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  1. Now before i start, know im not trying to trash this game. Theres so much this game does great, I just want it to click for me. Anyways, reference this article for this post https://illuminatinggames.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/star-wars-age-of-rebellion-a-deep-dive-on-dice-probabilities/ When I played it, I kinda felt that something was off with the probabilites. Apparently it seems that i was right. Basically some of the problems according to that link are that ranking up in skills is essentially pointless compared to buying attribute points. Also, proficiency dice and challenge dice barely do anything compared to the basic ability and difficulty dice. Also, the rolls are skewed to have most results be successes with a negative effect. (This, I kinda understand). So doesnt this mean the game is running on a broken system? I know it seems like I am overanalyzing this game, which I am lol. I do this with everything I get into.
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