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  1. Its fortunate for the Empire that the Alliance Requisitions officer was unable to procure any Ion torpedoes for this mission. Two volleys of those would have severely crippled the 'Strike.'
  2. Epic is a comletely different kind of play style from the standard 100 pt game. With so many firing arcs on the table, the traditional big name aces tend to take fire from half a dozen ships in the first round. Regen ships suffer the same fate. Cheaper generics rule the day, especially ones at PS 4. Since huge ships fire at PS 4 any of yours that are destroyed stay on the board for the simultaneous attack rule until they get their chance to shoot back Also, jack of all trade ships like the X-Wing do very well in epic. Area of effect weapons like assault missiles and Ion torpedoes usually hit several targets. Huge ships hate Ions. Ioning big ships strips them of their energy so they cannot shoot or do special actions. A favorite mini squad for me is Dutch Vander and some wing mates all with Ion Torps. (2 of your Red squadron X's would do nicely.) His ability can help the others to get target locks and then you blast away at an enemy huge ship doing lots of damage and stripping its energy. Any ships in range 1 also get an Ion and risk being run over next turn. Also, a sneaky little Green Squadron A-Wing can sometimes blow right through the whole engagement zone and get on the tail of a huge ship where it can just plink away at the vulnerable tail section. Finally, if your partner has a Corvett, you can use Roark Garnet in your HWK to boost it up to PS 12. This gives it a chance to take out some enemy ships without them ever shooting back. Just give him a turret, (Ion would be nice) and maybe a cheap crew and fly him near the Corvette but away from the main battle.
  3. Nothing really to say. I just love the picture.
  4. One thing I love to do is start my 3 or 4 ships spread out all seemingly randomly in my zone, perhaps even at some odd angles. I will then have them move in on the highest priority target for a pincer move to get all guns on target. Finally, after the first pass, they turn, bank and roll to end up in perfect formation as they regroup and pounce on target number 2 in diamond formation.
  5. Yes. Before the new title I was 13-3 with a mindlinked squad of Cobra, Kavil and 4-LOM. Cobra was usually the first of my ships to die but not before dishing out more damage than he took, including somewhere around 8-10 one-shot kills. Cant wait to fly it again next week with 5 more free points on him. Also cant wait to try 3 loaded out Black Sun Aces with a Tractor Tansarri Point Vet Scyk.
  6. I'm hoping there is a hard counter to the Gunboat. I never played any of the games it was in so I have no idea what all you fanatics are talking about and can't wait to blast it from the sky.
  7. I might suggest that any ship with PS 3 or higher may take an Ept if it does not already have the slot. Emphasis on might. I am dying to try this format. Can't convince anyone to stop playing 100/6 even for just one night though. As for Ties. 3 Black squadron with PTL and Stealth device might be tough to get though.
  8. Yes. He flips the card facedown without resolving the card's effect. This means it is simply a single hull point of damage. And FYI, the direct hit damage card is a "ship" damage card so any effects that only target "ship" cards will work against it.
  9. Im heading to league night yesterday and haven't run my A-Wings in a while so I decide to give Swarm Leader Jess Pava a try. I only have 2 A's and no Sabines Tie and Rebs are short on cheap evade capable ships so I run Ezra in the attack shuttle with Kanan. Never flown the shuttle before this. The A's have refit, title, PTL, Snap Shot and Vectoted Thrusters. You read that right, an attack shuttle without a Ghost and A's with vectored not auto thrusters. Ezra has adaptability so all at PS 3. We set 5 asteroids to form a triangle in the left corner in front of my deployment zone with the 6th alone in the opposite corner. I set up my ships on the right side in the mostly clear area. He puts his Dengar in the opposite corner with N'Dru and Serissu next to him closer to the middle. First turn I go straight pretty fast while he goes straight with Dengar and banks to skim the hypotenuse of the triangle with the other two. Next round Dengar turns into the center of the triangle but is range 3 of Green 1 who evades. Meanwhile I turn in with my group and an A takes some damage from a Ndru missle while Jess swarms Serrisu for 2. One or 2 other shields each side are lost. Next round we pass and I get a little out of position as he pulls some surprising KTurns but just barely puts Dengar on a rock at range 1 of Green 2 while Green 1 manages 1 snap shot damage and 1 primary which combined with the asteroid damage stripped 3 of his shields. Could be worse for me as I have no shots with anyone else and only take 3 more shields between Ezra and Green 2. I bank Green 1 into a bump of Dengar but I feel its my best shot to stay on his tail and away from retaliation fire. Green 2 pulls a stressed 1 Turn. Clears stress with Kanan, then does a barrel roll right in front of Serissu. Then he pulls the tightest bank boost ever just squeezing between Ndru and Serrissu with about 1.5 mm on each side. Opponent moves those two out of the way and he planned on turning Dengar into the place they just left but Green 2 is right there and Dengar moves from just being on the front edge of the asteroid to just on the back of the same rock. He takes another damage from the asteroid for his final shield. Then Green 1 snap shots for Crit Crit. He blanks and draws BACK TO BACK DOUBLE DAMAGE. The 1 hull Dengar is now a sitting duck when Green 1 gets his shot in the combat phase and finishes him off. Meanwhile Jess and Ezra bugged out the otherside while he was clearing stress with Ndru and Serrisu and I was able to regroup my whole squad as we both ended up almost back at our starting positions. Two 5 Dice focused shots from Jess later and it was all over. He managed to finish Ezra as a last ditch shot just to clear something from the board. Green 1 did 5 damage with the snap shots and 3 with primaries while 2 from the asteroid along with a nearly miraculous block by a wingmate made quick work of Dengar. I cant wait to get some more As and run 5 Snap/Crack Greens. I may not go far but man it is super fun.
  10. You lost me at Ford.
  11. So to sum up, Ello's ability says he MAY treat the Talon rolls as white. His 2 options would be... Perform his maneuver, decide to not trigger his ability which would trigger the mech to acquire a lock and get a stress token. Or Perform his maneuver, decide to trigger his ability which would not trigger the mech, but he would not get a stress token and could therefore perform a target lock action or any other action. You would be hard pressed to find a good reason to ever put Targeting Astro on Elly. The two abilities are anti-synergistic.
  12. Some of the most fun matches I have played have been losses. A while back I was playing an end of league tournament match and time to finish the last round was called. I was running away with a 1 hull Dorsal equipped Kavil and my opponent was on my tail with a 3 health, tokened up Glaive Defender. I shot first and was sure to die if he returned fire, but I only got a single crit through. As he reached for his damage deck I said, "Blinded Pilot! Blinded Pilot! Blinded Pilot!" He pulled Blinded Pilot and could not shoot back. When we added up the points he still beat me by 1 point (and in this tournament MOV didn't matter) so it didn't change the outcome but to this day we both laugh about how that was his most infuriating victory ever.
  13. I second all the recommendations for non 100/6 formats. Last night I played a league game and we had time after to play a "for fun" re-match, but we each added 50 points to our squads. I threw in Chewie with Baze Malbus and Anti-pursuit lasers. With the extra ships crowding the mat, I did 2 damage with the lasers and something like 6-8 with Baze. In the expanded format, they really triggered a lot and were more than worth the points. The challenge for me is finding other people who want to do the other formats. I know it can be though when everyone just wants to do standard play.
  14. Was eating pizza for breakfast when I saw this but its been stuck in my head all day and had to make it when I got home. I love breakfast for dinner.
  15. I don't think it would have a fast dial but I could easily see some speed 1 Talon rolls or S-Loops. Maybe even a white stop maneuver.