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  1. A while ago I suggested FFG to make a LOTR game with miniatures and cards as I would like it. Thank you for taking into account my desire!
  2. George is Guardian? Now that Joe is Seeker...
  3. An all-women Cycle followed by an All-males Cycle, maybe with 6 also?
  4. My new guess: Seeker with guardian 0-2(Geroge? Harvey?) or interesting requiment. Maybe Harvey with Insight 0-5? Or maybe Amanda with Talents? For Rogue/Survivor Daniela? Amanda and Daniela are most likely IMO.
  5. Ok, I guess now Dexter is Mystic 0-5 with Guardian 0-2, Jacqueline is with Rogue 0-2 and Dian 0-3, cancel cards(0-4?), up to 15 0-1 from Survivor and Guardian/ Rogue?
  6. Ok mine is op,unless it is at really high doom,like 7, to return, but that is too underpowered. Worse than Unexpected Courage. Maybe two wills?
  7. Spoiler: New mystic skill, 1 wild, gains 1 additional wild if there are at least 3 doom in play, and returns to hand, I guess.
  8. The back- the roles of each one IfI may ask...
  9. This are not the investigators for The Circle Undone, but from the whole game...
  10. What spoilers counter? What have you seen? Please pm me.
  11. Spoiler: It is *almost* sure the investigators are: Carolyn, Marie(yes 2, mystics!), Diana, Rita. It is a quess that Daniela will be too. So the Seeker could be Norman,Amanda,Harvey etc.
  12. Charlie around allies, Trish with firearms, Gloria with tomes, Wilson with tools and great power to compensate...
  13. With the recent spoilers, it might be no additional neutral investigators. So my guess: Charlie: Guardian, Trish: Rogue,Gloria: Seeker,Wilson: Survivor and we ill probably get a new mystic investigator.
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