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  1. So I’m curious to know how you were using FAA off of Pattern Analyzer, or was it that you just had them both to be more maneuverable and weren’t using them together
  2. I agree stalling is bad. It’s kind of a catch 22 at that point though. One person has done enough to be ahead at that point, and the other has done enough to pull out a victory with an extra round. It’s just an unfortunate situation for both players IMO. I think the right decision was made in my game. We had already passed the initiative token so we should have went an extra round.
  3. When? Or after? If I have the initiative token in my hand and am in the act of passing it, has the new round begun? Based on the wording in the rules I would say no but this is what I’m trying to clarify.
  4. Had a situation in a game the other day where, we went through all of the stays phase stuff on reigning freight. I passed the initiative token and the TO called time in the round. We played another round. I lost. I’m a little salty about it lol. I was ahead by a point but there was no way I’d win if we continued. I’m not upset at the rule. It’s just an unfortunate way to lose a game. Just want to clarify in case it happens again.
  5. So unless a player has played a beginning of the round card or activated a new figure the new round has not started?
  6. I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but what actually starts the beginning of the next round. I was reading the rules and saw that the passing of the initiative token was actually the last part of the status phase. So does the round begin right after it’s passed or when someone plays a beginning of the round card or activated a figure.
  7. I wish I had time to practice. I’ve played with Jedi Luke before though. I tend to play a bit aggressive but I was thinking Chewie with the slam could possibly knock people off of objectives or terminals if he activated late in the round. And I think the Chewie and Han together is pretty cool!
  8. Cool. BJ from Mobile. Still new to the competitive scene. This will be only my 3rd tournament
  9. So I’m filling out a regional list for this weekend. I’m curious to know which one is better for 5 points. Is it Jyn with her stun or R2 with the ability to get more command cards. The rest of the list is Han Chewie Rebel Care Package and 2 smugglers with BotF
  10. So new player here. I’m playing in a regional this weekend and am considering your list. Would you recommend that a new player use the command cards you did? I was considering adding devotion and Han and Jyns cards. Id have to get rid of a couple cards to do that. Just curious to know your thoughts.
  11. What happens first? His end of round ability, or scoring. We played it as they happen at the same time so the player with initiative chooses the order. Sorry if this has been asked
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