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  1. If it was a force user then no. The threat is far from over. If it was your normal everyday minion then fully deserved.
  2. Obviously I know it's subjective. There isn't a "one stop guide to redemption". But I'm just interested in examples you guys have seen. I've got a couple from what players did in games I've played in I'll post up later when I get more time.
  3. I really enjoyed it. But I felt the bad guys were very poor. Especially Kylo. Couldn't help but think my Jedi character in F&D would have wiped the floor with him in a couple of seconds! BB-8, Po and Rey were my favourite characters. Finn was annoying I found, but I suppose it makes sense given his upbringing.
  4. So what sort of things would characters have to do to be redeemed from the Darkside? What would someone who is at say 0 morality have to do compared to someone at -100 or worse? I realise most of you don't likely go past 0. But the groups I play with do.
  5. Should have mine by Saturday. Looking forward to it.
  6. Maybe your guys are good at rolling lightside pips. But sadly I'm not. Most all of my conflict come from using darkside pips. The most annoying of which was the time I used force move to stop an RPG slamming into a packed bar. Dozens of people saved. But because of that **** black pip it was conflict gained
  7. Our GM has done it narratively the few times it's come up. Or with the big bads, my foresee abilities have shown us meeting/fighting whatever.
  8. One player working against the others can be very fun. I've done it, and had it done to me in my regular group. If you know the players, get along well with them, it can be great. I've killed other PCs before. And been killed. That can be harder. We had a long running Vampire (old edition) game earlier this year. We started out in the Dark Ages, trying to stop Gehena coming about. But by the time we reached WW1 timeline the group had fractured and I was leading a cell of the True Black Hand, while the rest of group were inferanlists working to bring it about. That was some of the greatest games we have ever played. In the end. We both won. And both lost. The world ended. But one of my True Brujah agents (I was playing multiple characters at this point) went back in time to when it all began and killed the original starting characters in the very first mission. Talk about a paradox.
  9. Rule of two. The silliest part of Star Wars for sure!
  10. It's possible. Per the rules, you can start at 29 morality which is just over the dark side cap. But you could let him start at anything you like if it fits your campaign. My GM has also removed the cost of using dark side points in terms of strain etc among other house rules to make the dark side far more tempting. They work really well. Really gives a big bonus, but comes at a high cost. We are all Jedi afterall in our campaign. I hit paragon of the Light Side last session. But the others are slowly but surely slipping into darkness.
  11. My character loves the Jedi Order. We're in the middle of an extended clone wars at the present. But he also has a secret that would see him removed from the Order. Looking forward to playing that out when it inevitably arises.
  12. Agree on this. I did nearly three sessions worth of planned content solo when I was the only one (bar the GM) able to make a session a few weeks back.
  13. It's more about why I think. Least, that's how my GM does it and I like that. A few missions ago, our team was tasked by a Jedi Master and Felucia High Command to infiltrate and destroy a separatist battleship that was in the final stages of activating a super weapon. My character was separated from the other Jedi who went aboard and it was my character who found the engine room where we had to plant the charges. I ended up in a fight with 8 Neimoidian engineers who I could easily have chopped apart with my saber. Instead, I activated the satchel charge, and then fought them hand to hand. Thankfully I have decent brawn and some brawl skill so I was eventually able to beat them down and then scare them off with my saber. I then planted the bomb and went to leave, only to find those same guys back at the entrance. I avoided combat, putting myself at risk of being caught in the blast to avoid killing them, and doubled back to find another way out. Which I did in the form of an escape pod. My fellow Jedi ended up being captured and escaped, how isn't important. But he decided to save some Neimoidians on his way out. When he got them to the escape pod however he discovered there was only four seats and he had five guys. He killed one of them, then force pursued (I forget the actual name of the power) the others to forget it. In the grand scheme of things, I killed hundreds of crew and thousands of droids when the battleship blew up. He killed one guy. My character RPed feeling terrible afterwards. Seeking guidance from the Jedi Master about how his actions could be justified with the cost of so many lives. Her response was that it was an act of war against a military target, that the destruction of that ship had saved many others. I actually gained (only 2) morality that game. My friend dropped from 58 to 42. I dunno. Maybe not all of you GMs would have done the same in this situation. But the group liked how it played out. Last game, with my foresee power, with the destruction of the battleship still fresh in my guys mind, I was granted an vision of Clone Troopers massacring engineers and mechanics as we retook a captured shipyards. The mechanics had been indoctrinated into working with the separatists, though at the time we just thought they'd defected for whatever reason and would have fought the clones and the Jedi leading them to the death. But with my guys intervention I was able to persuade High Command to use stun weapons and the Jedi used training sabers. I really like how that played out. Based solely on my guy feeling terrible about his earlier actions in the war.
  14. We have house rules in our game that the GM has come up with that makes the dark side much more tempting. Some of the players are unfortunately slipping that way, slowly taking advantage of these house rules a little at a time. It's actually pretty cool. I have so far only given in to the dark side pips few enough times, in the direst of circumstances, that I could count it on one hand. I learnt my lesson the first time we played F&D. I misunderstood what the GM had said and I ended up obliterating dozens of storm troopers with anti ship weaponry (GM said there was X amount of storm troopers visible. I thought he meant that the storm troopers were chasing after us (we'd just escaped from an inquisitor, so I did have reason to assume what I assumed!) so once we boarded our ship, I ran straight to the turrets and opened fire! The GM smirked but started doing the damage rolls and the other players looked confused and then laughed. It wasn't until the other PCs ran up to me in character that I realized my OOC mistake. But by then, it was too late. I went from 71 morality to 0 in seconds!). Fortunately, that campaign came to an end shortly afterwards. One of the other PCs flew us into a star. It wasn't the most successful of games all around We also have the reversed conflict house rule for the dark siders, but that's not come into play yet.
  15. Oh yeah, as much as I'd love to have saber 5, I just couldn't explain it in character yet. I think I'm pushing it a little at 4 as it is. But I've explained it away as having focused mostly on that rather than the force thus far. Regards leadership. My character does hold the rank of lieutenant in the Grand Army for his actions leading clone teams last game session. And has been assigned a squad of ten clones who are like his person strike team. So yes, leadership was one of the skills I was looking at increasing. Protector is one of the trees I've considered. It is very fitting with how the character has played. In character Obi is his idol.
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