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  1. Urrowrrowo *** ****** wuffrowwroe ****** rowoow!
  2. First off, its a home brewed idea so heck yeah do whatever is fun for you. That said, you really have to watch out for certain Pilot's special abilities. Great pilots that can be focused down when you have 100 points. At 60, though, guys like Fenn Rau or Omega Leader get to be really tough to deal with. If you were going to do Unique pilots, I might force them to go in with no upgrades. Just see what the pilot can do with the ship's basic frame. Also, I forgot to mention the 2 to 3 ship limit. So 3 Black cracks with shield or engine upgrade or something would be your option but not 4 or them and no 5 Academies or 4 Binayre Pirates with Tracers and Dead Man Switches either.
  3. "Top Gun" (or at least my take on it) This is fighter combat training, you and your wing man against an enemy and his wing man. Testing one ships abilities vs another's, one pilot's vs another's. Small ship only, no unique pilots or upgrades. 60 points per side, and each squad must contain 2 or 3 all identical ships. Feel free to let non EPT ships have one if you choose or make up some bonus for when wingmates are in range 1 of each other or something. Example Squads 2X Red Squadron Vet, Crack Shot, R2, Integrated Astromech, Weapons Guidance 2X Royal Guard Pilot, Royal Guard Tie, Push the Limit, Targeting computer, Hull Upgrade 3X Tansarii Point Veteran, Crack Shot, Pulsed Ray Shield If you have enough guys, each gets one ship and you fly as teams, or 2 players each have a squad. Edit: Forgot to put 3 ship cap on squad size.
  4. One of my favorite games since the 80's. I have the original version from around '86 or so. My box has about 12 layers of tape holding it together and half my planes have busted wings. I played a particularly memorable game with two of my cousins on a new years eve when we were 15, and the one cousin rolled the best dice I have ever seen in any game for about three rounds. When we finally turned it around and he wanted to quit we pointed out the rule that said the Allies will accept nothing less than than the complete and unconditional surrender of the Axis. So inside the box top is written - I lose, X Adolf Hitler
  5. I faced my first Tug - the one that bombs when backing up - in a league match last week. I had Cobra with Mindlink and Vectored thrusters. The tug was sitting right off the front of my 4LOM so Cobra 3 banked around a rock and rolled into range one. Rolled hit and 4 focus. Spent the focus from my Mindlinked Kavil for 5 hits. Dead tug. Never shot, never bombed. Too bad too his build looked dangerous as he could tractor and bomb me.
  6. Holy Crap! Farns gives B-Wings Green hards and K-Turns! And Attack Shuttle and VCX a full array of 1's and 2's that are all green. And EVERY SHIP EVER!!! It should be a when another "friendly X-Wing"
  7. There are several things that cause self stress. Now Farns turning friendly moves green helps with that but my question would be when does his ability trigger? Does the ship have to be range 1 when it reveals the maneuver to be green or is when it completes the maneuver? We need a FAQ. Edit: Forgot to mention how wicked crazy good he would be for BB-8 and R2-D2 wingmates. 2nd Edit: (Answering my own question ) "When a Friendly ship at Range 1 reveals a speed 1 or speed 2 maneuver, it may treat that maneuver as a green maneuver."
  8. The first version says "rebel alliance" so the resistance t-70 can't equip it. This second one would block a regen Luke from taking a shield upgrade giving him 3 shields. I like the first.
  9. As worded it ignores shields. So maybe one reason?
  10. Question 1. Hell no. I have been collecting for over 3 years but until the last 2 months only played a few actual games. Now I am in a league at 8-6 but am 14-0 as far as having a fun match. But before that I set up the ships on my kitchen table and "flew" against myself. I went to online squad builder sites and created a thousand squads. Read every article about new releases. Its all awesome. A lot of people talk about collecting or flying only 1 or maybe 2 of the 3 factions. That is completely foreign to me. How do they not want 12 of every single ship?!? Question 2. Probably something like 80% of people who have bought a core set for this game have no idea who makes this game or that there are forums and youtube channels and such. But the more competitive playersas well as avid collectors know. And they read them for many reasons but often yes it is to complain about a couple cards that are very powerful and define the meta. It is not all bad though. There are lots of great posters and resources. The rules sub forum is a great place to get questions answered and the squad forums can give you ideas even if you dont have all the ships yet. Bottom line is at home if one ship is too powerful then change it or ban it or give the other player a few extra points to use or whatever because the object of any game is to have fun. And welcome aboard! Glad you joined the fun.
  11. There'll be time enough for countin, when the damage dealin's done.
  12. Team Kenny for the win. (knock at the door... "I'm sorry Mr. G, we were told not to let you in.")
  13. Nope, but if someone is rolling one at time, I would verbally call out the results as they happen. Then if a die gets bumped to a different result, both players can agree what it was. It would also not surprise me to see someone rolling one at a time to be called out for slow play in timed matches. Just my personal opinion, but roll them all at once and you avoid unnecessary issues.
  14. It cracks me up every time there is an upgrade with a 'may use' wording that leads to a downside. So many people say its junk because you are predictable. Half of the strategy with these types of cards is not using it when they think you will because it takes them by surprise. I played a Black Market Slicer tools 4LOM build and he never faced a range 1 shot in 4 games. Everyone is so scared of getting a stress and face down damage that they passed up good shots. That alone made it as if he had an extra hull or 2. There will be lots a players that use Pulse Ray Shield very effectively.
  15. Craken, VI, Tracers, 21 Bandit, 12 Is this for one of those free-for-alls where you get one 33 pt ship? Or is it part of a 100 point list and you have 33 left over?