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  1. Go to the X-Wing products page here on the FFG site and scroll to the bottom. You will find Tournament resources and FAQ's and such. Here is the link: x-wing_tournament_regulations_v22.pdf The specific rule is at the start of page 4.
  2. You need help my friend. I mean that's a lot of dials to set so you probably need lots of help. And you probably need help moving the ships when they activate and rolling all those dice, you probably need help with those too. The forums are here for you bro.
  3. ****! now I have to go back and read 268 ****ing pages of this thread.
  4. Well UR-12!
  5. Runners up; Dennis Lawson or Mila Kunis. But Mark Hamill doing the Joker the whole time would be priceless.
  6. First off, sounds super fun! I want to make sure I'm reading this right. The Rebels get a 300 point list and the Imperials get a 300 point list, then on top of that the Imperials get the 12 Tie/ln's as reinforcements that can spawn starting after Turn 2. If that is the case, I think the Rebels are going to have a tough time running the gauntlet to get to the target. They have to make it through the first 300 point wave of Imps and then whichever pilots make it through have to deal with up to 180 more points of Ties on top of taking range 3-5 shots from the tower guns. For that reason, I would say teams set up on the 6' edge. With only 3' of distance to cover to reach the target they have a chance. If they deploy the long way instead, then maybe handicap the Imperials to something like 250 points but leave the reinforcements as is. Either way, I am going to set this up on my kitchen table and run some "simulations".
  7. I can see your point a little but some counter points: As others said Scarif was supposed to be a target the Empire never expected to actually be hit so response time was bad After the element of surprise was lost on the ground, the ground team was systematically wiped out. The Rebel fleet uses the surprise and a well coordinated plan and a bit of luck to buy just enough time to obtain their objective but once Imperial reinforcements arrived it was over fast. But here is the real big one, the Rebels had to commit a large portion of their resources to this one battle whereas a handful of Star Destroyers is a drop in the bucket for the Imperial Navy. Before this it was hit & run and sabotage tactics. The Rebel leadership was terrified that if they put all their eggs in one basket they would be taken out in one swift stroke. I'm retconning a bit here, but at the "Battle of Yavin" the Rebels had a whopping 30 Snub Fighters to throw against the Death Star. There were no capital ships to try to help keep enemy fighters off their back or provide the Death Star gun batteries other targets to worry about. Maybe its because nearly everything they had in a several sector area of the galaxy had been lost at Scarif. Back on topic. Yes to Ions. Huge ship energy management is key and Ions, especially Ion Torpedoes which can wreck formations, are the bane of all Huge ships.
  8. Ok, but only because I want to have a reason to break out Lando, AKA Gold Leader. Lando, MF Title (evade), Swarm Leader, Nien Nunb, Jan Ors, Tactical Jammer 2X Gold Squadron, Ion Torpedoes, Extra Munitions, R2, Guidance Chips 2X Green Squadron Pilot, A-Wing Rest Pilot, Snap Shot, Crack Shot, Refit Lando does green moves, helping to set up Target Locks for Torp shots, or evades for his own shots. The ion Torpedoes 'splash' effect is more likely to trigger in 150 point format with more ships on the board. Once ships are Ioned, the Greens can set up snap/crack shots while providing Evade tokens to Lando for a 5-6 dice PWT attack. Once the Y's pass through the engagement zone, turning around is not a concern as they have the turret.
  9. I use Geico. Oh wait, I thought you said insure what you fly.
  10. There are several squad builder websites that allow you to see every ship currently available and every upgrade that might go on them. It can be very fun to theory craft with ships and cards you don't have but be careful, too much of it and you will want to buy 10 of every ship. My personal favorite: (Yet Another) X-Wing Squad Builder
  11. Life IS good. And playing X-Wing is fun. I will never stop.
  12. 3 X Knave Squadron, Fire Control System, Plasma Torps, Guidance Chips, R2 99 points
  13. A lot of people miss this one at first. I played a new guy and he had something like Han with Predator and Weapons engineer. I had to explain how it worked. He was so sad.
  14. Me too. I always remember about 2 ships later during the combat round. A few weeks ago I had a Mindlink 4-LOM list. Every time he got a stress I remembered to pass it to the other mindlink ships. Then in the end phase I would often pass one to an enemy. But a few days later was telling someone about the match and realized there was one round where I passed his stress to a friendly so he had a free dial next turn. I forgot that passing the stress to the friendly would just mindlink it right back to him. I'm not really sure it affected the match too much but feel pretty bad about it.