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  1. Mission update. Heroes win the one fat slug mission. My main problem was as the Empire I forgot that you can't bring back Unique characters so once Bossk died that hurt. His hunting buddies kept the guys busy but I lacked the punch to knock out the rebels. I had wounded most of them , but Davith hit a med pack late in the game and Luke butchered most the Imperials coming in from the right. Last night the mission was Almost Home. To this point the Empire has not won a mission. The Heroes are pretty tough at this point. Since I raised the threat by one on the Fat Slug mission and after much though I played the Almost home Mission with 5 threat as well. The heroes surprised me by "laying up" before they burst through the first door. My open groups were a probe droid, heavy ST, Trandosian hunters. My villain with nemesis was the Inquisitor. This is probably only the second or third time I have ran the Inquisitor so there was a bit of a learning curve. The heroes not bursting through the door at the end of round one allowed me to bring an Elite ST and a standard ST back in and work my original plan. Start of round three I bring in the Inquisitor and the probe droid. Start of round 4 the hunters. Stuns really changed this mission from the last several and probably won me the game. I know I stunned Fenn, Shyla, and Loku at least once. The royal guards also had the flame thrower attachment which proved very useful as well. In the end the beacon with 3 blocks were just too tough. i flipped the last guy with the last beacon having 5 HP left. A few problems we are running into with 6 players. Over the 5 missions 3 different people have played Vito. Two different people for Loku and two different people for Fenn. This has caused the game to bog down bit because people just don't know how they should use there character or what powers to use. Next week they play the rebel sabatuer side mission from the original set. Page 15.
  2. Playing Side Mission Big Fat Slug tonight. Looking over this and knowing where my Rebels are at I think they will easily walk through it. Or at least should. So, instead of threat 3. I am bumping the threat to 4 for the Imperial. Which I would be surprised if it changes the final outcome, but at least make it more of a Challenge. Since I am running the nemesis cards with the Empire. This will allow me to bring in Bossk and a Probe Droid to start out. Provided i don't lose any characters round one, I plan on following up with a regular nexu. i also have trandosian hunters in my hand to play. My over all sense of this mission is that with a low threat level and high number of rebel characters it will be tough for the Empire to win this one. The best i can think of is making the corridor a log jam to slow them down and hope for teh best. If you were playing this with 4 rebels at threat level three it would be much more difficult. Especially if you didn't have any way to increase the speed of your Rebels. What I assume will happen is this. Loku will tag Jabba and then the shooting will begin. Once jabba then moves, Davith will use his speed to blow by all the scum and get to Jabba. Elite Gamorreans will proably be the closest but will still have problems catching Davith. I haven't counted squares but that is what my gut is telling me. The other Rebels will then try to clog the corridor and prevent me from reaching Davith who can just set back and wack away at Jabba with out much problem. Sure jabba can strain Davith, but he won't need much of it once he is up close. holding off the nexu and going with the trandosians in round three bringing them in at the yellow point might help. i will post an update tomorrow if I get time.
  3. Well i was kicking there butts the last three campaigns and one of them ran the Empire on the original campaign and cleaned house as well. Thus the change up to 6 with bumps The last mission was From All Sides - threat 3 - Nemesis: Bossk, Heros: Davith, Vinto, Orno, Fenn, Shlya, Loku At the end of round 5 all heros were wounded except Davith who had 9 HP left after using med kit. Rebels win. Jabba lived Terro was defeated. As the Empire I think I could have played a little better actually. Instead of using an action one round for Jabba to gain threat I would probably been better to Focus and trandosian Hunter and then let him have a "free Attack"
  4. So I am running six heroes. Here is a bit of background as to why. We have played all the campaigns so far. Our group consists of guys that place in the top 4 at various store tournaments and regional. With the previous campaigns the Empire has had no problems wiping the floor with the Rebels. The guys running Rebels were getting tired of getting there butts handed to them everytime we played. We talked it though and this is what we cam up with. 6 Heroes, start with 2 xp and 100 credits Empire starts with 1 xp and 1 influence and is playing the nemesis deck. So far it has been much more competitive. We have played three missions and the Rebels were close to losing each. As the Empire I have chosen to Play Fat slug as a side mission. With a quick glance it looks like the now pretty beefy heroes will walk through this easily. So we might have to tweak the threat and or groups for the Empire.
  5. Yes we have a new location for this event this year. We will be holding the regional at the lovely campus of Purdue University. We will be playing in the Purdue Memorial Union. Parking in Grant Street parking garage (map) is free. Friday June -12 7pm Imperial Assault Skirmish Cost $5 Prizes First Prize - 3-DayIndy Pop Con Badge - The contents of a core set will be split up and used as prize support. Rules - TBD hopefully we FFG will have tournament rules by then. Saturady - June 13 10am Indiana Regional Cost $15 Main Prize Prize GenCon Badge (provided we have enough players) Star Wars Trivia Pursuit Saga Edition (sealed), Map and tiles from Chris West, Framed Star Wars Art. Squad size 200 points Map list: Restricted B (Tatooine) Rancor Pen (WotC) Jabba's Palace (JC Anchorhead (JC) Cantina (JC) Restricted D (Force Locales) Dark Academy (JC) Great Library (JC) Rhen Var Citadel (JC) Swiss to get to top for then playoff 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 To uphold our tradition we will play two rounds and then go have Margaritas as big as your head. Then return for the rest of swiss During top 4 Royal Rumble Cost $5 Prize - Yoda Goblet Rules to be posted Sunday - June 14 10am X-wing Cost $5 Prizes Most Wanted Expansion Pack, IG-2000 Expansion Pack, StarViper Expansion Pack, M3-A Interceptor Expansion Pack For non xwingers - Geonosis Mass Battle - 8 Players Max
  6. I have ran SWM with 3d terrain several times. We didn't have to worry about range. LOS on the other hand, we did have to worry about. From the characters head if it can see the base it could be targeted following targeting rules. All 4 corner = No cover. Less = target had cover. Here it would be you would have to have LOS of two corner from the base. This rule helped with elevation problems where character could climb up buildings.
  7. Never left SWM but I am here too now. Some of the rules differences are going to cause my head to ache, but I will get them down eventually.
  8. Well you could assume that your opponent would have the map I guess.
  9. Thanks all. Having all the maps out sounds like a good idea for a small tournament. Still not sure that we have that much space at the LGS
  10. So, I am looking for tournament rules for running the skirmish game at my LGS. Can anyone help me out? What I am wondering about is the set up time if every match has to make their own map. I was thinking of picking one map for the tournament after everyone is there and then each round players roll for objective A or B. Time limit 45 minutes? Tournament software out there to track stuff? Ran a ton of WOTC SWM in my day and just trying to get this all figured out. Thanks for any help.
  11. WOTC pieces work really well. Everything is basically the same scale. ATST are the exceptions. WOTC is 3x3 FFGv3x2
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