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  1. For the sheer volume of Clone Wars material out there, two books seems like a solid idea. Off the top of the head, what don't we have stats for yet? Acclamators, Venators, ARC-170s, Actis interceptors, Most battle droids, virtually any separatist warships, the entire clone trooper arsenal. That's just what immediately comes to mind. And, since Era books seem to bring in stats for canon characters... dozens. Grievous, Dooku, Ventress, Mother Talsin, the whole dang jedi council. I feel like there is more than enough to fill two books.
  2. The build I've been toying with recently is a 90 lb Steel Fist Adept/Colossus/Ascetic for maximum Monk-itude. The primary Force abilities would probably be Conjure (to 'cheat' the Ascetic's restrictions) and Enhance, to punch harder. Now, it makes for a very shallow skill pool, but I just can't shake the idea of being a 90 lb unkillable Mirialan Kung Fu master. Plus, I think Athletics and Coordination are both incredibly useful skills that are often forgotten about. They're usually on the combat monkeys, but the combat monkeys are too busy getting better at killing stuff to improve those skills. The other build I've had in mind is actually a team effort. I think a Sapper and a Trailblazer could make an incredibly potent duo. The Sapper has a bunch of abilities that allow him to create cover, and the Trailblazer has a bunch of abilities that buff everyone when they're in cover. I'm not sure where I'd take them from there. I might go from Trailblazer into Scout, for extra ranks in Disorient and Stalker, and to pick up Quick Strike. The Trailblazer is essentially the Master Ambusher, so scout enhances both his Stealth and First Strike capabilities. Maybe Tactician for the .5 spec? I think Coordinated Assault would be a good addition to that package. For Sapper... I feel like Saboteur just makes such a logical extension. Be the master of exploding. Strong Arm + Master Demolitionist + Master Genadier makes for massive explosions that are easy to trigger. Not sure for the last one. Maybe medic, to take advantage of that high intellect for another very useful skill.
  3. My general solution is more stormtroopers. If I throw 5 minion groups of 4 at the party, you can only kill one of these groups per round. Still breezing through? More minions! Have more show up to replace the fallen in waves. The Nebulon-B tends to be my go-to mid-tier Imperial vessel. A nebulon-B typically carries 72 troopers, which I generally divide into 5-man minion groups led by stormtrooper sergeants. You may win on single target damage, but the empire wins through sheer action economy. My motto has always been “The Empire always has more stormtroopers” and it has yet to fail me. Worst case scenario, I airdrop a couple AT-STs on you. I always have ways to escalate an encounter beyond the PCs abilities.
  4. Spotted a Typo in the Steel Hand Adept sheet. The 20 xp Toughness Talent lists +1 Wound Threshold, when it should list +2.
  5. I feel like, certainly in Edge of the Empire, characters are incentivised to not be combat specialists. If you’re not a bounty hunter or hired gun, you probably don’t have combat skills. That’s telling. And Star Wars is full of examples of non-combat characters influencing combat. Look at R2. He’s always opening doors, throwing up smoke screens, etc. I’m also a staunch believer that combat is a last resort in Star Wars. The empire always has more stormtroopers, so you better have a better plan than “stand and fight”. A nebulon-B frigate has 70 troopers at its disposal, and I will make you fight them all if you decide to make a stand rather than run.
  6. To be fair, we know hardly anything about the details of this series. If I were to sum up Rebels, I would say that it's about a Jedi survivor and his Padawan learning the deeper mysteries of the Force, and the role they played in the early Galactic Civil War. From what we've been told, Resistance is more about Starfighter pilots. I expect we'll see more of a "band of brothers" military vibe, than the family feel of the Ghost crew. It would be like saying Dunkirk is a "recycling" of Inglourious Basterds just because they both take place during World War II.
  7. Now, admittedly this involves a little cross-canon, but from the Legends Wookieepedia article: That sounds like he went directly into training for Piloting (Planetary). rather than Piloting (space). Now, does that mean New Canon Veers has the same sort of training and skillset? Possibly not. But I feel like this is pretty sufficient grounds. Veers trained specifically to operate AT-AT walkers and similar planetary craft. The statement is sourced from Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back, which is a sourcebook from the old West End Games RPG.
  8. I’m not sure what your point is here. I think it’s been laid clear that whether or not he’s a PC or NPC, he only has ranks in Piloting (Planetary). You asked for a named character who appears to be proficient in operating one type of vehicle, but not the others. Most people seem to agree that Veers fits that bill, regardless of the particulars of his build. But even if Veers has the “Imperial Academy Cadet” tree, there’s nothing that obligates him to take piloting (space) ranks. I would guess that he focused instead on leadership and knowledge (warfare).
  9. I’m on board. The combo of anime-inspired visual styles and a focus on starfighter pilots gets the wheels turning on my head. I suspect Gundam might be a good analogue, though probably not quite as grim in tone. Gundam is animated, but there’s still an emphasis on realism. Everything feels like it operates accordig to blueprints, characters may ham it up a but but won’t take absurb pratfalls or jump 20 feet in the air if you startle them, etc. And, ****, I’d definitely watch a show like that. Actually... Now, I’d probably go with a slightly brighter, cleaner art style, but I think this drives home the idea that “anime-influenced” can fit pretty comfortably within Star Wars without feeling out of place.
  10. The two spreads I usually go for are 3/3/3/3/2/2 (requiring an extra 10 XP from duty or obligation) or 4/3/3/2/2/1. I tend to prefer the latter because having a 4 tends to make you pretty reliable all around. I’ve also played a Mirialan, and went with a 4/3/2/2/2/2 spread. I tend to just feel vulnerable, unless I’m playing to that core characteristic. She’s a Warrior/Starfighter Ace, with 4 in Agility, 3 in Cunning. So unless I’m slinging a blaster or flying the Starship, I’m actually not all that useful. In fact, I think I’ve only rolled one proficiency die so far, on a cool check, because we haven’t actually gotten off-planet yet (Play by post moves slow). I’m basically relying on raw agility and cunning until we can get the hyperdrive we need. On the flip side, the Twi’lek Quartermaster in the game I run just took a Vibrosword crit that permently reduced her Willpower. Her Stat Spread right now is: Br: 1 Ag: 2 Int: 3 Cun: 4 Wil: 1 Pres: 4. I’m looking forward to seeing how she plays that out. She’s great, right up until the team needs to go loud, and then she’s going to completely crack under the pressure. And don’t ask her to do any strenuous physical activity.
  11. I just assumed Veers is an NPC. Even so, there’s a difference between having a career skill and putting ranks in it. Just like how Smuggler doesn’t get piloting Planetary, but I suspect Han would have ranks (Pretty sure there’s a brief clip of him pulling some kind of crazy stunt in a landspeeder from one of the Solo previews). in either case, I contend that were I to stat out General Veers (either as a PC or NPC) I would give him ranks in Piltoing (Planetary) but not Piloting (Space). And that seems to be the general consensus here.
  12. You couple probably use a standard astromech from the books as a starting point (which notably, only has Piloting (Space) as a skill).
  13. What about BB-8? Clearly, the little guy knows how to operate an X-wing. However, when he operates the AT-ST aboard the supremacy, he clearly rolls a despair that rips the armor plating off the top. He gets the job done, but it's clunky and inelegant.
  14. I would say General Veers is probably another example of Planetary but not Space. His emphasis is on walkers and ground assault (sure, he doesn’t sit at the controls himself, but if I were statting him, he’d probably have a few ranks. Guy wasn’t always a general after all) I’d also hold up the Snowspeeder as an airspeeder that certainly requires a different skillset from a starfighter. The Snowspeeder has, in pretty much every instance I’ve seen (Rogue Squadron, Battlefront, Shadows of the Empire, etc) been portrayed as incapable of certain maneuvers. Because it stays aloft through repulsorlift, it can’t fly upside down, pull a loop-the-loop, or do a barrel roll. It’s more like a high-altitude landspeeder than a traditional fighter or bomber craft.
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