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  1. No worries at all, my initial statement was broader than I intended it to be and it gave me a chance to rephrase it in a way that better suited the conversation at hand (although I'm very happy to reach a clearer and more positive understanding, all the same). I'm guessing the mixed format probably involved schedule/budget/license constraints behind the scenes, but I think just about everyone would've preferred four truly specialized tomes and then one centered around options for more advanced Chaos Undivided characters, especially with situations like the Veteran of the Long War arguably being able to do the Chosen's job better than the Chosen does. I'd actually forgotten about Isha almost entirely due to just how long it has been since I'd seen anything related to that storyline and I'm disappointed the writers for Black Crusade were unable to make use of it and similar material to provide more specific goals, mindsets and backgrounds for characters and NPCs aligned to the Lord of Decay. It would've done a lot to outline original ideas about how to do something creative and appropriately terrible in a campaign involving Nurglites beyond just giving some hive city's inhabitants an itch that talks (in a jovial and comforting way, of course ), and therefore more for us to discuss here. Either way, happy holidays to my fellow heretics!
  2. I must disagree and that if you say Slaanesh is under represented this is because you are not opening your mind to all of the ideas that they cover and you are only focusing on one core element of the domain of the Prince of Pleasure. Not all worshippers of Slaanesh appear as leather clad figures with whips etc and as reference if you look through details of the Palace of Pleasure (4th Ed Chaos Daemon Codex) which outlines some of the realms and ideals that they cover there are multiple levels each encompassing a potential sphere of his influence and only one of them is the carnal sexual fetishes. Slaanesh's interests cover other elements such as a desire for power or wealth, obsessive hoarding and accumulation within greed. You could represent this with a character obsessed with acquiring any manner of trinket, item or commodity. The worship of the prince of pleasure also features gluttony and overindulgance and it is not unrealistic for your heretics to encounter the bloated mass of a figure who insists on eating more than he can hold in a 40k equivalent of Mr Creosote*. Slaanesh covers a desire for power similar to Khorne but his is usually via blood while Slaanesh is by domination. To that end any heretic can represent Slaanesh and this is just people not opening their mind to other ideas. It's like the assumption that Nurgle only covers death and decay and representing it accordingly when in fact in some of the fluff he actually believes in corruption and decay but also of rebirth and resurrection. *Monty Python reference, look it up. I was referring to what aspect of Slaanesh the Black Library, codices and other sources of lore alike tends to focus on and where/what they specifically don't - as it relates to this particular conversation - rather than implying such a narrow aspect of the character was the only/most important one to cover, and either way I'd definitely agree that Nurgle in particular got covered much more poorly in Black Crusade alone given how the Tome of Decay became more about what could have been the Chaos Undivided book rather than as specialized as, say, the Tome of Fate was for Tzeentch. Let's keep those minds as open as suggested to the context in which things are stated (and not assume Monty Python references are lost on anyone playing a tabletop game), although I'll be a little more precise with my wording in the future if I can. Otherwise, yes, it's important to outline what level of inter-party conflict is possible and/or desired without mangling the intended storyline (if there is one at all). A violent TPK out of nowhere is entirely fitting for the lovely folks in Black Crusade and certainly makes for a campaign atmosphere not as easily found in Only War or Deathwatch, but as mentioned earlier there's usually a point where "and then everyone killed each other, gg" becomes detrimental to the group rather than one of its favorably chaotic aspects. It as much as any adult themes warrants a decent amount of discussion amongst the players in order to build a game that really enables them to enjoy their characters as much as whatever story the GM is trying to tell.
  3. To be honest, most villains seem to be depicted as the worst they can be when they do something bad AND sexual; the killing is always the tamest part of the toolkit for an antagonist and unless he does more than that he tends to make all sorts of fans and even arguments for why whatever cause he's behind could be the right one. It's almost always when sex is used as a weapon that the tone of the narrative and indeed the nature of the character changes entirely, and considering that we're talking about a universe where an actual living god was created through excessive hedonism it seems only natural to have that sort of thing be as prevalent for a servant of Slaanesh as a belt made of skulls would be for a Khornate Berzerker. Truly, Slaanesh is the most poorly represented of the Chaos Gods, and while I can understand at least most of the reasons for that on a financial level it's definitely strange to see folks running into that kind of barrier when playing a private game with other adults where the point is generally to be a bunch of awesomely evil dudes and ladies with different and specific kinds of "badness" to define them rather than just applying blast templates and hoping your codex creep isn't too hard on you at the time. (Probably unnecessary but I'd like to note that I'm not condoning actual sexual violence or anything similar. As noted elsewhere, that probably wouldn't have even been a thought at all had I just talked about krumpin' dem 'umies.)
  4. I was going to try to respond in the same format as your questions to keep things clear and concise but the answers that came to me didn't quite suit it, so here's what I've got: As long as it suits the campaign and doesn't distract from the narrative to the point of becoming FATAL 40K, I guess it's really just a case of mileage varying based on the group like with any other RPG. I personally wouldn't want the rules for seduction in the Tome of Excess to become little more than constant impromptu sex scenes between my fellow players at the expense of the plot, but otherwise I've always questioned society's casual attitudes about ultraviolence versus the largely squicky response to any sort of sexuality in media and real life alike (even consensual). Moreso in 40K when anything involving Slaanesh and/or Dark Eldar comes into play and all the reader/player/whatever ever gets is the barest of suggestions of what the Prince of Pleasure's servants are up to while somebody's face is getting blown apart in the previous - if not the same - chapter. Regarding the more violent side of things, well, the Khornate Rites in the same tome I mentioned above allow a character to rip out the skull and spine of a living foe and scream their allegiance to the Blood God, so marking a victim with chaotic runes or using an enemy ship as a weapon during a hive assault only seem appropriate for a campaign involving actual villains rather than Saturday morning cartoon antagonists that don't quite ever do enough to really upset anyone for long. I feel like censoring a campaign loses the impact playing this side of the Long War provides that other, more official sources either can't or won't make use of for the sake of marketability, and I feel as long as the players have made it clear they're comfortable going places the fluff rarely or never does then that's exactly the point of having an RPG format to begin with as opposed to the strictly combat-oriented nature of tabletop wargames.
  5. Honestly, the rules being easily convertible (for the most part) across the 40K RPGs was a massive draw for me in terms of how a given campaign could be enhanced by multiple rule sets, opening up detailed involvement in a storyline by numerous factions and allowing incredibly varied character creation as long it fit the nature of the campaign in question, so with that in mind anything like what you described tends to get a massive thumbs up from me. I believe the Tome of Excess for Black Crusade has a class specifically designed around this theme, the Pirate Prince of Ragged Helix, but I currently don't have direct access to the tomes themselves to expand on that beyond knowing it at least provides a ship and character class incredibly well suited for a Chaos-themed RT campaign. If anyone's using that class, the Rogue Trader rules for vessels would be a fantastic way to provide detail for their ship and I'm quite envious of your players for being able to enjoy such a fitting combination of game systems.
  6. As somebody who has attentively lurked around the FFG boards since since Deathwatch was released (and just recently made an actual account now that the ongoing sale enabled me to pick up both DW and Black Crusade), I'd love to hear about the best play-by-post options for either while local games aren't available on this end. I see sites like Roll20 and the like come up a lot, but if there's something more specifically optimized for FFG 40K RPGs (and more accessible) it'd be great news. My bad if it's poor form for players to post in the GM section, btw.
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