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  1. Close enough:www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHX69wuMLsY
  2. I'm quite sure we'll see those, due to the 2-speed T-Roll being already on the maneuver templates and what not...
  3. LtRico

    Acrylic Hotness

    Are "Odera" and "Aftermath" the only movement templates you offer these days? Because I have the basic black maneuver template set from your site and would like an upgrade covering S-Loops and T-Rolls for that. Also I hope you update your bomb marker set to Wave 8 soon
  4. LtRico

    Acrylic Hotness

    Glad to hear you're still going it strong, keep it up! I was wondering, will you offer upgraded versions of the existing movement templates to incorporate the "new" S-Loops and T-Rolls on their respective templates? Not really a necessity, rather for completeness' reasons...
  5. I speculated as much in the OP, thanks for confirming. However, I don't think requesting to reduce superfluous information when listing is too much to ask ... after all, you post that list for the other person to read.
  6. Hi all, while browsing the forums these last few days something was "bothering" me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it - until today. I've noticed, that more often than not people post the complete load out information of generic ships, even when they are entirely identical. I understand that this might stem from the comfort of copy & pasting the information from an online squad builder - however, it clutters both the screen and the forum post itself while not helping conveying any additional information. It also increases reading time while possibly irritating the reader when discovering, after checking each individual upgrade for differences, that there aren't any. Actual example from a currently active thread: Named Pilot - Ship XX pts EPT X pts Crew X pts Mod. X pts Ship Total: XX pts Generic Pilot - Ship YY pts EPT X pts Torpedoes YY pts Torpedoes YY pts Mod. YY pts Ship Total: YY Generic Pilot - Ship YY pts EPT X pts Torpedoes YY pts Torpedoes YY pts Mod. YY pts Ship Total: YY Generic Pilot - Ship YY pts EPT X pts Torpedoes YY pts Torpedoes YY pts Mod. YY pts Ship Total: YY There are plenty examples like this, both in the main and the sub-forums. The same list could have been formatted like this, for example: Named Pilot - Ship XX pts EPT X pts Crew X pts Mod. X pts Ship Total: XX pts 3x Generic Pilot - Ship YY pts EPT X pts Torpedoes YY pts Torpedoes YY pts Mod. YY pts Ship Total: YY However, if there is any variance - Plasma instead of Proton Torpedo - within the otherwise identical generics, by all means include that ship individually. So please, consider shortening your list in forum posts when including multiple generics with identical equipment. Thank you!
  7. LtRico

    Bomb Central

    lol - thread was posted unfinished. will edit and bump when it's properly done. sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. I love A-Wings and I love 4 of them on the table, and while a squad of 5 of them would be most delightful, those 2 red dice don't carry enough of a punch, so I myself would always take something like Outmaneuver or Juke to reduce enemy evades. After having tons of fun with a 4x PTL/Outmaneuver build, I theorized the following: 3x GSP, PTL, Title, Juke, AT, Chardaan Refit 1x GSP, PTL, Title, Juke, AT, XX-23 S-Thread Tracers for 99 pts. The idea is that the single Tracer Carrier provides the Tracer Target Lock early in the engagement on the most opportune target (since all 4 will TL on that ship). After that, you fly your squad like they carry the Outmaneuver EPT, meaning you break formation and work hard to keep out of the enemy's firing arcs and liberally break off with single fighters to re-engage later. Don't be predictable by going straight for the TL'ed ship, the TL is there so you can have it in place when you PTL for Focus & Evade to use Juke in a single attack run.
  9. That sounds like a very interesting variant for Escalation...would you mind breaking down the 60/90/120/150 point versions of the list?
  10. Me too ... I have a small torunament coming up in March and am still undecided on the list I'll take...
  11. LtRico

    Juke over predator?

    This combinbation is henceforth to be known as Puke.
  12. We can clearly see in the preview post spread, that the Glaive Squadron Pilot is PS 6: I agree with the 34 pts base cost assumption for this pilot, as Col. Vessery is 35 pts (at PS 6 no less) and the Glaive comes without a native skill. We will have to see, but I do like your list and reasoning behind it, definitely going to give this a spin
  13. I personally would not for the life of me replace PTL on an Interceptor (As or TIEs) with anything...you can basically ignore a single stress with that green green dial. While I am sure there is a more "scientific" answer to Predator on 2 Red Dice, I personally wouldn't take it, even if it frees your Focus up to be used purely defensively. Of course Oumaneuver is situational, but shutting down 1 Green Die of the enemy feels much more consistent to me, specially since it can mean the difference between hitting and missing entirely when faced with 3+ Green Dice initially. I love DD on Tycho, it's just insane! But I wouldn't take it on any other A-Wing pilot; double stress from PTL & DD shuts you down for the following round. Now, the combination of DD & Predator, mhm....would still leave you without Focus for defence - and you know how Green Dice can be - so I am not convinced. Don't get me wrong, they sound super fun though! Maybe just give them a try
  14. That's exactly the same list I've flown against my buddy just before watching TFA last week Unfortunately, I lost due to time being called (couldn't miss the movie) after I killed his Firespray (40ish pts) and he 2x of my A-Wings (50 pts), although I have to admit I did not offer my best performance. The Outmaneuver-ing worked well, but was difficult to apply against the Firespray's secondary arc. I am confident that I would have been able to beat the remaining Punisher and Lambda Shuttle into pulp, given unrestricted time. Alas, it was not so. This list flies like one would expect: - I found the approach the most difficult, once the furball begins however you can play to the A-Wings strengths: Speed and tight turns. - Don't let your A-Wings lock their jaws with the first enemy they catch from behind, instead be opportunistic in which enemy you send them after to outmaneuver. This way you can engage/disengage and threaten a target from multiple approaches - pack hunting is the order of the day. - Speaking of pack hunting, try to skirt the outside circle of the furball, don't get caught on the inside. Ideally, imagine a group of life rafts in the Pacific Ocean being circled by sharks who individually boost into the group and snap at their prey. PS3 sharks to be precise. - I like turtles! And so should you: If in danger and you can't get out of arc, Focus & Evade. You will most likely be able to weather 1-2 attacks by this. R3 and AT are your friends as well and you will not care about that single PTL stress much. For extra synergy, remember that turtles are also green. - Target Lock when it is opportune to do so, for example when breaking off. The target of your TL action does not have to be the ship you really intend to attack next. If you are being opportunistic enough, that ship will return into your gun sights eventually and that's when you hit it with TL & Focus, preferably while Outmaneuver-ing them. I really found that time is this lists major weakness, constantly having to engage and disengage paired with the underpowered armament of 2 Red Dice means you need time and patience to wear chunky targets down.
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