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  1. Love this! Is there anyway to get the upgrades to all sit horizontally? The way it is now, they double up and that makes printing on one sheet tricky without shrinking.
  2. Most of my local players wont even show up to play casual 1.0 anymore. The overwhelming consensus has been: "See you when 2.0 releases!"
  3. adding store champs range 1 and 2 rulers to my available items.....
  4. Looking for: FFG only please: Dice Proximity mines Conner net Cluster mines Proton bomb Dark green focus Dark green Evades System open target locks 6&7 wins System open blue shield tokens World's Inquisitor alt art Have: Everything in the pictures, Multiples of some alt art cards just ask! https://imgur.com/a/YR7sn
  5. WTT: WANT: FFG official - System open Target Locks (6 and 7 wins) - System Open blue shield tokens - Dark green focus and evade - FFG Official dice (don't have to be complete sets) - Bomb tokens (clusters correct size, proximity, proton) HAVE: All FFG official Tokens: - Red and green target locks 1-5 - Cloak (multiple available) - Seismic charge (multiple available) - Light blue shield tokens (multiple available) - Square evades (multiple available) - Round light green evades (multiple available) - Black stress (multiple available) - Red stress (multiple available) - Black ion (multiple available) - Red ion (multiple available) - Extra munitions (multiple available) - Tractor beam (multiple available) - 2016 Store Championship range ruler (multiple available) Alternate Art: - Scimitar Squadron Pilot (multiple available) - Academy Pilot (multiple available) - Poe Dameron - Colonel Jendon - Soontir Fel - Black Squadron Pilot (multiple available) - Dagger Squadron Pilot (multiple available) - Darth Vader (Disco Vader) - Double Sided System Open Cardboard Lothal Rebel and Baron of the Empire (multiple available) - Corran Horn - Gold Squadron Pilot (multiple available) - Ello Asty Upgrades Alt Art: - Predator (multiple available) - Recon Specialist (multiple available) - Swarm Tactics - C-3PO (multiple available) - Tactician (multiple available) - Gunner (multiple available) Star Wars LCG Alt Art: - C-3PO (multiple available) - Force Lightning (multiple available)
  6. He didnt sound very "people friendly" on the phone. He was going on about "mercenaries" coming to his store and stealing the championship from one of his regulars. It's annoying because I know that some stores that WANTED to host a championship werent able to for whatever reason, and this joker is sitting on a tournament kit that will go to waste :/
  7. So after talking to the Dragon's Hoard in Hackettstown NJ... They say they wont be holding a store championship because they dont want to hold it as an open tournament. They only want their regulars to be able to participate. Personally I think its an absurd stance but oh well. Strike it from the list and the map.....
  8. So if i have BB8 with the title, can i remove two locks? One when i boost, and one when i barrel roll?
  9. There are some holes in your argument OP
  10. I think it looks great! I'd also love to see upgrades, but its not critical if the commentary is very good.
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