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  1. I'm hoping for a scouring of the shire box after this, with leadership Merry, tactics Pippin, and Lore Sam. Hopefully the heroes here are some combination of Aragorn/Sam/Frodo/Eomer.
  2. There are a lot of quests here that I haven't played - in particular, the print on demand ones and several of the campaign quests. I played 'Knife in the Dark' so long ago that I don't remember it at all, and haven't played the campaign past the hobbit saga box. This makes for a total of 7/16 quests that I have no opinion on, and given how the votes appear to be going, next round I will likely only recognize 3/8 quests. This tells me I need to play the campaign and order these print on demand quests, which apparently are quite good. I found the campaign very confining and fiddly initially - hopefully returning to it will leave a more favorable impression.
  3. I would agree with every part of this statement - not only is Into Ithilien an awesome quest (though immensely frustrating at the time it was released), but quests that screw with your basic economy (cards & resources) are exceptionally annoying.
  4. Yeah, Nalir is literally the worst character in the game. I even liked Lord Alcaron more.
  5. Certainly there are improvements that could be made, but I would strongly prefer my collection to not be made obsolete. I think there is plenty left to do/explore in Lord of the Rings, and as you mentioned they did just release another cooperative LCG. If anything, I think LotR LCG will simply end at some point (though hopefully not anytime soon), and won't be re-released as a 2nd edition.
  6. This deck uses cards from only a single core set, and is very good. You can try it out and then start substituting cards. Good luck!
  7. So I agree with dalestephenson that you would continue resolving enemy attacks and just "skip" Player A since he has already resolved his enemy attacks. I agree with this. Since the phase doesn't end until all players have addressed combat, it seems like combat would proceed to the left until that is the case. In fact, in the worst interpretation, the initial 1st player may have to resolve combat twice if they are to the left of the final 1st player but before the last player. Obviously that makes no sense, and neither does any of these exploits. That being said, I still struggle to find uses for it that justify deck space. I suppose often a Leadership/Tactics deck wants to engage more enemies, and therefore might want to be 1st player during the engagement phase, but realistically there are much better ways of engaging enemies.
  8. I am really hoping that we can explore Dale. I'd like to see that trait fleshed out, and it would be fantastic to have a cycle around Dale and the Lonely Mountain.
  9. I agree with Seastan - the extra card class and supplemental rules are unnecessary. I don't share your concerns about hand size and specific quests (ie. Dunlandings) - certain deck types have always been poor against specific quests. Trap decks are totally ineffective against The Three Trials, but trap cards themselves are excellent additions to the card pool. If you are worried about player-induced interactions, as with Noldor, you could simply add something along the lines of "This card cannot be optionally discarded from your hand" to the top of the text box. This would be a more flexible option, since there are some potential token cards - including your proof of concept ideas presented here - that wouldn't need that restriction. It would also dramatically simplify things, which can only help.
  10. This is how I feel. The only reason I see needing splash Sam now is if someone else is already using Denethor. The additional resources are far more valuable than what Sam can offer. Sure, Sam could be utilized in a deck specifically designed around him, but as a splash hero, I don't see a regular use for him anymore. Interesting - I often find myself splashing in Sam primarily for his willpower and threat, not his ability. Denethor certainly cuts into that somewhat, as he is basically Sam with Willpower and Defense switched plus a fantastic ability, but I still get good use out of both heroes. It is a real shame that Denethor went up against Arwen fairly early - he deserved to go much farther, and I think would have but for luck of the bracket. Denethor's resources typically offset the loss of willpower from not using Sam, so that's why I don't see a reason for Sam anymore (as a splash hero). Denethor also provides significant benefits like being able to play Steward of Gondor on the first turn. I agree that Denthor is very strong, and I'm not sure how I would vote in a match up between him and Sam. However, I do think you undervalue Sam. Denethor will always be making a solid contribution, and in the right deck his turn 1 resources can offset the willpower loss from not including Sam. However, sometimes you just need willpower on a hero - maybe your deck doesn't have a ton of allies, maybe your other heroes are low on willpower, maybe you just can't rely on luck of the draw for your turn 1 questing. Sam does fit in some decks better than Denethor. It is nice to finally have options for the leadership splashing hero, though. Also, my Sam-Denethor-Aragorn deck is amazing.
  11. <Scoff> I actually don't even use spirit all that often myself, but Eowyn is just vital to most of our games for questing for 8 whenever needed. that only explains 25% of your spirit votes this round
  12. This is how I feel. The only reason I see needing splash Sam now is if someone else is already using Denethor. The additional resources are far more valuable than what Sam can offer. Sure, Sam could be utilized in a deck specifically designed around him, but as a splash hero, I don't see a regular use for him anymore. Interesting - I often find myself splashing in Sam primarily for his willpower and threat, not his ability. Denethor certainly cuts into that somewhat, as he is basically Sam with Willpower and Defense switched plus a fantastic ability, but I still get good use out of both heroes. It is a real shame that Denethor went up against Arwen fairly early - he deserved to go much farther, and I think would have but for luck of the bracket.
  13. It is because of people like Slothgodfather that we have 50% Spirit heroes left (well, also all of those heroes are really strong). For me, this round of voting was by far the easiest - not a single difficult decision: Sam vs Eowyn (S) - Obviously both of these heroes are quite strong, and Eowyn I think still retains the questing crown, though her hold has been getting more and more tenuous. Sam, however, brings strong willpower to Leadership, where he is fairly unique. I find myself using Sam far more often then Eowyn. Cirdan vs Elrond - Like Teamjimby above, I am also surprised that Cirdan made it this far. Obviously he is a good hero, but I consider both Amarthiul and especially Erestor to have significantly greater impact on the game. Regardless, his unexpected rise has to end here. Elrond is just better. I love building Elrond decks, especially those without Vilya. Gandalf vs Arwen - Gandalf shouldn't really be a hero, but since he is I built a deck with him one time. It was fun for the first 2-3 quests I used it on, so I built another one... which was almost exactly the same. No hero takes up more dedicated deck space than Gandalf, and that is what makes him boring - I'm not saying that you can't build differently with him, I'm just saying there is really no point. Arwen, on the other hand, opens up a huge deckbuilding space that has been really fun to explore. Galadriel vs Aragorn (T) - Both of these heroes are quite fun and very powerful, despite being essentially diametric opposites. Galadriel helps any deck along in fairly subtle ways, while Aragorn... kills everything. I have to say that I enjoy building decks with Aragorn a lot more. Both heroes offer many possibilities and enable new strategies, but only Aragorn is generally the centerpiece of a deck. If everyone votes as I have - and so far the heroes I have chosen are actually winning - we will get a final four representing one hero from each sphere, which would be fantastic. Hopefully Elrond will finally become the champion as he deserves, though I'm not sure how I would vote in an Elrond/Aragorn match up.
  14. I am ambivalent about having cards enter from out of play - don't really use Ranger of the North much, but I suppose I am open to the idea. However, I think making this a different class of card that doesn't interact with hand & card effects adds unnecessary complications. I'd rather they be either completely normal cards (in which case, the allies would say "search your deck for one...") or simply normal cards that start out of play. I don't think this would mess with hand size and discard effects too much - in both illustrative cases, the ally you play simply replaces its self, keeping hand size constant. Thumbs up for creativity, though!
  15. I would love to have a deluxe cycle set in or around Dale - perhaps one starting in Mirkwood, then moving into Dale and the surrounding area. This would be great - we could explore a new focus for the Sylvan trait, finally get Thranduil, perhaps introduce some more Dwarf cards, and develop Dale into a serious trait. I also wouldn't mind seeing a saga expansion dealing with the battles around Dale and the Lonely Mountain culminating in Bard & Dain's death and the Pyrrhic victory there.
  16. Also she is repeatable resource generation (or card draw with Elven Light) where old man Denethor is just a burst econ and then is just a solid defender. Sure, it depends on what you need, but in a vacuum, Arwen is just better long term. Arwen might be better long term, but I feel that a lot of quests are decided in the first 2-3 rounds (or at least the trajectory is set). The resources Denethor provides on round 1 are far more valuable than resources you could get from Arwen on rounds 7 and 8.
  17. Frodo vs. Faramir was a very difficult decision for me, and is still split at 50% after my vote (I eventually ended up choosing Faramir for his extreme versatility). I would have expected Arwen vs. Denethor to be evenly split, but Arwen is winning with 60% as of my vote. Surprising - I think Denethor opens up a ton of space for new decks (Arwen does too, but I think to a lesser extent) and is a pretty amazing hero.
  18. Currently Beregond appears to be pulling ahead of Caldara (55%). The Caldara deck is powerful and can be quite fun, but Beregond can fit into a lot of different types of decks. Gandalf is significantly ahead of Gimli(L) (70%), which is quite sad. Gandalf just isn't much fun after the first time you build a deck with him, and no hero kills multiplayer games faster. I really wish they had kept Gandalf solely as an ally. Congratulations to Aragorn(T), who is currently beating Elladan with 100% of the vote. I like twin decks quite a lot, but Aragorn(T) is powerful, fun, and fairly unique. Hard to vote against. Finally, the closest matches have Legolas(T) beating Imrahil(T) and Eomer beating Gloin, both by 53%. Legolas(T) has always been a fantastic hero, and it speaks well of the game that some heroes from the core have yet to be overshadowed. Meanwhile Eomer has always seemed fairly boring and straightforward to me, but Gloin is full of possibilities.
  19. A - Pippin He is just terrible. B - Dori Bombur can be an excellent hero with a fantastic ability in the right deck. Dori can not.
  20. This seems like not a great idea - essentially you would be increasing the concentration of nightmare cards in the encounter deck. Even the least terrible nightmare cards are generally depressing to draw. I would go with Trialus' suggestion of playing partial 'easy' mode and giving yourself extra resources to start. Alternatively, you need to be selective about the quests you play nightmare in. Easy quests, like Passage Through Mirkwood, are not really worth playing normally but are greatly improved by nightmare. Other quests are difficult or enjoyable enough in normal mode and severely punishing in nightmare. I'll say that I have really enjoyed Passage Through Mirkwood, Journey Down the Anduin, The Seventh Level, Redhorn Gate, and Foundations of Stone nightmare quests. The Tales for the Cards blog also has a pretty informative nightmare buying guide: https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/nightmare-buying-guide/ Good luck!
  21. I didn't think of good meal, great idea! Another approach (with only the starting hand - if you could draw more cards this could quickly become crazy) uses the first round potential of the new Denthor hero. Heroes: Cirdan, Eowyn, Denethor (L) Play a Legacy of Numenor for the extra resources. You now have enough to play Galadriel (L), who finds Celebrian's Stone, and also two Escort from Edoras. Sneak attack in Faramir, and then play Ever Vigilant to get two uses out of him during the quest phase. This gets you 34: Cirdan (4) + Eowyn (4) + Denethor (1) + Celbrian's Stone (2) + Escort 1 (4) + Escort 2 (4) + Galadriel (3) +Faramir use 1 (6) + Faramir use 2 (6) = 34! I'm sure this can be improved on as well - certainly with more draws of Ever Vigilant, or possibly by substituting in Aragorn somewhere and having Galadriel draw Sword that was Broken. At any rate, it is within striking distance of Seastan's answer.
  22. I can get up to 20 in a scenario that I can actually imagine occurring in-game: Heroes: Arwen, Theoden (S), Eowyn Play Astonishing Speed (3 resources). Discard a card for a resource, use this and Theoden's discount to play Escort From Edoras. Discard a card to boost Eowyn. This gets you: Arwen (3) + Theoden (4) + Eowyn (7) + Escort (6) = 20 willpower. You could increase this to 23 by playing 3x Elrond's Council, which uses all resources and your entire opening hand of 6+1 cards. Seems a bit less likely to me.
  23. I have to say, I really like Denethor - his ability to supercharge your start could be pretty amazing in the right deck, and his inherent resource smoothing, in combination with his low threat, means he is easy to fit in to a wide variety of deck types. It is also easy to boost his defense with the in-sphere Dunedain Warning, or obviously with Gondorian Shield if you have tactics. The fact that he is a perfect hero for Steward of Gondor is also a thematic win. Rod of the Steward could be a good card - and card draw is something that leadership Gondor really needed - but it seems expensive. I'd probably be more impressed if this had come out before Elven Light.
  24. She makes a great splash hero too, you don't need 2 Tactics heroes. Merry was previously the best Tactics hero for keeping threat down and getting access to weapons for Haldir, Gondorian shield, etc. Now Merry has some real competition. That is true - I've used Merry(T) in so many decks to gain access to powerful tactics cards without including a 10+ threat hero... and I would argue that Eowyn(T) will be better than Merry(T) in essentially every such deck. You get 1 extra life and 2 extra willpower (these decks aren't usually built around Merry's ability, and he ends up questing most of the time) and the ability to kill almost anything once per game - all for the same starting threat! Honestly the only downside I can even think of is that Eowyn(S) is still quite a good hero - but she had been getting competition already from Arwen and Galadriel.
  25. And just like that, mono-tactics became a thing. Even with no ability Eowyn would have seen a lot of play... but her ability (though limited) can be suitably epic. They did a great job thematically with this card, but I can see it being used in almost any deck that includes more than one tactics hero.
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