 1 d 10 + 5 pen 2 tearing + 10 WS), which would mean doing 1 d 10 + 13 damage pen 2 with tearing quality and a nice bonus to hit. I am searching for something obviously big, since my char has SB 52 and T 50. The issue is that aside from the chainaxe i can't find a big weapon thats really Worth it. The chainaxe sacrifices the balanced quality (but isn't imbalanced in RAW) for 2 points of damage, which is fine, otherwise, the other big weapons aren't really Worth it. We have thought about the possibility of wielding a great weapon in one hand but even a best quality mono great weapon is close to the chainaxe in terms of damage, but is unwieldy.
  14. I don't know if you mentioned it but do you have divination as one of your disciplines? Also, have you taken the templar calix career, or simply trained your psyker with the savant skills? I thought at the beginning that chosing templar calix would make me unable to pick anything from the savant skill tree, but actually you can still pick the skills you want from both sheets. I can't stop thinking about trying to go this way but how would you remove something like 7 corruption points and 6 insanity points? I mean, i already have spent a lot to reduce them but i remembered stacking something like 10 corruption point the very first scenario because of spaming the "healer" minor power, which would make me unable to chose the templar calix order. Also, lets say that you have removed some insanity and corruption, can you enter the order with a mutation? The WS advances are really ridiculously expansive... From a roleplay standpoint, i have thought about an alternative solution. I know that the Logicians my character is bargaining with (mainly selling modified weapons) are also closely tied to an assasin's cult named Ashen Tears. What do you think guys? Would it be acceptable, instead of entering the templar calix order, to be trained by these assasins and pick some skills like lightning attack and WS advances in a less expansive fashion. I mean, i am really divided. I really wanna try the melee mechanics of this game, but buying a total of 500 + 750 xp to get a WS of 35 is really a pain in the ass...
  15. Thats true, since you are doing three attack rolls. Also, add the fact that i have the talent "precognitive strike" and it adds a nasty +20 to WS until the end of the next turn. I can chose to sacrifice my force sword's killing will to do this power (free action), and do the force sword power the next turn since the power is still active. Dunno if i will be as effective as when i am with two hercutters hitting an average five time, but force sword is better to take down bulky and armored enemies, and is awesome againse demons. As a sidenote, guys, anyone has noted the infamous combo you can do with the Sandstone combat drug (book of judgement). It gives +30 to willpower based tests...
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