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  1. Uh, kind of, yeah. FFG is right, there is really not much left as far as new ships to add. So other than filling in some Initiative spots that are not used in some ships, or adding in 1.0 pilots, or putting existing pilots on more ships, they are about done. That is not to say that points changes won't breath life into certain ships or pilots, or new upgrades, etc. And even though I fly pretty much every faction (well, have not had the budget for the prequel ones - yet) Rebels will always be my go to favorite.
  2. I agree 100%. I want to be able to fly the names together. The abilities are less important. And of course there are ways to make the old abilities similar but less powerful by restricting to bullseye, using the charge system, etc.
  3. I have been waiting over 3 years for Z-95's (both Rebel and Scum) to get 2-4 more named pilots with good pilot abilities similar to Tie/ln's to use in a 5-7 ship named swarm or as good, cheap fillers. This seems like a huge wasted opportunity. I am again holding out hope that card packs can help with this. But in general, I just really want to see more named pilots and astromechs from the lore. And would love to see things like Wedge, Luke and Corran in other chassis and missing pilots like Jansen and Tycho to make returns. Same can be said for more Tie Interceptor pilots and some of the Imperial Aces in other chassis.
  4. Hmm, follow up question... In your example, Poe repairs the first Wounded Pilot then does the rule that you cannot perform the same action more than once in a round prevent him from flipping the second one until his next turn?
  5. Got in two more games. One against the guy who is usually in the top 2 or 3 in league standings and tournaments. He Flew Anakin, an ARC and Ric Olli. Dont remember his exact builds but he had R2's on a couple. He witled away at me I did a good job of forcing him to split his fire and the 2 rounds he could have had his best shots, he had weapons disabled from getting shields back. I managed to kill Ric and the Arc midway while he had both of my ships down to about 3-4 hull. With about 3 minutes left I got Ani's shields gone ( for the 2nd time) and there was no way he could kill both my ships in one more round so he called it. Then I played a guy who has been steadily improving and only flies Scum for 2 years. He brought 5 naked Kihraxz and a 10 point bid just because he didnt really have anything else to put on them. This list worried me because he had a lot of red dice and the ability to block me which would really stop my 3-4 action equivalent per turn set up. It was a very back and forth match. In the end he got Chewie and I had 6 hull left on Lando and he had two damaged ships but his 1.5 ships of points left on the mat beat me by 8 points. We both agreed that 1 more round and I probably win it. Conclusions: 5 out of 5 for fun factor. This list was a blast. So much beef and so much jank to get thru. Everyone I played did so much damage but I only lost 1 ship in 3 matches. 4 out of 5 for Fire power. The extra actions meant I usually had good mods for most of my shots. The list can be vulnerable to mass blocking and Init 5-6 aces but the bowtie makes it hard to dodge all the shots. I will definitely fly again.
  6. Waves 2-7 of 1.0 was at home, and there were only 5 or 6 against a live opponent, mostly just me pushing ships around the table. Finally found a FLGS but had to move away a month later. Then nothing for about 2 years. Finally a local store opened where we do about 3 leagues a year growing from about 6 to 12 regulars in the last 18 months or so. We check in on the store's Facebook page and set up games when we can. Good group of guys and one new guy has his wife playing. She gave me all I could handle last week with a "girl power" list of Amidala, Handmaiden and Ashoka.
  7. Back in the day I played some Epic on 1/2 a Table Tennis table (4.5' X 5'). We used the other half for all the cards, etc. It got really hard to reach to the middle to move or measure ranges and arcs. We ended up bumping half the other stuff trying to lean and reach the thing we were moving or measuring. As much as I hate to say it, 6 X 3 is probably the best for most games over standard points. But it sure looked cool on that table.
  8. So I flew this last night with 1 change (could not find my Magva card, so last minute swapped in Leia) I flew against a newer player flying Padme, Handmaiden (both with Protons) and Ahsoka in the Delta 7. She made some mistakes, mainly she ran way too much giving me bad shots but getting no shots for herself in several rounds allowing me to take offensive target locks and plink in damage while taking none in return. When she did concentrate fire, the Millenium Falcon title saved several damage on Chewie and Selfless stole 3 crits off of Lando during the torpedo barrages. With about 3 minutes left before time called, I killed her last ship. Lando had lost his 6 shields and Chewie had lost all shields and 1 hull so I was still at full points. I am very surprised by the list so far, but need to take on some of the more experienced players in my league before I can make an honest evaluation.
  9. Okay, lets get crazy here... Lando, Nien Nunb, Magva Yarro, Hull Upgrade, Shield Upgrade - 100 points Chewbacca, Millennium Falcon, Selfless, Jyn Erso, Perceptive Copilot, Hull Upgrade, Shield Upgrade - 99 points
  10. Come on guys, how was the first response to this thread not: They're on Dantooine
  11. With the extra actions he gives, he isn't bad with some low init torp carrier Y's.
  12. Vaksai. But maybe limit it to only reduce Modifications, Illicits or both, but not any other slots. Also, since points are doubled in 2.0, it would have only about 1/2 the same effect on costs. The Kihraxz has a ton of upgrade slots and there are so few things I feel are worth it on them.
  13. I have a question. Can you "fail" a rotate action by trying to rotate to an invalid direction? If so, does the arc stay where it was?
  14. I tried a version of Failsafe/Cluster Craken last week with 2 Proton Y's and Arvel with Intimidation, all with Swarm Tactics to shoot at I5 in any order I choose. I went 1-2. (One loss because I forgot to use Intimiation when Arvel blocked Quickdraw in the first round of shooting. She ended the round on 1 hull and half way through the next round when I blocked an FO, my opponent realized he rolled too many dice for Quickdraw on all 4 attacks and offered to redo the rolls. I said my list, my mistake. Quickdraw survived to time and took out 2 of my ships after that.) I had a ton of fun with the list but at the end of the day, the combo almost never worked after the fist pass, either because Craken was dead or the formation broke down due to the limited blue on the Y dial and could not stay in range for the extra actions and I was left with a 4 ship squad with all 2 primaries. My next step was to try it with some X-Wings and these ideas look like a lot of fun.
  15. The consensus in this rules forum thread seems to say its valid. I flew it in league play the other night and no one batted an eye. All they said was, "Dang that is janky."
  16. A fun list I flew was my mini battle of Yavin squad... Without listing all the upgrades, I had a fairly loaded up Corvette, Lando to pass target locks to a couple of Gold Squad Y-Wings with Ion torps, 2 Green Squadron snap/crack A-Wings, and Wedge with Red Squadron Wingmate. Some key things that others have said, Aces had no where to run and hide as too many arcs meant no token stack was big enough to keep you alive against 5-8 shots. Weapons that were weak against 2-3 ship lists become monsters against 6-12 ship lists - Ion Torpedoes and Assault missiles were king. And pilots with long range or non-"once per turn" abilities really came through in Epic, such as Etahn Abaht (same ability as Gavin Darklighter in 2.0). Flank him with 4-8 Z-95's and you unleashed a hail storm of crits on everything in front of you.
  17. First, this sub-forum is usually used for customer support or other such questions. Ask in the main forum and you are likely to get a quicker response from fellow fans of the game. In 1st edition, all bombs. mines, missiles and torpedoes had 1 use so they eventually came up with an upgrade that let you get 2 uses out of each you had equipped. For 2.0, they have given each upgrade a number of charges based on what they felt was the ideal number based on things like, game balance, speed of game play, squad point cost, etc. Then they gave some ships the "Reload" action which lets you regain 1 of your spent charge tokens at the cost of gaining a weapons disabled token for that round. For the time being, most players are content with this as far as the number of times a weapon may be used in a game and so there has not been an upgrade allowing for increased payloads. I saw your other question regarding the mine tokens. You only get the 1 in the package, so hopefully an enemy will fly over it and detonate it before you need to spend the 2nd charge. If you have a local game store/group where others play, try trading things you don't need/use for an extra token that someone else has. I have like 2-4 of every bomb token and fly bombs like once a year. (If you live in the Mid-Michigan area, message me. I'll give you one.)
  18. I have never liked the fact that a ship in X-Wing gets to defend unlimited times with impunity. When you are fired on by multiple enemies in a short amount of time, odds are either you will be hit by one of them or you will be so distracted that your own offense will suffer due to the numerous evasive maneuvers you need to perform to stay alive. A couple of wingmen coordinating their attack should be able to work together. Ship 1 shoots at an enemy from above and to starboard, the enemy jukes down and to port to dodge but ship 2 is waiting with his targeting reticle just down and port of the target ready to blast the distracted enemy. So this is a rough idea of a type of teamwork mechanic I would like to see... **Wingman Talent Slot (limited to 2 per squad) At the start of the engagement phase, if there are no enemy ships with the Harassed condition, you may choose an enemy ship in your arc at range 1-3 and assign it the "Harassed" condition. Then gain one Weapons Disabled token. "Harrassed" - While attacking or defending against a ship with the Wingman Upgrade, you must roll 1 fewer dice or discard one green token assigned to you before rolling dice. At the end of the End phase, remove this condition.
  19. Jaj-Jar Binks 9 points During set up assign the "Yousa saved me" Condition to an enemy ship. "Yousa saved me" At the start of the combat phase, roll 2 Attack dice and suffer any hits or crits rolled.
  20. Yeah I want to try this jank for casual night this week. Cracken with MF, Clusters, Swarm Tactics (ST) Arvel with Intimidation and ST Gold Squad Vet with Protons, ST, R3 and Hull Gold Squad Vet with Protons, ST, R3 and Hull Round 1: Arvel Blocks, Cracken shoots twice, using MF on the second unlocked shot to conserve a charge and the Y's get locks from him and fire 1st torp charge against blocked ship. Round 2: Arvel Blocks 2nd target ship, Y's shoot 2 torp with 2nd lock from round 1 Cracken/R3 combo and then Cracken shoots twice, missing on the 2nd this time giving both of them Red Reload actions to get a torp back but ditch the weapons disabled before next round. Round 3: Good luck because there is no way that stuff from Rounds 1-2 worked.
  21. That is what I was thinking but can't find anything to support or overturn my theory, Thanks.
  22. I just put this question in the rules forum, but maybe the answer will help make Munitions Failsafe good for once. If Cracken has Munitions Failsafe and Cluster Missiles equipped and triggers failsafe after rolling attack dice, did the attack still take place and just miss or was the attack canceled and that ends the engagement phase for him? Specifically, can he trigger Failsafe, then hand an action off to a friendly and then attack another ship at R0-1, trigger failsafe and again pass an action and spend 0 net charges?
  23. Follow up question, If Cracken has Munitions Failsafe equipped and triggers it after rolling attack dice, did the attack still take place and just miss or was the attack canceled and that ends the engagement phase for him? Specifically, can he trigger Failsafe, then hand an action off to a friendly and then attack another ship, trigger failsafe and again pass an action and spend 0 net charges?
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