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  1. The build looks fun, make room for Wampa instead of the academy IMO! Offtopic - but i couldn't resist the SAAB reference... Q: Why do they put sidewalks beside most streets and highways? A: So Saab owners have a safe place to walk home. Q: What's the difference between a Saab and a Porcupine? A: When it comes to a Saab, the prick is on the inside. For more: http://www.jokes4us.com/miscellaneousjokes/corporatejokes/saabjokes.html
  2. Hmm - ok glad i pushed then. I see your point about the limits on PTL... i'll keep mixing it up, and for sure give Juke more tries. So far, i can't help but think you are over-valuing Juke and under-valuing PTL. But i also have to admit i got lots more testing to do.
  3. Sorry, but PTL is equally if not MORE valuable on Rexler and Vessery. Juke is actually ideal for Ryad in many ways, but again, as i said above, its the defender playstyle that makes Juke inconsistent. If you are using the defenders in concert to attack a single target - juke is king. If you are using cross-hatch slashing attacks, its less clear. Juke works best when 2 of your ships will attack the same target, and the juke user is attacking first. ... Sorry, but you're wrong... And have no actual data to back you up. Feel free to compare PtL Defenders on List Juggler... I'd be surprised if you see less than 90% being Ryad. The reason why you don't take PtL on any other Defender is because, even with Twin Ion Engines, their greens aren't enough to keep them in the fight. x7 means they really want to go fast, so they'll end up taking entire rounds off to clear stress and re-position. Ryad being able to perform a variety of green K-turns is why PtL is fantastic on her. Not really sure why you imagine Vessery would even need PtL, as he shouldn't ever need to take a TL, so his action, Focus or Barrel Roll, becomes perfectly fine, letting you use any more viable EPT (Crackshot being one of the more popular). And, if you're going Rexlar, you take Predator or VI or some such... Not PtL. I can't argue with the data - not gonna try. Meaning, i concede that PTL is not being used on Rexler and Vessery. That doesn't make it a bad strategy to pick PTL over Juke. Rexler with PTL is a seriously good fit - give it another try if you haven't done so recently. And try Rexler with Engine and PTL together. The whole point of this thread was to try outside the box ideas to combat the obvious mirror match. I'm 100% going to look beyond just the data and propose different thoughts, especially ones i have personally tried and found successful.
  4. Sorry, but PTL is equally if not MORE valuable on Rexler and Vessery. Juke is actually ideal for Ryad in many ways, but again, as i said above, its the defender playstyle that makes Juke inconsistent. If you are using the defenders in concert to attack a single target - juke is king. If you are using cross-hatch slashing attacks, its less clear. Juke works best when 2 of your ships will attack the same target, and the juke user is attacking first.
  5. Drop Juke on defenders IMO, go with PTL or Lone Wolf depending on your build. (Adaptability and VI are also possible - but minimal value on Ryad). Juke is great, and on ships like Omega Leader it is outstanding - because OL denies the enemy the ability to use a focus token. But defenders just want to roll three or four dice and punch through. You are slashing with the defenders, which means you don't get to always line up multiple defenders on the same target. So if they have a focus token, all of a sudden your Juke is undone with no benefit. PTL on the other hand lets you use barrel roll every turn you need to, and also still take focus or a target lock. You can seriously improve your consistency when attacking. In the 2 defender, palp builds, consistent attacks tends to mean you are using palp to boost defenses, giving you more turns to slash the enemy down. In a 1 defender, decimator build, consistent defender attacks means you can use palp almost exclusively to boost the threat from the decimator's attacks. (3 Defender builds tend to not have room for PTL - or it is at best on one of the ships only). PTL is particularly ideal on Rexler and in a build where one of the defenders is Vessery. It helps ensure the pilot ability goes off consistently. Lone Wolf does a lot of what PTL does, but helps with defense consistency as well. It's very good on Ryad in particular. If you are still looking for ways to reduce enemy defenses, Outmaneuver is the ideal pick for the Defender (over Juke). But in my experience, outmaneuver is really ideal when the enemy is trying to chase the ship. Which is not terribly common if you are slashing attacks while the enemy tries to take out your palp-mobile. you can still set it up, but there will be turns when you just don't have room to do what you want, and are forced to attack head-on, giving up the benefit. Consistency just seems like the better plan for defenders.
  6. Rexler is working great. I personally will be running him this week with the following setup: Rexler (x7 Title, PTL, Engine) 42pts Rear Admiral Chiraneau (Adaptability, Vader, Gunner, Engine) 58pts I've already tried him with a triple defender build and 2 defender with Palp-shuttle. Because he really wants focus, its high value to go for PTL. Giving him engine helps the build dodge arcs and stay focused on a key threat. I'm not sure it will be any better than a Ryad/Decimator build or Palp-shuttle/ Defenders, but its just a lot of nasty crits to spread around - and who on earth will the enemy prioritize?
  7. I've tried a number of different 2 Defender/ Palp-shuttle builds. The defenders do a lot of work and are very resilient, which is why the build is strong. The weakness is the Shuttle. The shuttle does not have ways to force the enemy into a bad position. Because you want the shuttle to survive as much as possible, you spend a lot of time trying to plan the best way to get as many palpatine turns as possible. You might do a few hits with the shuttle, but generally these are because the enemy rolled poorly and probably positioned and maneuvered poorly in the first place. In the end, the shuttle is a 29 point 10 damage buffer with a Palpatine. That's very good, but it gets un-fun, and predictable very quickly. I dropped my shuttle not too long ago in favor of a 3 defender build. I also tried 2 defenders with a third ace: OL, Inquisitor, Soontir, Vader, even Backdraft. Then i tried Decimator with Ryad. And that seems to be my build now. It combines the resilience of the defender with a version of Palpatine that is itself a massive threat. So far, its a ton of fun.
  8. Almost always, i used palpatine for boosting attacks.
  9. Ok i had a chance to test two of the different builds today.... Build 1: Ryad (x7, Lone Wolf, Stealth Device) 37pts RAC (VI, Gunner, Vader, Ysanne, Engine) 63pts Build 2: Ryad (x7, Lone Wolf, Stealth Device) 37pts RAC (Expose, Palpatine, Intelligence Agent, Engine) 63pts Notes: Ryad with Lone Wolf and Stealth Device is a major problem for the enemyShe's fairly predictable without the Engine Upgrade - but this plays into the idea that she is not the best target - they know what she will do, but still feel like they can deal with her better after RAC is down She shakes off stress She blocks attacks for days (rarely if ever needing Palpatine backup) With Lone Wolf - she is constantly getting better defense and offense RAC is strictly more valuable in this 2 ship build than Oicunn. I'll get a chance to test Kenkirk later in the week.To elaborate, RAC's pilot ability stacks crits pretty quickly But more importantly, RAC hits first or near the top of the list The EPT choice is looking pretty clear...VI was outstanding, and looking to be my preference Expose is super powerful, but its just more important to shoot first The Crew choice is getting clearer...Vader/ Gunner was considerably deadly - and against certain builts will be a quick and nasty win But Palpatine just does more work and affords more control of the board I need to give Gunner/ Vader one more chance - not sure the right pick for the final crew slot (Ysanne was good, but i kept feeling that Rebel Captive would be more valuable) I suspect Gunner/Vader is better with a different Defender (Maybe Rexler with PTL, x7, SD?) In terms of playstyle...The Decimator wants to chase and circle enemies Ryad wants to stay wide and look for isolate-able non-360-shooting targets
  10. I like Kenkirk a lot, but RAC just seems to have a big advantage with such strong consistent damage. If anything, this thread is making me really wonder about Palp vs Gunner/Vader. But yeah - Decimator has three really fun different pilots
  11. Gave a few runs on the following.... Ryad (PTL, x7, Stealth Device) 38pts RAC (Expose, Palpatine, Engine) 62pts The build felt strong, RAC did a ton of work, and as expected, the defensive defender let me generally use Palp for attack boosting. I am really interested in the Gunner option - so ill try this next.... Ryad (Lone Wolf, x7, Stealth Device) 37pts RAC (Adaptability, Palpatine, Gunner, Engine) 63pts I also will for sure try a Vader/Gunner version - you guys got me excited to try that level of damage dealing! Ryad (PTL, x7, Engine) 39pts RAC (Adaptability, Rebel Captive, Darth Vader, Gunner, Engine) 61pts OR... Ryad (PTL, x7, Stealth Device) 38pts RAC (VI, Rebel Captive, Darth Vader, Gunner, Engine) 62pts If the Vader/ Gunner goes well - i'll probably also try... Ryad (PTL, x7, Stealth Device) 38pts RAC (Expose, Darth Vader, Gunner, Engine) 62pts
  12. But then kylo ren wouldn't be as useful since unless I want to use palp for crit's I would be going for lucky rolls Not sure i understand - why would Kylo be less useful?
  13. 2 defenders and Omega Leader is very strong. Best of luck!
  14. The aces builds try to balance a healthy amount of offense and evasion (as in - maneuver to avoid taking damage). The less hits you can take, the more you are vulnerable to things that bypass or thwart your evasion (turrets, taking extras stress, ion tokens, bumping, etc..) With your build, you have 10 total damage you can take. That's on the super low end. Most of the builds i see these days run with palp and 2 aces, or use vader and/or a defender instead of 2 interceptors. That said, i think the main thing you have to deal with is your synergy.... Carnor is awesome - but does he fit? As a strategy, Carnor wants to isolate an enemy that will be hit by all three of your ships, get to range 1 of that enemy, then annihilate him on a single turn. That strategy is great against smaller ships that can be isolated, but weak against evasion enemies, larger ships with any amount of defense, and situations where being at range one can put automatic damage onto Carnor. IMO, he is too high-stakes compared to Fel and Inquisitor. Fel on the other hand is capable of extreme aggression AND highly defensive maneuvering. He's just super good at flexible, and often conservative play. Inquisitor has a lot of what Fel has - and actually can be played extremely well at range 3 (3 attack dice and no bonus agility for the defender) IMO - you need to look closely at Carnor and evaluate if he fits. To play with him IMO, means a more aggressive style where you might win or lose because of a single turn of Carnor's choices - that sounds like a build that wants more reliable tanky ships in the mix IMO.
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