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  1. He actually is having us just assign the points where we want to put them, so I can just plug them into whatever stat works best!
  2. When it comes to re-rolling, I normally don't like to do it. It seems like it defeats the purpose of rolling, to get a set of stats and then creatively come up with a character concept that works with those stats. I asked the DM if he would rather me re-roll, and he immediately said that is what he wanted me to do. So, I re-rolled and came up with... 10 8 15 15 16 19 6 12 12 16 So, from what I can see, that is much better. I also decided that I wanted to try and design a Tech Priest named Octavius, ha. Completely opposite direction from what I originally planned, but I figure the team needs someone who isn't combat-focused. I was going to try and make this guy a knowledge bank/skill money of sorts (Infused Knowledge) with plenty of fancy augmentations. If anyone has any general design tips when it comes to making a Tech Priest sort of person (Voidborn homework, the Tech background, Sage role) then I am all ears.
  3. Divination, I got the one that was +3 to willpower but with a drawback. Something with Insanity, but I can't pull the name off of the top of my head. I actually don't particularly care what sort of combat character I have, I was just trying to make one that was combat focused. The rest of the group designed combat-centric characters and are the sorts to seek out the violent answers, so I didn't want to have to make the one social butterfly. Of course, you could argue that a group of fighters would need a social butterfly. At the same time, the DM is the sort that will cater the adventure to the group. So, if there is a bunch of combat characters, it'll be very combat focused. If I have a social character, he'll throw in social challenges, which will be boring to the rest. I personally enjoy roleplaying a wide variety of things, so I am good with whatever. Superstitions and Mementos, I do not think so.
  4. I am totally new to this game, so let me know if I totally boffle any of these terms. When going through character creation, we rolled my stats and I got these ten numbers to add to my base values: 5 5 7 7 8 9 9 9 11 15 He seemed to think this was really bad. I think most of the other scores rolled by the other players were pretty above-average. I am used to games where the base scores don't matter TOO horribly much in the long run. I proceeded to design a Warrior from a Feral World, background pending. The general idea was to make someone who was an Unarmed Specialist (rips things with his bare hands) who was coerced into doing this line of work due to an explosive collar around his neck. The DM seemed fine with the concept, but I sense that he is worried I won't do so well. In the opinion of others, will below-average base stats set me back a large amount? And if so, are there certain classes/skills/talents I should try and optimize for? We currently have a Psyker and Assassin. I am really up for playing anything, I just enjoy designing something that compliments the party. I don't want to hold the rest of the team back, but I am also curious if the DM might be overthinking it because this will be his first game. Thoughts?
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