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  1. pickirk01

    [1.0] How are the new x-wings doing?

    Casual night at the FLGS tonight. Went 4-1 with: Wedge, Expertise Luke with Wingman 2X Rookies all 4 with Refit, Servos, IA Can't remember the exact lists I played against but basics were (I'm not sure what happened but almost everyone tonight brought mirror scum lists and I'm one of the few that flies Rebels): Nim, Emon (2-0 against same player) Sol Sixxa, Emon (loss) Nim, Kavil, Thug Dengar, N'Dru, Vaksai (won at time on points, Rookie with 1 hull and IA, Wedge with 1 hull, Dengar with 2 hull) All had at least 1 Harpoon. I did a lot of hit and run. Dive in, see which of my ships gets concentrated on, then close the foils and run with that guy, while the other three stay in the fray. I think I only finished 1 match with any shields left, but finished with 3 ships twice and 2 ships twice. Can't wait to play some other list types for more data.
  2. pickirk01

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    Exactly. And while MCU has shown that you can tie things in, you don't have to have seen every single film to enjoy the others. Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Capt. Am. GotG are all great stand alone movies. You never need to see any of the others to enjoy them. That said, if done right, you can also drop hints and easter eggs that make it possible to have a grander universe that makes the good stand alone movies that much better when you see the others. Too many franchises are trying to copy MCU without understanding what they are doing that actually makes them work.
  3. pickirk01

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    This. (bolded portion) There is a whole galaxy at war. There were millions of pilots and soldiers. There were tens of thousands of officers and spies and heroes. They need to bring in new characters like they did in R1 and stories that run parallel. Its real easy for one of those characters to perhaps just mention some other battle or character. Or if they want to keep using the same characters, then pick the tertiary ones. Do Bothans stealing the Death Star Plans (with the Emperor laughing maniacally as the end credits roll.) Or some Rebel cell sabotaging a fuel depot and barely getting out of there with their lives as they blast off into hyperspace in a shuttle called Tiderium. Heck, do a VH1 behind the music spoof of Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. (This is a joke but if they got someone like Edgar Wright or Taika Waiiti to direct I might actually be in.) There are too many stories out there in the Legends and Canon books, comic, cartoons, etc. that go into backstories. Trying to do backstory movies of the existing characters that we already know pretty well will either contradict something and make fans mad, or will take away from the mystique and make fans mad or will be done by an actor who does not quite capture the personality we know and love and will make fans mad.
  4. pickirk01

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    My take... I liked it. Good movie. Not the best Star Wars nor the worst. I felt all the actors did outstanding jobs given what they had to work with as far as a script. I liked that is was in the Universe but showed a different side. The Empire and Rebel Alliance basically just had a cameo's in what was otherwise an action heist movie with fun fight scenes and some well mixed in humor. What I would have liked to see a is little more depth. To expand on that, we've know some things about Han's past and they basically covered ALL of it in two hours. Its almost like every thing Han is famous for happened during the last week of his senior year in high school and the rest of his life is just reliving the glory days. Instead of learning the origin of his name, meeting Chewie, meeting Lando, winning the Falcon, and making the Kessel Run all in pretty much one day, they could have gone deeper into meeting Chewie and Lando and the climax could have been him winning the Falcon. I have no idea what is left for a sequel and would be fine if this is a solo movie. If anything, I would love to see Glover in a Lando stand alone movie. Biggest Missed Opportunity (that I am glad they choose not to exploit) - When Lando tries to bargain for 40%, then accepts 25%, then gets it bumped down to 20%, he could easily have said, "This deal is getting worse all the time."
  5. pickirk01

    Who's excited to get your new ships?

    Gonna do something with two U's and two X's. Have never flown my first U yet, now that I will have 2 I guess I probably should.
  6. pickirk01

    Thrust Corrector spoiled - Saw's Renegades expansion

    &#$@#!!! I hate when I get over excited and dont double check the cards.
  7. pickirk01

    Thrust Corrector spoiled - Saw's Renegades expansion

    My mind is just having a hard time with this. 5 PS1 U-Wings with title and Targeting Scramblers and Courier droids (cause its free). That's 40 hit points behind 2 agility with 3 red dice each and Medium (Large in 1.0) base blockers. Send in 1 to block, followed by 2 of them for close range attacks. Hang back the last 2 to scramble the leaders. Any attacks against the leaders at range 1 cannot be modified giving them a little more durability. Then get the heck out of dodge with the first wave and scramble the second wave as they make a close pass on the enemy. Then Pivot wing to turn and come back through again. This is gonna be hilarious. I need three more U-Wings now.
  8. pickirk01

    Thrust Corrector spoiled - Saw's Renegades expansion

  9. pickirk01

    Thrust Corrector spoiled - Saw's Renegades expansion

    No I think he is correct
  10. pickirk01

    Thrust Corrector spoiled - Saw's Renegades expansion

    4-LOM is gonna love this. Get in range 1, take evade, take some fire but take a stress to guarantee 2 evades, return fire with 4 dice of your own, then end of round give the other dude the stress you just got. And its not once per turn, so you can defend twice, give one stress away and clear the other with a green move so you are good to go again next round.
  11. pickirk01

    This bickering is pointless....

    FYI, that's the actor that plays Porkins
  12. pickirk01

    This bickering is pointless....

    Wait, so his ability does not say once per round, it just says" after you perform an action..." So I can do a damage card action to "repair" a card, then spend a force to lock, then spend a force to do a barrel roll, then spend a force to do a focus and accomplish all four actions without a stress? Yes this burns up all my force up but for that one round when you really want to get in behind someone at range 1 with lock and focus, it might be worth it.
  13. pickirk01

    TIE/D’s in Epic

    Yep, Ions. I cant remember the last time I came to epic without at least 2 ships with some Ion control. For Rebels, I usually have 3 Ion torp Y's (2 greys flanking Dutch). For Imps, either Tie/D's or Tie/D's and a pair of bombers with torps. For Scum, I like Unhinged Y's with turrets and/or Scyks with a tractor and a couple Ion cannons.
  14. pickirk01

    Petition for FFG, start a design series.

  15. pickirk01

    Alternatives to standard play

    It is most definitely a polarized format, and that's the point. In the movie Top Gun, they pit the bigger, less maneuverable, more durable F14's against a numerically superior force of lighter, nimble fighters. Its up to the pilots to devise tactics that will play to their strengths while exploiting the enemy weakness. I would love to put 3 Rookie X-Wings with servos, S-Foils, Flight Assist Astro and Intergrated astro against any of the pairs of ships you mentioned for the challenge of seeing if there is a good way to beat them. And don't be too proud of the technological terror of the Defender. The power of the white K-Turn is insignificant next to the power of 9 red dice with repostioning.