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  1. @Lillumultipass As far as luck vs skill, not only did @pheaver win Worlds three times, but he won all three in a row. Each time was with a different set of ships, each time in a different meta of top tier lists. You don't have a win streak of something like 25 games in a row against the best players in the world by being lucky. You have to know what your squad can do and what the other squasd can do, and build a list that plays to your strengths. I have never played any other minis games. I got into this one because I love Star Wars and because I didn't have to paint anything. I would say its an affordable game to get into, except my plastic addiction has netted me over 90 models spread between 5 of the 7 factions (I have 12 Tie/ln models and don't even like flying the Empire faction). That said, many folks stick to one or two factions, and they can have plenty of diversity and competitiveness with a squad of a dozen or so minis plus buying a few upgrade cards that come in other packs thru eBay and such. Several have pointed out sportsmanship in this game and I find it to be so true. Here is a great story. I was playing for first place in a small local tournament. Time ran out so we were finishing the last round. I was about to take the shot that had about a 95% chance of doing damage but the enemy ship had an ability that meant at best I could only score one damage and that was not enough to win. My opponent reminded me that the only way to beat him was to shoot at his other ship and hope for 3 hits even though it was at long range and was less than 1% that it would work. Now that shot would be my 3 unmodified attack dice against his 4 defense dice and he had two tokens that could situationally change his dice to more favorable results. I rolled hot and got the three hits. Still. all he needed to do was for 1 of his 4 dice to not be a blank to win. He rolled 3 blanks and was devastated. Then I reminded HIM he forgot to roll his 4th dice. Unfortunately for him he rolled a fourth blank and I won the tournament. Later I did some checking and that shot that won me the game was about a 1 in 250 chance on happening, so luck does happen, but more importantly, we both reminded each other of a potential game changing mistake that gave the opponent a better chance to win and have had many laughs about that night since. Hope you join. The Rebellion can use all the good pilots it can get.
  2. Now all I can think of is Nick Fury pulling out his light saber in Avengers 5 and saying, "While tooling around with the Skrulls, I found this little beauty in a far away galaxy."
  3. I really enjoyed the X-Wing series. Not so much for the writing or even the plots, but because we get to meet other heroes. The Galaxy is at war. There are more than just 7 or 8 heroes/villains. Its being fought in countless sectors on thousands of worlds and each of those battles has heroes. That's why Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars product since 1983. Kevin J Anderson does okay stories but he takes the first 5-10 chapters recapping the history of the Galaxy and his previous stories in case you forgot the last book he wrote, which is possible since they are not that memorable. Hmm, I guess he knows what he is doing.
  4. Crystal Star provides the same effect, in fact, it makes Darksaber seem a master piece.
  5. pickirk01


    So you are asking if we are ready for X-Wing 3rd edition? Because that's what they did from 1st to 2nd. And you were right, it made balancing a bit easier but more importantly, they built in a way to change point cost of things that turn out to be too powerful or under used.
  6. Rebels: All E-Wings down 3 points = 12 All YT's (1300 & 2400) down 2 = 14 All Z-95's down 1, Cracken down 2 = 5 Hera, Chopper in VCX down 2 = 4 Moldy Crow title down 2 Gunner Bistan down 4 Crew - Baze, Nien, Cassian, Magva, Saw, R2D2 down 1 = 6 K2SO down 3 (I know we don't have his points yet but he needs to be auto include on every rebel list.)
  7. If I want to see good guys fighting bad guys, I watch a cop show. If I want to see political drama, I watch the news (I NEVER watch the news). If I want to see great acting, I watch an Indy movie. If I want to see fantastical fight scenes and star fighter Pilots blast the snot out of some pirate hideout, I watch Science fiction. This was an awesome episode! Mando in the role of "slasher" in a horror flick? X-Wings firing lasers? That is what I have been waiting for. Now that some of you have ruined my fun by making me think about it "objectively," here is my take on that last scene... We knew the New Republic was barely minutes away from the prison ship when Mando jumped out. This force almost certainly included some sort of troop ship to deal with escaped prisoners along with escorting fighters in case enemy gun ships were present. When they arrive, they notice the ship on lock down and the tracking beacon is now moving. The troops board the ship finding a mess and send a couple of their escort after the signal. Upon arrival they confirm a beacon and then spot a potential hostile fighter that is almost certainly connected to the attack on the prison taking off from the station. At this point they justifiably reason its a treat and open their S-Foils and eliminate that threat. Also notice that we do not see the station being blown to bits. It is only taking a few hits in a few places. They are probably just targeting power generators to neutralize the base until they can get troops on site. Is there any evidence to support my theory? Not really, but it seems to be the most plausible to me. TLDR: Yes I want to see all three of those new pilots in the game. Mostly because the T-65 will always be my favorite ship and the more pilots, the more ships I can put on the mat that aren't just boring old Red Squad.
  8. You never forget your first huge ship.
  9. Any I6 pilot that normally does not get free actions in a chassis with free actions... Poe, Wedge and Han flying a trio of RZ-2's would be kind of hilarius actually.
  10. Viktor Hel in anything with 3 agility Maybe "Null" in one?
  11. Its Star Wars. OF COURSE I'M GOING!!! I prefer quiet theaters so I will hit a Tuesday or Wednesday matinee after the first week craziness dies down.
  12. I mean a pair A's can really get about any where they want in about 2 rounds and end up costing about the same as any one ace that does the same thing. With the blue 5 straight, then boost & barrel roll they can move about 10 base lengths per turn. These will be some of my goto ships once I get into epic play. They blow right though enemy formations and hit Huge ships from their vulnerable flanks.
  13. Hmm, I have 12 Tie/ln 8 T-65 4 Z-95 4 Scyk 4 Khiraxz 3 B-Wing 3 Y-Wing 3 A-Wing RZ1 3 Tie Interceptors 3 Tie Bombers 3 Tie/fo 3 T-70 But I really REALLY just want to fly the 8 X's vs the 12 /ln's and use all named pilots and see what happens.
  14. In 1.0 epic, as a general rule, you wanted as many cheap guns with lots of red dice as possible. Scyks with Heavy Laser Cannons and Khiraxz are probably going to be good. Y-Wings with torpedoes should also shine. I also liked to have a pair of super fast maneuverable ships -Tie Interceptors or AWings - whose sole job was to fly right past everything and then get on the tail of the enemy Capital ship where its guns could not target me. I could just plink it to death or be a great distraction.
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