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  1. Wishbone

    Force Stacking?

    Sounds like a bunch of simple tricks and nonsense
  2. Favorite Ship due to Fluff: Y-wing Favorite Ship on the Table: Y-wing Favorite Ship that you play rarely: Firespray
  3. A shot of J. Beam is best before setup
  4. Countermeasures is another option to remove enemy target locks.
  5. I've found the issue to be that some newer cardboard dials are slightly thinner. I stuck a small piece of duct tape to the inside of the plastic dial upgrade, and that helps everything fit more snugly.
  6. Leia Y-wing pilot, and Boussh Scum crew. Double Leia!
  7. "Raging B" Keyan Farlander Rage E2 Mod Inspired recruit Not sure if Keyan's spending a focus equals "removing," but I hope it does.
  8. Y-wings! Dropping bombs! Firing Ion torpedoes!
  9. 3 games at the local game store's X-wing night, then around 1-3 at home.
  10. While I'm not as strict as the OP, I have yet to care about the Ghost at all, and I own six Y-wings.
  11. Wishbone

    Where's the Arcs?

    They're always in the last place you look
  12. Wishbone

    HOTR Chewbacca

    I ran HoTR Chewie w/Airen Cracken + Swarm Tactics, and 2x Bandit Squadron Pilots. Cracken gives your opponent something other than Chewie to shoot at, and if they don't you get an extra PS8 attack from either Chewie or a Bandit.
  13. On the one hand, I feel your realism-related pain. On the other hand: forget it Jake, it's Chinatown.
  14. People who don't like dogs are a little suspect, in my opinion.
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