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    If you like that then you have to check out Bob Loblaw's law bomb... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS4qyM8TEqg
  2. 5 for me was bad enough on the wallet. Then I flew against three Jedi masters tonight. Those look real fun to fly. Gosh darn it I may be at 7 here in the next few weeks.
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    X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)

    Wow, that is a deep cut. Well played.
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    Belle of the Ball. Beelzebub Bell X-22, now this is pod racing.
  6. pickirk01

    Playing 2.0 with larger squadrons

    If you are trying to simulate a larger scale battle between "squadrons," then I like the limits your group has chosen. You've set up just enough points and flexibility to have each team consist of 3-4 ships (or 1-2 large/med) filling each of the roles below (In a "real" battle between squadrons, there could be a dozen or more of each type but who can get enough time to do a 2000 point battle): "Interceptor" - Fast, maneuverable fighters that can cut through the enemy formation to get to the more vulnerable enemy ships often trailing behind a screen of Air Superiority fighters. Examples, A-Wings, Tie Interceptor "Air Superiority" - Rugged, maneuverable, ships with a good mix of offense and defense that can take on anything thrown their way, often used for escorting slower, more vulnerable craft into or out of a battle area or simply to clear an area of hostile fighters. Examples, Kihraxz, Tie/sf "Bombers" - Slow, lumbering ships that have a hard time defending against other fighters, but that can deal large amounts of damage with just a few volleys of torpedoes or missiles. Examples MG-100, Y-Wing "Command and Control" - Support ships carrying specialized crew and equipment that can aid friendly forces by giving them tactical or strategic advantages during a battle.
  7. pickirk01

    Playing 2.0 with larger squadrons

    Its Sunday so I am probably too late to offer advice. So instead I will ask for a recap on what you went with and how it worked out? I am especially interested in finding out if there were masses of things like Vet Turret Gunner Y-Wings or other such spam that ruled the day.
  8. pickirk01

    Advanced Sensors - I don't get it...

    (others may have said this, dont have time to read whole thread...) You mentioned you still have to shed the stress at some point but when you look at it in a round by round comparison... *No Adv Sen: Round 1, perform a maneuver, not stressed, take an action, round 2 perform a red maneuver, stressed, get NO action. Round 3, perform a blue maneuver, not stressed, get an action. So over 3 rounds, you did a red maneuver and got to take 2 actions, ending with no stress. *With Adv Sen: Round 1, perform a maneuver, not stressed, take an action, round 2 take an action, then perform Red Maneuver, get stressed. Round 3, perform a blue maneuver, clear stress, get an action. So over 3 rounds, you did a red maneuver and got to take 3 actions, ending with no stress. So you can work it so you get an action every turn, even on the rounds you do Red maneuvers. Over the course of a match, getting even just an extra 2 focus tokens will probably be worth a 2-3 damage swing in dice rolls in your favor. That is worth the points alone. When you also factor in the fact that you can perform boosts or barrel rolls before moving then it becomes even more powerful to get actions instead of being blocked, or because you avoided flying through/on an asteroid.
  9. pickirk01

    X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)

    When you build the perfect squad, dial in the perfect maneuvers and completely out flank you opponent. But then roll dice to see if you can actually hit anything...
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    Please delete. Wrong forum.

  11. pickirk01

    Please delete. Wrong forum.

    Agreed. Sure I can use some of my nearly 300 1.0 shield tokens but they are not Red on the back. Very annoying.
  12. pickirk01

    Who's the fool?: Rule dispute.

    The more ships I fly in a squad, the more I want to move first so I can set up blocks for them and avoid getting "bumper carred" myself. If I have 5 or more ships, I almost always send 2 up fast to set up blocks and force the opponent into certain lanes while the rest of the squad stays back aimed at the kill box. That being said, its more a case of if I want to move last, I bid, if I don't then I spend the points because the other guy almost certainly will want to move second so I can get what I want and still spend the points to get that extra upgrade or two in the list.
  13. pickirk01

    Sith Infiltrator Preview

    So what blue token would you remove? Hey wait, aren't cloak tokens blue?
  14. pickirk01

    Better Wording Clarification on Reinforce tokens work???

    @eagletsi111, your TO is wrong. It sucks if you cannot convince him of that. Please stop using the word "and" when you meant to use the word "an." My OCD is at DEFCON 1
  15. pickirk01

    Post points change- E-wing swarm?

    Well, not quite a straight up joust. I set up first with the I1 and I2 pilots so I set them wide apart, covering about 1/2 my side of the mat to where ever the most open asteroid lanes were and then put Gavin in the towards the middle of the group depending on where the enemy had placed. I Came up fast with the Z's on the outside and slower in the middle forming an umbrella (with banks also involved where my opponent set up to one side). I set up a fairly nice kill box in each case with Gavin hanging at range 3 and the other ships closing the trap. To be honest, the missiles on the Z's were to make them more attractive bait, and in the 2 games that worked, I won handily. The two I lost were where they ignored the Z's and took out the Y's first. The main goal of my Z's was blocking and they did a fair job for the most part. I plan to run several versions of Gavin swarms just to see what they can do. I was going to run X's with him at first, but when they dropped the Y and Vet Turret Gunner prices, I had to try a double tapping list.