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  1. Seems a little bit of a vaguebooking post, my dude. Hard to get hyped off nothing. Ramp up the selling up!
  2. It's a direct link to the materials though, which doesn't point a person to the artist's page to find more of their works. Not without some extra work. And I still don't entirely get the context. Is it to show off your search results? Is it visuals you are using for your table? It feels about the same as me just making a bunch of single word posts, where you could say they are all topical and contextual because I use words like "computer" or "hacker" or "laser".
  3. I mean, this is cool art and all, but how come you don't credit any of the artists, or give context to the posts?
  4. One question. Why such a low strain threshold on the intellect hunter? They will be unconscious most situations with 1 bad roll. Have you compared these to other archetype examples in the book?
  5. eowarion

    Genesys OGL?

    Its a long topic to read on my mobile, but I felt a need to add my 2 cents. We need some sort of official, blanket statement on this. Right now, all we know is there is supposedly no plans, and Freelancer writer Keith Kappel is getting special/preferential treatment being allowed to charge cash money for homebrew product. Yes, he has worked on the Stat Wars line for FFG, and I don't mind that part. What bothers me is as things stand, we have no statements as to what is allowed for everyone else. Genesys has been out long enough that we should have some sort of solid answer, and hopefully it is something that everyone wins. Right now it's just a bitter taste that one contract worker gets special treatment.
  6. eowarion

    Player Locator

    Canada, Kamloops, BC.
  7. Similar boat but android phone. Also seems a non-working file.
  8. I remember joking about this at my last session when I picked up the demo spec. Surprisingly, I used about 2000 creds of detonite before ever putting ranks into Mechanics, having 2 Int, or even having the demo-spec, and didn't lose any fingers, or party members...and helped speed up a mining process.
  9. I know I never post much, but do read through many of the topics. Sad to see you leave if you're making it permanent. Hopefully some time away helps recharge you and you come back. It's always good to have another view point on things and continue discussion and debate. I know what is being talked about with the pettiness and the childishness. Whether you return, or stay away, all the best to you!
  10. The selfies/pictures idea is great. Especially if he goes about bringing out the albums like a family member would at a gathering. "...and this is the trando I killed in Nal Hutta, because he made fun of my repulsor fist..."
  11. This is how I read that, also. No where does it state that adding cortosis to a weapon gives it the sunder property.
  12. This is what I would try to convince a group to use, if I were the pilot.
  13. Clawdite. Jawa. And if I were a betting man, the Jawa is probably going to be announced in the Technician splat (as others have said). My hope is that maybe Clawdite will show up in the Bounty Hunter splat, when that is finally announced.
  14. We're currently getting snow here in my neck of the woods. Was worried it'd be a brown/green Christmas.
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