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  1. I'm still waiting for Sabines "Home One" and Sabine's "Executor."
  2. If you want to get into tournaments, there are some nice lists above. If you just want to go pew pew with your favorite movie ships on your dining room table, get whatever looks cool to you. If competitive is your plan (and even if its not), I would recommend that whatever you get, you practice maneuvers. Set up a map with asteroids and two squads and fly your ships through them. See which maneuvers will get you around the rocks without hitting them or bumping your own ships. See which ones will put you in a position to block the enemy to deny actions or strand them on a rock. Practice formation flying. practice starting way apart but them coming together into a formation 4 turns later. And Learn to plan a turn or two ahead. Sometimes you set up a perfect position where you have the enemy surrounded and you roll nothing but blanks when attacking. Then you realize there is no good way to get a shot on him next turn without hitting rocks or blocking yourself. No matter how good a list is, a better pilot usually can win if he or she knows how their ships fly best and what their opponents can do best.
  3. Dark Curse & Backstabber?
  4. With the Vaksai title, Vet instincts would be free, so just wondering if there was a reason you went Adaptability instead of VI? Also slap a free munitions failsafe on there while you're at it just in case you miss. Cobra is one of my favorite pilots even before the title.
  5. My favorite 33pt ship in a 100pt list is Kavil PTL Unhinged mech Vectored Thrusters Dorsal Turret I could switch him to Lone Wolf if its allowed or VI for PS 9 with a bid if its not. He is sneaky fast and wants you to chase him and can use the barrel roll to control range and has a lot of hull to chew through.
  6. Ditto. And I like the movies (not love, just like) but not a real fan of the looks of the ships.
  7. Asked for core set for Christmas shortly after the TableTop video came out. Got 2. Over the next three years, played occasionally with my brother or a cousin, all the while reading the forums, watching battle reports and Worlds' videos. I have read the rules and FAQ's several times. Played myself on the kitchen table many many times. Had about 50 ships and 10 games under my belt. Finally found a FLGS and went about 4-4 in a couple tournaments but then moved an hour away. Continued to play myself, practicing judging distance and angles, getting more ships. Then early this year finally found a FLGS in my new area. Went 13-8 in league play and then 6-1 to win the end of season tournament. Then went 3-1 to take 2nd in a pre-season tournament and 5-3 in league play leading up to this Sunday's end of season tournament. I must admit my 27-13 record at this place is a big surprise to me. There are several players who have much more experience including a couple people who have made cuts at regionals. I do not like using "meta" lists and try to fly things that may use a "piece of meta" for example, won the tournament with Attanni Kavil/4-LOM/Cobra. First of all, if you are going to play at leagues or tournaments, you have to read the rules and FAQ's front to back. But I think the biggest thing I can point to that has helped me is placing ship bases on the table with other bases and obstacles and using the maneuver templates to see which maneuvers you can pull without hitting anything. I have used this to pull some seemingly miraculous maneuvers or hilarious blocks.
  8. The condition does say, "When you suffer critical damage during an attack, you are instead dealt the chosen faceup Damage card." And The Moff says, "When you are dealt a faceup Damage card, you may discard this Upgrade card or another Upgrade card to flip that Damage card facedown (without resolving its effect)." Both things refer to a card that is "dealt" so I would say, yeah, the Moff would flip it facedown without resolving the effect.
  9. This right here is a very interesting point.
  10. That's about the one place I didn't look. Thanks!
  11. Just seeing if I am thinking this through correctly... Seismic torpedo is an "Action:" effect, not a weapon. Rhymer's ability is "When attacking with a Secondary weapon..." So that means Rhymer cannot use Seismic torpedoes to blast a rock at range 3. Has anyone ever seen anything that would contradict this or seen a TO rule a different way?
  12. I've read a few older threads in this forum and checked the FAQ's and I am still not clear on this one... An attacker cannot modify his dice from a snap shot attack but if the source of the modification comes from another ship the dice can be modified. Some examples. M9-G8 forces an attacker to re-roll a die so thats a go. ETahn A'baht says "the attacker" may change a hit to crit but the attacker cannot modify so that's a no go. Any abilities where the defender can change any attack dice results are a go So, does Emperor Palpatine let you call a crit before rolling snap shot dice to allow you to modify one of them to that result?
  13. When Germany took over Copenhagen in 1940, scientist Niels Bohr was "illegally" in possession of two Noble Prize medals made of gold that he was holding for two prize winners who had smuggled the gold out of Germany and the Gestapo was hunting for it. To hide the gold and avoid imprisonment, he and Georgy de Hevesy dissolved the medals in flasks of Auqa Regia - a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids and simply placed them on a shelf. They returned a few years later to find the flasks sitting untouched where they left them. Now that is what I call a storage solution.