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  1. Working my way through a solo play though as the Vault Dweller on the Commonwealth scenario. Few questions: One of the robots was a medic, and there was a Bottle icon on his token. I couldn't find it in the rules, so I used it as Medicine loot to heal myself a number of HP equal to his level. What is that symbol and what does it do? Once Inactive monsters have activated and moved, do they always stay FaceUp AND do they continue to move towards the player, or only if they get activated again the next round? Do you flip them facedown again? Also, the way the rules are written, it sounds like monsters only get one action, and they use that action to move closer to the player. (Unless they are in the space or adjacent with a ranged weapon, then they attack). Do they get more actions? Example if they move 1 space and now are in the same square/adjacent with range, do they get to attack? When the Faction activates on an agenda card, do you move the token as if it were a monster? I was confused, playing the Commonwealth scenario, I wanted to side with the railroad, so I didn't want to engage any synths in combat. Factions: well, there's a lot I don't understand about them yet. I'll need to read the rules more and maybe watch some videos. Anyway the game seems very fun, and the combat seems to go by fast. I like how you roll one set of dice at once and it effects the player and the monster. Much faster than most games, and it simulates the back and forth of the video game pretty well. I also like the leveling, very novel way to simulate the fast at the start, slow grind later feel of most RPGs.
  2. I'll have to try them out! I also have some glow in the dark filament. (Once I get my printer running right. Between not having a heated bed so getting it stick at the start, and then having just random issues with the nozzle(s), I haven't printed anything successfully my last several attempts. )
  3. Picked up my copy on the way home from work. Got the last one at the store, in fact.
  4. I should add, we've only used them in casual play, nothing official.
  5. We've done it several times. We also use the Epic rules that it obstructs shots, and if you hit it, poof, you're dead. Lots of fun!
  6. I've been burned out on X-WING for awhile. I rekindled my love of BattleTech with the Alpha Strike rules. Got Tanks!, But it's a bit too basic. Picked up some new board games. Then really did myself in: bought the new Kill Team box and Space Marine codex. Oops. I'm supposed to play in an X-WING Tournament this weekend at a new store that I helped organize, but I am thinking of bailing to stay home and build some Black Templars instead.
  7. Kamicosmos


    (recovering RAC Fel addict)
  8. Kamicosmos


    It's actually an abbreviation of Latin words that translate to "Best Ships and Mechanics in the Game".
  9. Raider. Was specially designed by FFG and approved by LF for the game.
  10. they were on deathstar 1. Actually, R2-Q5 was on Death Star 2. Sharp eyes to see him at the beginning during Emperor's arrival, along with a R4 tyoe as well. (I'm a fan of Q5. Have the action figure, and will eventually get the sideshow figure)
  11. Awesome work! I also see that you have one of the 'clean' fuselage models. A friend has 3 of them, and two are 'clean', and one is more weathered. So, the weathered one is his official Punishing One.
  12. Couple episodes later, the one with Princess Leia, you see the Other Side of the cockpit, and it appears to have a different amount of kill markers on that side! I need to go pause a few more scenes and see if they have any markers on the two turrets or the Phantom. (And, speaking of the Phantom, why isn't Chopper a Pilot for it? So for, he's flown it more than the Ghost. And, why doesn't the Phantom have an astromech slot in the game?)
  13. I wouldn't change the dice, as mentioned that would put the hurt on things in other ways. I do agree there needs to be more ways to mod agility though. Just the other day I was joking/complaining that there are so many ways now to modify red dice and/or auto-hits, why do I even bother throwing greens in defense? (Although, then I fly Fel and I think Greens are fine. Till he blanks with 5 of them and gets one-shot'ed...)
  14. I just got a pack of Imp and Reb. I put the dials for the Falcon, Ghost and Decimator in 'em. Then Interceptor and Advanced since they see a lot of play for me. I put the K-Wing in the other Reb dial cause well....cause. They're easy to swap out, easier than getting the old dials apart for sure! I'm a bit concerned about wearing out the little plastic nub with lots of swaps, but honestly, I doubt I'll swap them from the Large Ships, at least. I do really like how you can see the whole dial at once, that's nice. I really don't see buying these and swapping them out for every list. Just a couple favorite ships, or maybe that big Regional/Nats/Worlds list.
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