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  1. I always like playing more points. The more of my ships on the mat, the more fun I am going to have. The PS 5 Khiraxz and M-3A's can be really fun with crack shot and even better if you can get your hands on some attanni mindlinks. Throw in Polab in a HWK and you have four PS 5 ships that can activate and fire in any order you want. The dials are similar enough you can fly in formation or split up and flank. With some control cannons/turrets on the Scyk and HWk you can set up the Khiraxz's for some prime shots. And yeah, that Y-Wing is just mean.
  2. My goal is to collect 2 of every small release and 1 of every large/huge. My wallet cannot keep up. They need to slow down and do one wave and one epic/aces release per year for a while so I can catch up. I may have to sabotage the printer.
  3. Yep. Yep. Yep. My play style means I have less success with Imperials but I fly them anyway. I like to have 1 of every large and huge ship and 2 or more of every small. Through wave 8, I am about 80% to that goal. Its not about competitive play at all either. I play in a few local leagues but even then I just play for fun. I really like four ship lists that use either all one ship type or two pairs: two X's and two A's, two Khiraxz and two Y's. Someday, I may get up to 4-6 each of my favorite smalls so my epic matches have real squadrons instead of just a mish mosh.
  4. Its the "Scum Only" part that I like most about this. Nice work, Good Sir.
  5. I just discovered Dreams of Conquest last week in time for a new league that started. Still time to join. Its a nice place with lots of tables. Real flexible scheduling for the league too. Check out their facebook page.
  6. So we had Imp Aces, then Reb aces. Then the rebel transport with an alt X-Wing and the Raider with the Tie/x1 Advanced. Then we had Imp Vets, the Gonzati with more Ties and then Heroes of Resistance. So even with the Epic scum coming with new Scyks, I believe we are overdue for some scum aces. Probably with new stuff for Starvipers and Khiraxz, but don't count out the Z-95 or HWK with new pilots and a turret or a missile as possibilities.
  7. Its in the same place as rebel veterans and scum aces... The imaginations of the fans.
  8. Its freakin STAR WARS!!! Close games - my 2 hull Rookie X-Wing blanking a shot on a 1 health Blue B-Wing who then scored 3 hits to win the match. Awesome minis Quateable game moments - "I have you now!"
  9. I am really, really, really trying not to sound snarky but dude, 8 of the first 10 topics currently on the 1st page of this forum have place names in their titles and one of the two that does not is yours. Places listed include... Nottingham (UK) Tacoma, WA Roanoke/Salem, VA Aus open Central PA Stillwater, Oklahoma Montclaire, CA UK Club There are also a lot of local groups that have created facebook pages so a search of facebook might help.
  10. I don't even care that he would be unique I would still buy at east 6.
  11. As I recall he had over 15,000 posts. When a new topic started about anything by anyone, there was about a 33% chance he would have the first reply.
  12. Before the ARC came out I had an idea for fixing both X's, the Y and the E all in one. Upgraded Astromech Interface - Title, 0 points, Small Ship only. At the start of the Combat phase, if you have an equipped Astromech upgrade you may acquire a Target Lock. It might have made it worthwhile to take Y's - especially the named Y's - with torps. Cheap X's and E's could have used their tokens for defense while still having a good offensive punch. Now that the ARC is around, probably would have to say X-Wing only. Also, TLT Y's might be a bit much if they can have a focus token for one shot and a lock for the other.
  13. So awesome. Just wait until the scum epics come out too.
  14. Give the core rules a second read and pay close attention to the order of things. Especially performing maneuvers and actions. You will notice that lower a lower pilot skill pilot can guess where a higher pilote skill pilot might fly. Then you choose a maneuver that will cause the other ship to bump into you. When he does, he does not get an action. This a good strategy when you outnumber the enemy but he has higher pilots. If you swap out the punisher for a couple low PS basic Ties you can move to block Poe or Han and then have the rest of your squad perform manuevers that will put the blocked ship right in their sights. This is especially helpful aganst Poe. He only has a limited set of green moves to get his shields back so you have a better idea where he will be.
  15. R3 is primary weapon only. And don't forget R7-T1 to Boost and Target Lock, though TL mostly redundant on him so this is more of an arc dodging trick.