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  1. I get you 100%. I haven't been doing much gaming at all for the last 6 months but I do find myself still going on fridays, watching people play, and just socializing. Its been a huge boon to me to have such amazing people around when it feels like everything else could be falling apart. Now that im feeling altogether these days im back at the table and enjoying myself
  2. Im kinda sad, no one else has any feel good stories? Or is everyone at LVO?
  3. I want to make a shout out to my local game store in Fresno aka Hobbytown for being amazing and accepting! We normally play 40k/AoS but there is also a strong Xwing game (I play all three because I do not value my free time =P). I have recently come out as transgender and have been attending our regular night game night for the last month as myself (I'm not out to family/work yet) and the people at our store have just been AMAZING. They accept me as a woman and work hard to remember my name and pronouns. Ive had nothing but love from an incredibly diverse group of people who have no reason to be so nice to me. Friday nights are my night to be myself and to be comfortable being who I am and they have gone out of their way to make it happen. I couldn't ask for a better gaming group. I was worried at first based on our communities.......record on diversity but I have been pleasantly surprised at every turn! Additionally I baked them all cookies for tonight to thank them for being so great!
  4. question! maybe im missing this, why is everyone taking R4 on Poe if it only benefits a max of 2 maneuvers? id rather have a BB unit for that, or maybe an R3 for utility
  5. Im feeling the same way, until theres a turret worth its time I think the aggressor will suffer being that there are better platforms to launch missiles from in the Imperial Arsenal, or maybe Ion Turrets drop some points to balance it out. IMHO I think that the TIE bomber should not have a double missile slot that way Barrage Rockets become the exclusive domain of Aggressors and Starwings (and star wings don't need them!) and give that ship more value.
  6. I think you get them in the conversion kit. I got a ton in the regular conversion kits.
  7. The real question to be asked then....why are we having this conversation?
  8. The half in half out approach of editions is what slowly killed both Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy. People had armies 1-3 editions behind and they either did not work mechanically or they were simply awful. A clean slate is not only a new industry standard but from a game design standpoint it allows them to make a cohesive change from previous mistakes that were in made in the design process (looking at you TLT). Both 40k and AoS are doing better than they ever have in their histories and the GW company is actually one of the fastest growing companies IN ENGLAND right now. Thats what a clean slate in game design can give you. Soft converting means nothing because those people would have simply not bought the new content in the first place. And you would have had piles of legacy rules issues, or telling people to ignore 50% of a card. Its bad design thats a relic of a bygone era
  9. Don't be getting all bent out of shape because you are playing the game in a fashion that was not intended by the manufacturer. Its like getting made at my couch company for not putting a mini fridge in my couch. I really want one for the LOTR marathon but frankly its going to cost me if I ever wanted to actually do that. The company has to make a product that will appeal to the greatest amount of customers, not a group that constitutes less than 1% of its market.
  10. No worries....working there was a pleasant experience that was part of a greater arc non-accomplishment/self realization. I still eat plenty of pizza today when my body allows it =P ! I really really hope they release some new turrets soon so things like aggressors can have a lot more fun on the table, Dorsal turrets just aren't cutting it and Ion is only occasionally reasonable.
  11. The only odd choices I found were things like 3 inquisitor TIE and only 2 advanced, or 2 Phantom II and 2 Sabine's TIE. Im sure that was a little on purpose. But for the price and the AMOUNT of stuff I got I was quite pleased. Only have bought one of each kit I have a ton of left over cards I regularly give to new players and people who only needed 1 or 2 kits. Its not perfect but it works just fine and it could have been way way worse (just look at how GW used to do switch overs!)
  12. How is it impossible to trade? Ive traded all kinds of mine with people.
  13. I worked at a pizza place for 12 years. I indeed shun it. But im a simple girl who enjoys pepperoni (and occasionally sausage). Also I dont try new things. But I do try new ships in Xwing, which funnily enough due to the Conversion Kits I have gone out and picked up ships I never considered before like the sheathipede, the Wookie Gunship, the Kimoglorinaianaia, and the TIE agressor.
  14. A duel it is! we will march 10 paces then furiously blog attempting to change peoples opinion to no avail, no matter how nasty their choice of toppings are. In the end we will play Xwing and simply get a half and half pizza.
  15. FFG will never win. I find life is easier when you only complain about things that matter like politics and whether or not Pineapple belongs on pizza (it doesn't!)
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