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  1. thebigeb2589

    Don't order anything from Miniature Market.

    I used to buy EVERYTHING from MM until my FLGS opened in my home town. (Lehighton PA) now for the sake of supporting a wonderful local business i buy from them. ive never preordered anything from them but for years have had nothing but wonderful interactions with them. I cant recommend them enough
  2. thebigeb2589

    Rules update on the 15th?

    according to the product page the rules were updated on the 15th but i dont see any changes, specifically in the section on the bottom of the cover page where it says it will list changes. can anyone point me to the changes that were made?
  3. thebigeb2589

    Makwiesel paints Mirialan Rebels

    where did you get the "Leia" mini
  4. thebigeb2589

    HembleCreations - Painting, Converions and Scenery

    that parked bike looks GORGEOUS
  5. thebigeb2589

    Lt. Rainart’s Mixed Forces of the Kashyyyk Imperial Police

    and she is wearing wookie fur haha. well done. very stunning.
  6. thebigeb2589

    The Modal Nodes Conversion Cantina - Jyn & Converted Pathfinders

    http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Task_Force_99 nope yours is perfect lol
  7. thebigeb2589

    New in Painting

    when i was learning i practiced on plastic army men. gives you a ton of throw away models to practice different techniques on.
  8. thebigeb2589

    The Modal Nodes Conversion Cantina - Jyn & Converted Pathfinders

    right? my first go at green stuff looked a wad of chewing gum. this guy has some natural skill
  9. thebigeb2589

    40k terrain use in Legion- Heresy or okay?

    i think the gothic nature of the 40k scenery looks great when you consider something like the night sisters on Dathomir. just build a board and call it that. boom. lol
  10. thebigeb2589

    flags and banners

    not mine fyi found it on youtube
  11. thebigeb2589

    flags and banners

  12. thebigeb2589

    The Modal Nodes Conversion Cantina - Jyn & Converted Pathfinders

    LIES! your painting and modding skills are awesome
  13. thebigeb2589

    It's All About Fun, RIght?

    The thing to remember while your winning or losing in this game (at least by points or model count) is the end result is about objectives. you may have killed 3 units by the end of turn 2 but only 1 of them was able to grab objectives. i try and remember that my vehicles are there to die. they distract, give suppression, and soak up shots. i won a game last week with Luke and a single unit leader on the board to my friends almost 2 full squads of troopers and Vader. he had 1 objective i had 2. the game ended with me only having 2 models on the board but i still won the game. I dont get discouraged when things turn against me. sometimes the dice gods are just not kind haha
  14. thebigeb2589

    Hyperspace Report Predictions?

    even as a skirmish game it can fill the traditional roll as a war game and not just be a rebel vs empire glorified game of chess. maybe a better example would have been Warmachine or Hordes. I dont mind the skirmish scale i meant more so the idea of being able to pick from a large selection of factions and being whoever you wanted to be in the games universe
  15. thebigeb2589

    Hyperspace Report Predictions?

    fingers crossed. 1 month after Rune wars came out they announced the 3rd faction. I'm really hoping for that here. definitely getting an update to the RRG. probably the imperial counter to the special forces. Did Alex or anyone for that matter ever officially say they were looking to make this a multi faction game like warhammer or is that dream just fan driven? I want so bad for this to be a great Warhammer alternative. its a good one already but to be great they are going to need factions for sure.