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  1. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    Episode #70 is out! Tyrants of Lothal, Spectre Cell and Set for Stun. Not much, but still solid and with better audio quality again. Have fun! http://boardwars.eu/podcast-70-get-off-my-lawn/
  2. jacenat

    Set for Stun

    You know that's not the confusion. The rules of IA are based on a thematic conversion of cinematic events to a ruleset and mechanics. One of these mechanics is shooting with a blaster. Shooting takes accuracy, and deals damage depending on the type of blaster, how well you aim, your opponents armor or him maybe even getting out of sight before you notice. All of this is thematic. A shot going astray but **still** stunning a target doesn't make any sense in this framework, which is why people are confused. Look a the chosen art. It's from when the troopers stun Leia on the Tantive IV. In the scene you can clearly see the special effect for the stun shot hitting her. It doesn't hit the wall beside her and **still** stun her. The reason this won't get errated is: * The impact is not completely game breaking * Errataing cards is bad form for physical products and FFG (rightly so, IMHO) are trying to avoid it at all costs * It incentivizes the purchase of a rather obscure figure pack Some of the reasons I can get behind. Some I can't. I am certainly not entertained by how the card works now ... more like distracted.
  3. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    The new podcast episode is out: http://boardwars.eu/podcast-69-android-all-the-way/ The gang goes in depth on Tress' Hero side, rules clarifications about campaign cards and how to round out your Spectre Cell deployment. This is probably the best episode so far. No technical difficulties, concise, in-depth and very relevant to the current meta. DO NOT MISS IT!
  4. jacenat

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    Funny thing is, that the actual fix was releasing better options and changing how points are scored (defeated figures vs. defeated groups). Even unerrataed rRGs would not stand so confidently in the current meta. They might still be viable, but especially against Vader I don't think they would stand a reasonable chance
  5. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    New Episode: http://boardwars.eu/podcast-68-bantha-feet/ Final look at the previews and spoilers for Tyrants of Lothal. A bit late, but better than never! Also: UK nationals report by Alistair
  6. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    New Episode is out: http://boardwars.eu/podcast-67-master-tactician/ Tyrants of Lothal finally released. Stop listening to us and go buy the thing! THEN listen to us
  7. jacenat

    Jabba's Realm now live!

    Looked at the first misson and the between mission stuff after the first mission earlier today. It has more flavor than the tabletop campaign. But the first mission of the tabletop campaign feels a bit more epic.
  8. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    New Episode! http://boardwars.eu/podcast-66-vader-and-the-death-troopers/ A TON of news and spoiled cards. We cover then ALL! Have fun! :)
  9. jacenat

    LotA on Twitch

    Mission 2, now with SPACE background!
  10. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    Episode #65 with more news, more LotA and more talking about skirmish maps! http://boardwars.eu/podcast-65-lol-cats/ Life is great!
  11. jacenat

    LotA on Twitch

    @Cremate knows best. They talked about sometime during this week. You can either follow on twitch and get notifications there, or join the discord server (http://discord.me/bweu). Between the 2, you shouldn't miss it.
  12. VoD of the first stream is up!
  13. jacenat

    LotA on Twitch

    VoD is up on Youtube!
  14. jacenat

    LotA on Twitch

    Jeppe and Alistair are starting their campaign right now. http://www.twitch.tv/boardwarseu if you want to watch live
  15. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    Episode #64 is out: http://boardwars.eu/podcast-64-doooon/ European Championships! Murne and R2-D2! Tyrants of Lothal is on the boat! Have fun with the show!