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  1. The only adjustment I would suggest is remove Trick Shot from L'ulo and put an R4 on Poe for the green 2's. I think you would get more use out of it.
  2. Or if you don't want to use bombs Vennie — MG-100 StarFortress 67 Pattern Analyzer 5 Perceptive Copilot 10 Veteran Turret Gunner 8 Rey 14 Ship Total: 104 Half Points: 52 Threshold: 6 Cobalt Squadron Bomber — MG-100 StarFortress 63 Fire-Control System 3 Rose Tico 9 Veteran Turret Gunner 8 Finn 10 Seismic Charges 3 Ship Total: 96 Half Points: 48 Threshold: 6
  3. What is the lowest bid squad you can make that you believe you could still fly competitively? I'll start the bid war. 175 Poe - Heroic - R4 - Integrated Astromech (71) Nien Numb - Heroic - Pattern Analyzer - Integrated Astromech (61) L'ulo - Lone Wolf - Heroic (43)
  4. First list. C3PO instead of Han works better with Vennies ability, 2 guaranteed evade (from 2 attacks) with no range restriction from the 2 calculates ( so long as you have a mobile arc from Vennie or the A's on the attacker) With the added bonus of a chance to co-ordinate one of the A's and still get a calculate. Pattern analyser on L'ulo? In theory you would have L'ulo stressed every round so she's not doing red manouvres, maybe move it to Tall or even Vennie for the stoppies. I don't see how usefull Finn is to that list, I think you would get more mileage from Paige or if you can scrounge the points from somewhere, deffinitely Rey.
  5. AP-5, M9G8, Weapons Engineer (21) Gold Squadron, TLT, Chopper, BTL, Guidance chip (25) Gold squadron, TLT (24) 30 points left for something else. T/L the Y wings for predator TLT's, and extra shots with one gold until you decide to toss the btl. Or instead of Y's a couple of snap A's This is that cheap and dirty support ARC you always wanted
  6. The Many Flavors of Salt Table salt is the most common salt. It is refined and sometimes includes dice, which is added to give the salt legitimacy. It's used in all level of play. The salt is fine and flows freely. Kosher (to draw out blood) salt, originally designed to be used in koshering forums and facebook , is preferred by Trolls. Kosher salt is produced to have coarse flat insults larger than table salt. It's typically not used for competitions because it doesn't dissolve as easily in banter (use table salt for banter). Typically twice as much Kosher salt can be substituted for table salt. Fleur de sel (flower of salt) is hand harvested on the bottom tables at high level competitions. The salt is moist, naturally flawed and randomly sized. It's collected from the top players that aren't doing as well as they hoped, making it a very exclusive and expensive salt. Fleur de sel is used as a finishing salt because it melts rapidly. Sel gris (gray salt) is the salt that is harvested from just below fleur de sel. It's gray due to its contact with other salts in the competition. Similar salts are also harvested from other locations around the world. Pink salt can be found on the top tables. Its pink color is due to bad descisions, which come in contact with the salt during play. The salt comes in both fine and coarse. On the top tables it's used for ceremonial purposes such as after game interviews. Blocks of it are sometimes used for podcasting. Black salt can be found outside tournament events. The salt is black from being in contact with rage quitting, which is believed to offer a detoxifying effect. Black salt is very pungent smelling because it also contains fire and brimstone. Flavored salts are any type of salt that is blended with other game systems (look for salts flavored with warhammer or magic). Rock Salt is harvested from the forums. Rock salt is used when you have nothing to contribute except a criticism. It has no flavor. May the Foss be with you Jango Foss Feel free to add any I missed, but it must come with a description. I'll add them.
  7. After listening to the latest podcast, here at Foss Central, we have decided that Jarens new nickname is "The Mountain". This, of course, means that Chris has to be Cersei Lannister for Jaren to be his "Champion'. As we foresee no problem with this new paradigm (who doesn't want to be Cersei?) it does, however, raise another conundrum. We can't decide which one of you is Jamie and which one is Tyrion. Your assistance in clearing up this matter would be greatly appreciated. PS I Agree "Jango" Foss
  8. Wheres the tractor beam token coming from? Neither Assaj or Sabine can hand one out. Nor can Ketsu crew. Ahh never mind, found it.
  9. It might be worth looking at swapping Chewbacca crew for R2D2.
  10. The best way to describe flying against it is your not going against 4 ships. Its one big ship with 8 shields, 15 hull, 1 Integrated astro and 4 attacks. It's like a Super Kanan Ghost with agility. Best way to beat it is roll nothing but crits or peck it with a lot of 1 and 2 hits.
  11. Totally agree with the Rey suggestion. With Lone Wolf you won't want to be flying the 2 close together so you probably won't get much use out of Tac Jam (If you are thinking of keeping them together then Predator instead of LW) so I would suggest smuggling Comp and a 1 point illicit whichever ones suits your taste, there's some good choices there.
  12. Wedge shoots before Kyle so he would use Kyles evade before Kyle shoots, so Juke is kind of wasted. I would say replace it with Predator but your already at 100. Lone Wolf? But that would require some disciplined flying.
  13. This, with the added benefit of any stress tokens on the victims ship may be removed before activation. Freeing them up to do "any" maneuver.
  14. Rey's an 8 so your spending the A wings evades before they shoot, so why Juke?
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