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  1. As much as I love and will keep playing this game, this whole thing is still weighing on my mind. I don't know if I can bring myself to buy more ships after this Having to house rule to play with things that came in the box feels bad man. Hopefully they don't feel the need to do this again for a very long time.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I was pretty hype for a crew + astromech large ship when it was announced as I enjoyed the astromechs a lot, but the Y-Wing struggles with using much other than Unhinged. Now we only have one ship to use them on until another ship comes out (correct me if I'm wrong). I enjoy M3-A interceptors, HWK-290s and Y-Wings currently, and am wanting to play with my new Quadjumper and Jumpmaster sometime soon. The main reason I made the thread in the first place was to be counted as one of those people who bought the ship because it seemed cool, not because it was OP. I don't buy ships unless I love the look and feel of them. Now my toy has been nerfed to the point where the things it was advertised to do are no longer possible. I think that's bad business, even though something did need to be done. I would have preferred a 5 point cost increase, for example, as it keeps the ship and its selling points playable, just less economical (and therefore less competitive). The whole "I never got to play it" whinge was just timing and I get that. Still, everybody's worked things out pretty conclusively at this point. Casual players and buyers took a hit to balance out more competitive play. For the sake of my role play I'll probably ignore the FAQ so I can play my solo Contracted Scout traveling the universe with his buddy Outlaw Tech and R4-B11. For the record my previous group died due to social dynamics, not any particular ship. Although special mention should go to the Decimator as once it came out there was this one guy who literally refused to play any other ship again and it was very boring to play against, win or lose. Thanks for the suggestions of getting the C-ROC, I am pretty close to splurging on it It just seems pretty meh for a huge ship when it has Decimator level stats though :\
  3. Yeah I've yet to play in a competitive game, generally has been 100 point games in the past, and now has been Heroes of the Aturi Cluster (HWK-290 hype). I hope that I can find other campaigns of similar quality as we have nearly completed Aturi. My complaint is mainly emotional and precedent based I guess. I bought the ship because I liked its options and customisation--now it's gone unless I play with house rules. Why should I be taken in by any future promotional material? There's nothing to say that they wouldn't remove bomb slots from K-Wing, for example. I'm not angry or anything, just disappointed at something I was passionate about being no longer playable. I fully understand the ship was meta defining as it resulted in 4 cards being nerfed (Deadeye, Zuckuss, Manaroo, now the ship itself) so there's no doubt it was beyond broken. Still, thanks for understanding everyone
  4. I know this is just unfortunate, but I was looking forward to the Punishing One's release for over a year, bought the ship, then my local gaming group disintegrated, only for the ship to get what I found fun and interesting about it (large ship with astromech) axed just before I could get to play with it with my new group that started up recently . Price of desiring a ship that turned out to be OP I guess. Hopefully they come out with a limited upgrade or something that gives the functionality back. Certainly kills my energy to buy anything else if it's going to get what makes it interesting removed from the game. Was eyeing up a C-ROC Cruiser (are they any good?)
  5. Kilkakon

    Fly Backward

    I'm pretty hype for this ship. I hope that, even if just for fun, the Constable guy can be used to bomb the living daylights out of a list. Maybe with Gonk and shield upgrade (if those two even work)? haha
  6. Maybe I undervalue Autoblaster Turret? When I saw the turret released I thought it was just a joke. Ah, another Palob build I should try! There's so many things that guy can do... Cloaking Device on a cheap one to maintain his ability, and your build is a nice one that's cheap but punishing, and mine was 40 points but very powerful. Good ol' HWKs I have a rival to my lizardman icon! To be fair, Dorsal is range 1-2 only. I don't own a Ghost (bought the turret by itself) but I imagine it has some utility on that craft.
  7. Hehe I remember you Joe Such fun positive posts. Glad I picked up some Vectored Thrusters. It's a nice alternative to Expert Handling, occupying a different slot. I guess Dorsal Turret counts as a good "backup weapon so it's not just a 1 ATK HWK-290", being only 3 points, outside of specific combos like Kavil's pilot ability. I still don't have Engine Upgrade The card resellers never have it in stock. Have proxied it a ton for sure... I wonder what's better, Vectored Thrusters or Engine Upgrade? The distance covered by boost is definitely higher, but it's also twice as expensive on points, as you pointed out. Thanks for the ideas guys I love my Y-Wings and HWKs Need to get my HWKs painted at some point to be all Scummy and awesome looking.
  8. Hi there everyone, It's been some time since I've been playing X-Wing (about 3 waves!). I bought a bunch of cards to catch up, not interested in any of the ships, although looking forward to seeing what Quadjumper is like. My question is, how good is Dorsal Turret? I'm a Scum player and always wanted to have fun with Kavil, but since R4 Agromech got nerfed/reworked and Push the Limit/Unhinged was always a bit expensive for what it did, I'm thinking an alternative to Blaster Turret might be an idea. I also love HWKs, especially Palob. I played with a mean Opportunist/K4/Moldy/Blaster Turret build, which dished out a lot of punishment, but is really expensive. What works well with non-BTL Y-Wings and HWKs? I've yet to play competitively. I might one day
  9. Yup, somebody took a photo, it's already on http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/
  10. Considering how Wave 7 has yet to even arrive at my game shop... yeah I'm still interested in 7. I mean come on FFG, at least let me buy the existing stuff before spoiling more XD Weirdly... it's actually counterproductive on FFG's part. What if they reveal ships I want more? I'm not going to buy the wave 7 ones am I? :|
  11. Kilkakon

    Scum Astromechs?

    If it blocks a crit then it's a hull upgrade for a point cheaper.
  12. I concur. I would say its main use is to wall off an asteroid lane rather than damage, although if you had 3 fighters on your tail could always splash all of them, haha. I would say that Ion Bombs and Conner Nets are the star bombs of this wave. Punisher still rocks pretty hard regardless.
  13. Kilkakon


    I have always considered Y-Wings as the workhorse of the independent faction, able to serve as a bomber (especially when Wave 7 drops due to extra munitions), turret ship, heavy fighter (A4 title) and torpedo carrier. Personally I do not like the A4 title, but I did want to experiment a bit with my astromechs last game. Blaster Turret Y-Wings are chained to R4 Agromech (Exception: Kavil w/ Unhinged + PTL) and Unhinged is too good to pass up for any other Y-Wing. So I had a game with 1 Y-Wing with Salvaged Astromech and Drea with the R4-B11. I liked both of the Astromechs--Salvaged meant my Y-Wing literally got 3 extra turns to live by blocking a key crit and I used (misplayed by the sounds of it) R4-B11 with devastating results, haha. Still I'm curious. If there's ways R4-B11 can be used effectively that could be great on shutting down some of the more evasive foes. I'm not a huge fan of Drea due to no EPT but her ability is pretty solid.
  14. Kilkakon


    I was trying this astromech out the other night. Seems interesting. It was on Drea, so I assume that my infinite use of the astromech is correct? Just keep putting a stress token on Drea until the opponent has rolled all blanks. List building wise, is this a good astromech at all, and what turret should it accompany?
  15. I imagine people who are pretty expert at bomb placement will be able to make good work of Genius. There's just so many good salvaged astromechs gaaa
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