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  1. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    Episode #64 is out: http://boardwars.eu/podcast-64-doooon/ European Championships! Murne and R2-D2! Tyrants of Lothal is on the boat! Have fun with the show!
  2. Durng the Europ Champs, I was surprised by: Obi Wan Vinto No-IG Merc lists in general
  3. jacenat

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    Had to leave before that Sry mate.
  4. jacenat

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    Here are pictures of the top 16 lists (only deployment cards): http://boardwars.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/EC_top16_lists.zip
  5. jacenat

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    Results after swiss:
  6. jacenat

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    @Cremate and I welcome everyone to a pre-swiss breakfast. You can come and just pay without being registered at the hotel. Start: tomorrow 2nd of June 7:30 am End: 8:40 is when we leave for the expo Where: Ibis Hotel right next to the airport https://goo.gl/maps/BPRoU17o6562 The monorail from the trainstation to the airport is free to use. Cost: 5.80£ continental and 10.40£ full english We both are glad to have you over and you can recognize us by the black Boardwars.eu Tshirts.
  7. jacenat

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    We'll need the reinforcements, as Alistair and I were both struggling a bit last year. Save us @jacenatyou're our only hope. THEN YOU ARE LOST!
  8. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    Episode #63! http://boardwars.eu/podcast-63-worlds-2018-recap/ Worlds 2018! Wave 11! European Championship! Can it get better than this?
  9. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    Episode #62! http://boardwars.eu/podcast-62-hacnua-matata/ Tyrants, Entertainment Districts ... is this real life? Great times to be excited about IA for sure!
  10. Blue deployment zone needs to run 1-2 spaces more towards all middle stashes on Mission B. Might be pretty important and be a boost to devious sceem mercs.
  11. I smell an unfair adavantage here!
  12. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    http://boardwars.eu/podcast-61-the-boys-are-back/ Episode #61 is mostly me fighting against Pasi on very minute details of the FAQ. Still fun though
  13. jacenat

    Boardwars.eu Podcast Thread

    http://boardwars.eu/podcast-60-segue/ Episode #60 is finally out. We were still sick, but at least we had fun
  14. jacenat

    Is IA going to die?

    Are we gonna gloss over the fact that the AT-DP is upside down?
  15. jacenat

    eJawa's in LotA

    oh oh ... I think ... I'd better not say