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  1. If we get an epic faq. What is your concerns?

    When a ship is attacking a Huge ship, in essence it treats the Huge ship as two separate ships, the fore and the aft. So if you have the front locked and want to use your proton torpedo, but you are at range 1 of the fore and range 2 of the aft, you cannot spend the lock you have on the fore to fire that torpedo at the aft. You would have to find a different mode of attacking. So yeah, its pretty clear. Where it gets fuzzy is when the Huge ship shoots back. It places its blue lock on any part of itself and it can use that lock when attacking with a weapon that is has equipped to either its fore or its aft. That makes the case of Omega Leader a good question. Most effects that affect a "ship" affect the entirety of a huge ship often with either the attacker or defender deciding which section takes the effect. Since Omega Leader says, "Enemy ships you have locked..." I would think that meant anything the "ship" throws at him whether its attacking from the fore or aft. I may be wrong, but that seems to follow based on other rules.
  2. What’s your Signature List?

    I went something like 13-3 including winning a league end 8 person tournament with this. Cobra, Mindlink, Vectored Thrusters, Black Market Slicer Tools Kavil, Minklink, Vectored Thrusters, Dorsal Turret, Unhinged Astromech 4-LOM, Minlink, Title/Tractor Beam, Outlaw Tech, Electronic Baffle, Hull Upgrade, Black Market Slicer Tools Why it was effective and a good teacher for me? I learned to not care about stress or obstacles. I learned you can do white maneuvers when stressed and fly through rocks and people will not see it coming. I learned that people like to chase you even when it is a bad idea for them. I learned that good arc dodgers are good blockers. I learned that the good, safe move is often the worst move because its predictable. Go where they won't expect you to go and you may not get a great shot, but if you get a bad shot and they get no shot, you won that round. Now I look for ways to do the unexpected (and get away with it). So my signature list is the one where people say, "You're flying what?" I win about 60% of the time with it, but I have fun 100% of the time.
  3. The most important thing for Epic about Wave II and for Star Wars fans was the cinematic. You could bring Lando with Nien and gunner along with Wedge and some Red Squadron Pilots and Tycho, Arvil and a couple Green Squadron Pilots and you could run the second Death Star battle. All you had to do was pretend your Transport was a Medical Frigate and you were golden!
  4. I agree on all counts.
  5. At first glance, the A-Wings seemed to be a great Huge ship hunter. They could take the new Concusion missiles. For this 4 dice attack the most likely roll result is hit, hit, focus, blank nut they can change that blank into a hit.. Compare this to the Proton torpedo which can convert a focus to a Crit. On a naked roll, one is likely to result in 3 hits while the other would be a crit and 2 hits or a slight edge in damage potential for the Proton. If you are able to stack a target lock on a previous turn and fire with a focus token, the Concussion missile starts to get a higher average damage potential. The Green Squadron Pliot also gave the A-Wing a generic pilot choice with an available EPT slot. The new Deadeye EPT seemed a perfect fit to get those missile shots off against your choice of targets instead of having to show your opponent your intended target as wells as allowing the ability to shoot even when the opponent is out of range after the A-Wing performs its maneuver before higher PS pilots. With its outstanding choices of green maneuvers, however, the A-Wing pilots are just begging to use the new Push the Limit ept. Why settle for naked missile shots when you can spend your lock and still have a focus to fire. Then once your ordnance is spent, you can take a focus and an evade to combine with your 3 agility to make for a nearly unhittable little gnat of a ship. All of this is just a thought experiment though as there was as of yet, no Imperial Huge ship for the A-Wing to hunt. Luckily they also had the Homing missile designed specifically to take out the agile and dodgy Tie variants that always seemed to have evade tokens on every one of them. In the end, though, the high cost of both the chassis and the ordnance meant A-Wings were seldom able to pull their weight against the cheap masses of Tie/Ln and Tie Interceptors that the Empire could throw at them. The Tie Interceptor faced a similar problem as the A-Wing. They had great firepower and maneuverability. In a 2 on 2 battle of Interceptor aces vs aces flying most other fighters in the galaxy, they will often come out on top. In the massive furballs that occur in an Epic battle, however, there are just too many guns taking pot shots. Even the nimble interceptors can not dodge all the shots and those evade tokens run out fast. For 72 points, you could take 6 Ties or 4 Interceptors with either group having a total of 12 red dice to throw. But after two of your ships are destroyed by the higher PS Rookie Pilots in their X-Wings that they were facing, that left you either 2 Ints or 4 Ties and suddenly you had only 6 reds vs 8 to shoot back with. While things like the Targeting Computer modification, or the shield and hull upgrade options could help out the Interceptors to be a little more punchy or a little less fragile, it also made them even more costly to field. The choice was very clear, the better dial and better attack power were not enough to account for having less total hull, reds and arcs on the mat.
  6. Lets talk about Epic, Core Set and Wave 1.

    Dude, its been a week. The anticipation is killing me. When are you coming out with your Wave II post? Wave II gets you to where you can start to simulate the Battle of Endor with A-Wings and Interceptors and Lando as "Gold Leader."
  7. Nope, I do it all the time. Is it the same as playing another person? Of course not. But it has, for me anyway, helped me get much better at eyeballing maneuvers to get around rocks, set up blocks, avoid blocks and see just how much a boost or barrel roll will change range or arcs. Plus when you attack, you get to say, "Fire! FIRE!" Huh huh, yeah.
  8. Double Post

    Double post is so OP. One stamp on your envelop is plenty. They should errata Post to say "limited" so you can't double post anymore.
  9. X-Wing Flights

    Okay, I think I am getting close to what I want to try for my first Sortie with the C-ROC. "The O'Emjii" C-ROC Cruiser, Insatiable Wortt, Heavy Laser Turret, Backup Shield Generator, Ketsu Onyo, Operations Specialist "Whiskey Flight" 2 X Black Sun Ace, Vaksai, Deadeye, Munitions Failsafe, Guidance Chips, Vectored Thrusters, Harpoon Missiles, Scavenger Crane 2 X Black Sun Ace, Vaksai, Deadeye, Munitions Failsafe, Guidance Chips, Vectored Thrusters, XX-23 S-Thread Tracers, Inertial Dampeners "Tango Flight" 2 X Tansarii Point Veterans, Heavy Scyk, Tractor Beam, Crack Shot 2 X Tansarii Point Veterans, Heavy Scyk, Ion Cannon, Crack Shot "Foxtrot Flight" 4 X Binayre Pirate, Cruise Missiles, Guidance Chips If I trim some of the missiles I can fit Jabba on the O'Emjii, but I am not really sure what illicits to go with in that case. Maybe just a bunch of Stims or Cybernetics. Basic plan, depending on opposing forces, would be to break into two groups - one each, Tractor, Ion, Tracer and Harpoon with 2 Z's - and go after the enemy's two biggest guns. Strip tokens and/or reduce agility with the Tractors, then hit 'em with the Tracers, then unload with the heavy artillery. Use the Ions as an attack of opportunity to set up next round or mess with the energy on the opposing Huge.
  10. Now we all have a nice alt art Zuckuss card....

    Had far more success with 4-LOM actually, but that was in a 3 ship Mindlink list with Kavil and Cobra. Can only have 2 linked now. Very sad.
  11. X-Wing Flights

    I am currently working on a Scum List with a 55-60pt CROC and 4 each of Vaksai, Heavy Scyk and Z-95's. Haven't quite decided on how I want to load them out. Thinking either 4 Ion cannons or 2 each Ion and Tractor on the Scyks, and then not sure if I want to make the Vaksai's missile carriers or put some janky illicits like Deadman or BMST on the Z's.
  12. X-Wing Flights

    Green Squadron Pilot (24) x4 A-Wing (19), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Push the Limit (3), Snap Shot (2), Vectored Thrusters (2) I like to break them off in wing man pairs and flank a big target from both sides. If there is no obvious big gun to go after then they are the best blockers in the game so I use them to screen my bigger guns and maybe sneak in a damage or two with the snap shots. The Vectored instead of Auto-Thrusters helps them go from Ridiculous speed to Ludicrous speed.
  13. Lets talk about Epic, Core Set and Wave 1.

    I think many of the original Named Ties are underrated in general but especially in Epic. A big 40 point ace is going to have the entire enemy fleet shooting at it, but you can bring 8 Ties with some really good abilities and still have 150 points left to spend. They have a 5 speed move or a 3 bank followed by a barrel roll to cover some ground in a hurry. Dark Curse is a pain to kill. With so many targets to choose from, Backstabber and Mithel should be able to find something that triggers their extra dice. Even Nightbeast stacking a focus and evade or focus plus barrel roll to dodge some arcs is great for 15 points. Also, they all shoot at PS 4 or sooner so they usually are immune to Huge ship PS kills and make excellent blockers against an opposing squadron. Several Black Squadrons with Determination can even get into an enemy Huge blind spot where 2 reds vs 0 greens can stack some damage in a hurry. And this is just Wave One. Wait until Crack shot and the Gozanti come out.
  14. Lets talk about Epic, Core Set and Wave 1.

    I only have 3 Y-Wings (so far) but when I am Rebels in epic, I bring Dutch and 2 Greys with Ion torps everytime. Has not let me down yet. My record is placing 8 Ion tokens with one shot (2 or 3 of the 8 may have been friendly fire accidents but hey...)