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  1. Our community also is incredibly small and actually sometimes players show up with 1-2 Core sets only to get sweeped away in their first games. The biggest downside for me is that each faction isn't available in a seperate version. I think the game would have been amazing if it was 1/3rd of the cost and offerd things like: - AM+SM starter deck (which you would need 3 times) for 1/3rd the Core set price. - Orks+Chaos starter deck (which you would need 3 times) for 1/3rd the Core set price. - Dark Eldar+Eldar starter deck (which you would need 3 times) for 1/3rd the Core set price. - Tau+Neutrals starter deck (which you would need 2-3 times) for 1/3rd the Core set price. This way an actuall two-faction buy in would only cost you the same as a single Core Set. Additionally friends could pick a single copy up for a fun starter game. Many current 40K players would also pick it up as it's also always cool to have a deck who matches your army choice...
  2. With the new annoucement of the upcomming cyle I think we'll all have seen the new spoilers for the initial pack (and more): https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/5/5/decree-of-ruin/ First thing that came to my mind reading the article is "finally they do something with the colours of the planets". For me the lack of this allways was something strange as the game allows for so many dimensions still to be explored (an alternative would also be to pay for units with captured planets for example). However more than anything Im very happy witht the news that FFG has much for us in store! The first fan we see is still somehwat obscured but I have to say the following about the cards: - Nesting Chamber, seems decent but likely less needed for Nids overall, the Support requires you to have two Genestealer units at a single planet and currently that doesn't seem to be a very easy task to do. - Skrab Nabba, seems to be a great card for Orks. Still many of their units seem somewhat overcosted. Additional resources as such are very welcome for them. Would be funny if Orks cared about Green planets however. - Neophyte Apprentice contains so many text for a 1 Cost you almost know it's going to be good. I feel like upon it's death it will have a ECT-like effect for SM units at cost 4 to be found. As such it isn't unlikely to be a 1/1, hopefully with Command. - Saim-Hann Kinsman and Shad- are up for speculation. - Striking Ravener seems very good. Fair cost but very good. - Lucky Warpaint seems like a fun card. With Ogryns available to Orks I doubt we'll see this card in use because it doesn't seem to have Ambush or anything like it. - Holding Cell seems Tau skew, which is cool to see from DE. It's effect also is quite awesome for it's cost. Granted because it's so anti-Tau (currently) I doubt we'll see it much in use. - -ing Burst Cannon and Ravening Psychopath seem open for ideas again. Now onto the Commissar! - Broderick Worr has a very intresting design. The only true limitation he has is his 2/6 body however which isn't made for long fights while his ability is. Not being able to retreat from him is a very powerfull ability but Im unsure if AM is the faction that can get the most out of that. The additional Green Planet bonus is fantastic however. 4/5 - Anxious Infantry Platoon however is a fantastic card! The downsides are there but AM is no slouch when it comes to being effective in the Command phase. The 3/3 body also ensures some real damage will be done plus you can combine it with Staging Ground. For me this is a key selling point to looking more into Worr. 4/5 - Forward Barracks is a good card altough for it to be great it would have needed to cost 1. Though gaining a token or two is never bad. 3/5 - Summary Execution can be fantastic card during the later stages of the game. In special because it suddenly makes you immume to routing and makes the AM units hit harder. Sacrificing a Void Pirate or Rogue Trader is well worth it if you are in the later stages of the game and have many AM units with you. 3/5 going to 4/5 during the latest stages of the game. - Commissar Bolt Pistol is a very good attachment for it's cost. Initially the ATK bonus allready is a very good. Then you get to shoot at your opponent for something that will always happen?! 4/5 All in all a very good Warlord with great Army units. The biggest or better said only downside of him is his 2/6 body. Get him bloodied and all the guap is gone. While getting him bloodied doesn't seem to be all that difficult. Nontheless fantastic design.
  3. Looks like another great step in the right direction. I love the unit of the new Warlord, granted I do think that is his most powerfull part as the other bonusses are more situational. Will update the News and Rumours topic soon and give a small coverage of my thoughts about this.
  4. I also have the same experience with Coteaz, granted our games always stop at the 7th planet
  5. - Deployment (as in the Deployment phase) means you have to pay the printed cost of a card in order to put it into play. - Putting into play is a result of a Deployment cost paid or a result of other Interrupts triggering from certain things that have happend during a game. - Staging Ground for a lack of better terms 'puts' Ambush on 0, 1 or 2 Costed Army units. Perhaps this helps remembering that a cost still has to be paid. It's likely you have played Staging Ground wrong, this does not mean the card is not powerfull by any other means. In special when your able to Ambush Snake Bite Thug, Evil Sunz Warbikers or even Mystic Warden you see how great this Support is.
  6. I think it might be worth the trade of if you also happen to run the Catachan Outposts and/or Enginseer Augur in Coteaz. I feel the Ranged clause can be the best part about this as Ranged ATK 5 always forms an issue. The biggest downside of this is however that Tau for example can create this with a 1 Costed Attachment (Ion Rifle) and Stingwing Swarm or the newer Marksmen. As opposed to AM having to pay 6 for the Basilisk and 2 for Catachan Outpost while arguably both factions have the same strenght in Command so AM wouldn't have been 'broken' if Basilisk was a resource cheaper... Anyway, I'd say test both. The Coteaz I have makes due with Valkyrie due to having a very comparable body to Leman Russ but lacking the Command (which more than often isn't a real issue).
  7. Have to say, Im not overly impressed by the Ork cards nor the Tau cards. - Obviously the "new Stingwing" is mend for Aun'Shi altough Prelates allready fill the Cost 4 role. - In The Name works for Shadowsun during the latest stages of the game, can't say Im a huge fan despite it holding quite some potential with Ranged units offcourse. *Will test this out. - Wroth is also a card that seems interesting to have during the later stages of the game (when running behind). *Will test this out. - Squiggify feels medicore, which is a shame, I will try them but I dont feel they are the little boost Orks needed. - Made Fer suffers from the same issue as Squiggify, it feels very much underwhelming. In special when we thake printed ATK into consideration for Orks, which more often than not is not really impressive. - Battlewagon seems cool, altough costed very heavily... *Will test this out with our sub-Commander though.
  8. The Polish always have their cards early and this time the latest Warpack was also no exception: Vior'la Warrior Cadre: Soldier, Shas'la. This unit gains Ranged while you control an Ethereal unit at this planet. In The Name Of Tau'va: Event. Tactic, Manouver. Action: Exhaust your warlord to ready every unit you control with at least 1 attachment. Inquisitor Caius Wroth: Psyker, Inquisitor. Reaction: After this unit enters play, each player must choose and discard down to 4 cards, if able. Squiggify: Event. Power. Combat Action: Target a non-vehicle army unit. Until end of phase, set target unit's ATK value to 1; treat it's text box as if it were blank (except for Traits); it gains the Squig trait. Made Fer Fightin': Event. Power. Interrupt: When an army unit you control leaves play from a planet with your warlord, deal damage equal to that unit's printed ATK value to a target non-warlord unit at that planet. Big Shoota Battlewagon: Vehicle, Elite. No Wargear. Interrupt: When this unit is destroyed, put 4 Snotling tokens in play at this planet.
  9. Maby. I think they just wanted an "extreme" Neutral card . They allready had some art, badabing badaboom.
  10. Hey cool stuff, as mentioned on cardgamedb, some stuff shouldn't happen as it did for the Kith player and the Coteaz players should remember about Mystic Wardens reaction .
  11. It also comes somewhat down to playstyle I guess. In terms of how a player "acts" under initiative and under the initiative of an opponent. Having played both Aggro and Control decks in MtG and Wowtcg I have to say I do not favour any of the situations by a lot. However I can understand that if all you play is Aggro you would be more comfortable starting with iniative (as it feels like going first in many situations) or alternatively will preform better if Control is your type of thing when you don't start with initiative. The harder thing about Conquest however is that neither Aggro or Control really transfer in the Conquest LCG game because other than reacting to deployments and commitments there isn't much that can be generally done (with the exception of a handfull of cards). As such I do however think that there are some Warlords who generally can preform better with starting initiative and others less so. Here would be my sum up: AM: Imgo generally likes to start with opposing Initiative. Iron Guard Recruits and Sanctioned Psykers are great as choke options. Granted Coteaz can get more out of this strategy due to opening hand and resources. SM: Imho generally likes to start with opposing Initiative. The Imperial Fists and Cato's Chosen allow for 1 drops to be "counterd" something that currently is quite unique for SM. Ragnar on the other hand cares less unless he is allied with AM and the IGR and SPs also are in his deck. Tau: Generally likes to start with Initiative. With cards to be found with ECT and 'free' Recon Drones opponents have to react to their insanely cheap card advantage cards. Now it's not to say both are aggro decks by any means but for other factions it's often much harder to react in the right way. Eldar: Generally likes to start with opposing Initiative. Being able to deploy later generally makes the 3 drops generally harder to dodge. Dark Eldar: Generally likes to start with Initiative. Choke effects work the best on full hands, Syren Zythlex or Murder of Razorwings are generally ideal first drops plus it's harder for the opponent to not have more resources when they have to deploy in responce. Chaos: Generally likes to start with Initiative. Heretek and all the damage that your opponent has to swallow before you even start combat works very much in their favour. To add to that Chaos also is the faction with the most "free Actions" making them able to respond anyway and get the best of both worlds. Orks: Are like AM more of the oppossing Initiative. Much like Straken I don't feel they have any particular advantage with either but Enraged Ork, IGR, SP and Staging Ground all are cards that generally work better if you can respond to your opponent. Now again this does not really have anything to do with an Aggro or Control strategy but much more about certain cards being better if they can react to others. For example 2 Command is 'worth more' when deployed on a planet that contains an opposing unit with 1 Command (in some situations).
  12. 1. You can include any non-signature card 3x in your deck. 2. Correct, you cannot change anything to signature cards that come with your Warlord. 3. 50 cards is the minimum ammount of cards that should be included in your deck for competative Conquest LCG play.
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