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  1. pickirk01

    Are You Good At X-Wing?

    I used to think no. I like to fly all kinds of lists from all factions, almost never "meta" stuff. I joined a league and not only have I held my own with my assrotment of jank and fluff lists, but have finished in the top 2 several times so I would say I am good. Not great, but able to hang in with at least a chance to win each game regardless of match up. If I can point to one thing its that since I have flown almost every ship out there, I am usually not surprised by anything I see across the table. I have an idea of what it can and cannot do and can plan for it.
  2. pickirk01

    Do You Math When Playing X-Wing

    Exactly. I didn't have time to write out a big response earlier (nor now), but my point was math is only one of many tools. You use the math to decide the odds of several options, then you have to also use instinct and experience to guess what your opponent is doing or to manipulate him into doing what works best for you.
  3. pickirk01

    Do You Math When Playing X-Wing

    Math is only part of the equation. For example, rolling 3 dice with a focus token gives better average damage than rolling 4 naked dice so its often better to focus at range 2 than boost/roll into range 1. On the other hand, rolling into range one might make make your enemy re-think his target priority and so your fragile glass cannon out at range 3 might live another round longer than they otherwise might have. That is why I trust my gut in many situations early in the match. Its as much about the situation as the math.
  4. pickirk01

    Do You Math When Playing X-Wing

    Math don't lie.
  5. pickirk01

    What are some fun things to do in 1.0 you can't do in 2.0?

  6. LOL, its foggy and pouring rain outside where I am right now.
  7. pickirk01

    Decloaking medium (and large) ships

    Upon further review, I believe you are correct.
  8. pickirk01

    Decloaking medium (and large) ships

    I guess saying long edge and narrow edge depends on where you are standing when you look at it. So what I said was true,
  9. pickirk01

    Decloaking medium (and large) ships

    Think of it this way: Large/Med base Decloak = Small base Barrel Roll/Boost. So whereas the small base uses the 2 template to decloak right, left or forward and the long edge of the 1 for barrel rolls, Large/Med bases use the long edge of the 1 template to decloak right, left or forward and the narrow edge for barrel rolls.
  10. pickirk01

    "Dark Side" Upgrades...Force Phantom

    I imagine all dark abilities will have a significant down side, such as Vader crew did in 1.0. Using them will cost you damage or stress you in addition to costing 1 or more force tokens. This will help balance their effects and keep cost reasonable. If this is not the case, they would have to be very expensive.
  11. pickirk01

    Moments from Casual Night

    The other night at FLGS league play... Flying AP-5 with Expert Kulbee & Wedge and a Snap Shot Zealot against Rexler, Countdown and Major Vermeil. I am flying really well this game against one of our perennial league leaders. Around round 4 or 5, i start a span of 3 rounds where I set up about 8-10 shots vs my opponent's 2-3 but my dice are ice cold. In one sequence, I throw 8 attack dice with Expertise and my opponent blanks on all his defense dice and I still only land 2 hits to barely scratch some shields off the Major. As time runs out, we are just starting a combat phase but no ships have yet been destroyed. Wedge manages to get Rexlers shields down but I lose the Cavern Angels Zealot to return fire and AP-5 is somehow about range 5 away from the battle. My only shot left is Kulbee who has Countdown at range 1 but Countdown is untouched and unstressed so no chance to kill him, but Rexler is shieldless at range 3 with a focus token. Even if I score a perfect 3 hits, Rexler just needs to show paint on 1 of 4 dice to live and win on points. I roll Hit/Focus/Focus and "Expertly" change it to 3 hits. Rexler rolls 3 blanks and can't believe he is dead. I remind my opponent its range 3. He picks up another die and rolls another blank. Rexler dead and I win.
  12. Finally got myself an SF and want to fly it this week. Scenario: Quickdraw is between two ships. Can she use the title to shoot both forward and backward when its her turn to fire and can she then do it again when she loses a shield? As I read the Special Ops card it does not say once per round and though her pilot ability says once per round, that seems to only refer to triggering a primary attack so it seems legal that she can get 2 forward and 2 rear attacks in one round if the scenario presents itself. Am I correct?
  13. pickirk01

    Picutorion Campaign Log

    @Darth Meanie, this is awesome. Keep them coming.
  14. pickirk01

    Clarity on 2.0 Ions

    Or 5 With Kavil, out of arc at range 1. 6 with Kavil, out of arc, at range 1 through a rock with Trick shot.
  15. pickirk01

    Ion and Stress

    Just remember the droid only works in arc, so you might as well go all in and put the title on the Y also. Then you can then shoot twice, stress twice and if you hit with the ion also, you pretty much keep the target from doing any actions for 2 full turns, not to mention that the next turn you know exactly where an actionless enemy ship is going to be. The problem is that your Y will also be double stressed and without R2, they have the worst green moves in the game. This ship will draw a lot of attention though, so sometimes you can use it as bait to give your other ships a turn or two to do their stuff without getting shot at.