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  1. It's been christmas. News on everything is slow. I won't start worrying about a lack of expansions for this for at least a few more months yet. The game has expansion potential in almost every direction. Also waiting for news on expansions for Forbidden Stars, Star Wars Armada, Merchant of Venus (unlikely?), Imperial Assault, and probably a few more I can't recall right now. I haven't had a chance to play my new Eldritch Horror expansion yet, so asking for news of the next one seems churlish. FFG likes our money, and they like good games. Patience we must have. (Goes back to stalking the front page.)
  2. Concentrate on what the rules allow, not on what they don't specifically forbid. "But it doesn't say that I can't!" is not a good or useful way to read the rules. Any rules.
  3. Room for more players would be useful too.
  4. Concentrate on what the rules allow, not on what they do not specifically forbid. So no, it does not apply to spent tokens. In such cases as it does apply to spent tokens, this is, from what I have seen, specified in the text.
  5. I was wondering how a ship in outer space would get that brown staining, but then I remembered an article on orbital astronaut feces, and now I need to go find a bucket...
  6. Agree with Chucknuckle. Essentially he "crossed your T", which is ...not good for you.
  7. Also, I think this is likely to shake up the no-squadrons -meta (i.e. those people who do not run squadrons), as not running any blocking squadrons when these guys are about seems likely to be costly. Will be interesting to watch.
  8. Your timing is impeccable. My condolences,
  9. Ronin, that feels wrong to me. You can support nearly any action on that basis. It is not that Jedi get less conflict (or at leat not much less) when an action is "warranted". They choose to gain that conflict in order to serve what they perceive as the greater good.
  10. I believe it *is* the tool. Yoda does not say that a Jedi does not attack. He says that a Jedi does not use the Force for attack.
  11. I don't think what Yoda deems an appropriate response to the ruler of the galaxy revealing himself as a Sith Lord should be used as an example of what the PC's can do without Conflict... -Nemo
  12. Isn't this pretty much just "If the characters don't do anything all session, they still get session xp, OMG!" ? Yes, if the GM is just messing around, the system won't work. But this is the case with *every* system in an RPG...
  13. Well, then, if you insist: The critical effect opportunity from the crit symbol and the damage from the crit symbol are not linked in any way. They are different things. As long as the die that rolled a crit is not removed or rerolled, or the amount of damage is somehow reduced to zero, you will get to resolve a (one) critical effect. (the default critical effect also requires zero remaining shields or some way of bypassing shields. The default critical effect itself does not bypass shields.) Also, effects that reduce the amount of damage do not remove dice. Only effects that remove dice remove dice. Only effects that reroll dice reroll dice. These are all separate things. I think that covers all the bases. We shall see.
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