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  1. This is the rumor that I heard.
  2. Holdout Blaster is pretty much an auto include in ranged decks, does that mean it needs errata? I don't think fast hands was errata'd because it was auto include, it was errata'd because in too many decks it let you resolve dice without a chance to control them (and do it every round) and at 0 cost. Vibroknife is fine. This isn't a problem with vibroknife, it's a problem with Rey and/or force speed. So you play 3 cards to get all that action cheating, so you get 3 cards to reroll with (with the extra draw from Luke), but can only reroll twice in order to resolve before your opponent. You also had to hit the force speed special the first time to make this happen as well (50% to hit it on just one of them, so you have about a 25% chance of that happening on both). Then we have to account for the odds on the perfect card draw and rolling the nuts on 4 of those dice with 2 chances before your opponent can act.... This is a scenario where everything goes perfectly your way how often will it really go like that? It is possible, but most of the time it won't happen that way. Vibroknife isn't broken.
  3. Store Champs are best of 1 single elimination after the cut according to the tournament regulations (since it is a basic structure event) no matter how many players. In the store championship I TO'd 4 and 5th place was decided by extended strength of schedule. There were 2 players that went 4-0 and 4 that went 3-1 (20 players at the event). I feel like they either need another round of swiss or a better way to handle the cut as i would be pretty upset to miss the cut by extended strength of schedule.
  4. The Game Annex - Fort Wayne, IN June 24,2017 20 players 1st - Vaider/Raider - Ryan J. (3-1 swiss) 2nd - Poe/Maz - E.J. A. (4-0 swiss) 3-4 - Poe/Maz - Brendon D. (4-0 swiss) - Vader/Raider - Joel L. (3-1 swiss) Lots of Vader/Raider, Poe/Maz, Kylo/Vader, a couple Palpatine and a lot of really great games.
  5. But his dice are not listed as having an inherent dice ability (pg 17 RRG). So even if the dice were resolved as your own, the card is not and the card is the where the"force an opponent to deal 2 damage to their characters, distributed as they wish" comes from. Resolving the dice would not give you his abilities (unless it were a special, which this is not).
  6. That's not quite right. Here's the actual win condition for that "If a player has no cards in their hand and deck at the end of a round (after the upkeep phase), they lose and the other player wins." You can be out of cards in your draw deck, but as long as you still have at least one in your hand you don't lose. When you lose that last card you still have until the end of the round before you would lose.
  7. It's easy to call the shots and say how things should be done after the fact. I mean it is pretty obvious now that they should have made more product, but 6 months ago when it went in production did you think they needed it? I sure didn't. All they can do is what they are doing (making the next set and reprinting this one when they can). Saying they are stupid and should know better by now doesn't change anything. I guess if you are upset enough about how they do things you can stop playing the games they make? I won't because they keep making games that are too **** fun. I am lucky that my FLGS had the foresight to pre-order something like 64 booster boxes total (from 3 different distributors and FFG directly). They are out of product now like most everywhere is, but at least most people who were originally interested in the game got enough to build a few decks and play. I have my set, I give my extras to local players who need cards (or tokens, if they can't get the starters) and help grow the community in my area as much as I can. We had a pre-release event, and we're starting up a league in the area and the game is going to keep going here. I am positive despite all of this that the game will grow and thrive for years to come.
  8. From what I have heard from store owners/distributors, FFG made many times what was pre-ordered by the stores when Awakenings was in production (i.e. they did their homework and made more than what they showed the demand to be at the time). Once it released and demand was shown to be much higher than expected they did what they could (which wasn't a whole lot since they were already going on set #2). I know many stores blamed FFG for not making enough product when they failed to pre-order any when it was first being printed (and what FFG based their production on). Who's fault is that? I can't say it all rests on FFG, although they are not free from blame either.
  9. I live closer than that (in NE Indiana), and have been to a couple of events locally. There are regular events in Indianapolis, Muncie, and Fort Wayne (All Indiana, but all closer than 200 miles that you state). And the communities in these cities are all doing great from everything I hear.
  10. Same for mine. Ordered 2 and then got 4 more later on.
  11. So let me relate this to you as there are people locally making similar claims to you. My FLGS owner pre ordered a lot of product around August for this game, and she said that FFG had at least 4x the product made as stores pre ordered. They based their production off the pre orders and made a few times that amount, seems logical to me. But stores that didn't pre order, and who ordered in December/January thinking they would get a lot of product after they realized the interest are out of luck for a while. A big part of this industry is knowing your player base and predicting their habits. FFG can't wildly guess that this or that game will be wildly popular or that it may flop, they need to base their production based on what the stores/retailers order. In this case they made quite a bit more than what was ordered and they game took off like crazy. You can't blame FFG for that. It is what it is and if more stores had pre ordered more product (i.e. before release) then they would have made more. They are playing catch up, and I am sure are also working on getting SOR here as well. If you think 2 months is enough time to get brand new product here, that is laughable. It takes at least 6 months (I heard this from store owners and on a podcast with Corey Konieczka). My FLGS just got 4 more kits beyond the 2 they ordered initially. So, this statement is just false. It may not be easy to get a lot of them after the fact, but it is definitely possible. Also, I am more than fine with store credit or other nice prizes (besides boosters) for a tournament. Stating your opinion as the only one isn't true, and I have no way of knowing the actual opinion of the thousands of players who play this game (so neither do you), but there are definitely others that don't feel they way you do when it comes to prize support for tournaments. As an aside, my FLGS gets product for this from 2 different distributors and from FFG directly. They just got some more this past week (after many people online were saying nothing would be coming until after SOR at the earliest), it sold out quickly, but I am sure there will be more in the future as well.
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