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  1. pickirk01

    Some nonsense while we wait for epic 2.0

    Hey easy guys, I never intended this topic to get so charged. Lets all take breath and meditate....ohm...ohm...ohm.
  2. pickirk01

    Some nonsense while we wait for epic 2.0

    Roll blanks. Why what do you do with greens?
  3. pickirk01

    Some nonsense while we wait for epic 2.0

    Hmm, in Jedi, they one-shot Mon Cal cruisers with reduced power shots from the Death Star. In Rogue One a single reactor ignition damaged hundreds of square kilometers to planetary targets. If we say a cruiser has roughly ten times the durability of a corvette or around 250 total points of hull and shield, it is probably conservative to say a single reactor is rolling about 1000 reds. Also just roughly guessing how many reactors to nearly instantly vaporize the whole planet to be about 10, we give the Death Star super laser something like this: Charges = 10 (standard recharge of 1 charge per round) Main Gun (Attack Target Lock): You may spend any number or charges to Attack one object you have locked. Roll 1000 attack dice per charge spent. *These are merely my guesses and are not based off any "fictional facts."
  4. Anyone done the math on how big a Death Star built to the same scale as small base ships would be? And if so, how many 4 straights would an X-Wing have to do to complete the trench run? And say it ends up being like 20 turns, is there any chance in the galaxy Vaded doesn't kill them all before they get in range of the exhaust port considering he can just focus and lock on every turn?
  5. pickirk01

    Best size mat for epic play

    Both can work. I like setting up on the shorts edges so you have more time to set up waves of interceptors, air superiority escorts and then bombers all heading out to engage while the command ships stay back and offer long range support. It feels more tactical to me that way. But sometimes, you just want to go shoot stuff so getting everything into battle early can be fun too.
  6. pickirk01

    Epic ship cards 2.0

    Also, there is an Epic subforum with a whole bunch of these types of threads. Some cool ideas in there. Check it out.
  7. pickirk01

    Do your dials say "STAR WING" or "STARWING"?

    Mine are all missing the S T & R. And instead of a space between, there is a hyphen. #BringBackTycho
  8. pickirk01

    I don't like the new X-Wings

    Luckily for me, I have 7 of the old ones I can keep using.
  9. pickirk01

    Are You Good At X-Wing?

    I used to think no. I like to fly all kinds of lists from all factions, almost never "meta" stuff. I joined a league and not only have I held my own with my assrotment of jank and fluff lists, but have finished in the top 2 several times so I would say I am good. Not great, but able to hang in with at least a chance to win each game regardless of match up. If I can point to one thing its that since I have flown almost every ship out there, I am usually not surprised by anything I see across the table. I have an idea of what it can and cannot do and can plan for it.
  10. pickirk01

    Do You Math When Playing X-Wing

    Exactly. I didn't have time to write out a big response earlier (nor now), but my point was math is only one of many tools. You use the math to decide the odds of several options, then you have to also use instinct and experience to guess what your opponent is doing or to manipulate him into doing what works best for you.
  11. pickirk01

    Do You Math When Playing X-Wing

    Math is only part of the equation. For example, rolling 3 dice with a focus token gives better average damage than rolling 4 naked dice so its often better to focus at range 2 than boost/roll into range 1. On the other hand, rolling into range one might make make your enemy re-think his target priority and so your fragile glass cannon out at range 3 might live another round longer than they otherwise might have. That is why I trust my gut in many situations early in the match. Its as much about the situation as the math.
  12. pickirk01

    Do You Math When Playing X-Wing

    Math don't lie.
  13. pickirk01

    What are some fun things to do in 1.0 you can't do in 2.0?

  14. LOL, its foggy and pouring rain outside where I am right now.
  15. pickirk01

    Decloaking medium (and large) ships

    Upon further review, I believe you are correct.