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  1. Yea, that's right if I understand everything correctly.
  2. I have updated the thread with all the answers in my other post.
  3. Yes. After quest resolution there is a regular action window.
  4. Yes, Gandalf can participate and yes he will go back to your hand before the Escape Test forced by Gollum if you fail the Escape test on 2B.
  5. I have posted the answers to the questions I asked. I also asked many more questions which I have added to the list (starting at question 6a).
  6. I have posed the following questions to Caleb and will report back once an answer is received (in the mean time, feel free to discuss): 1. What phase are the players in, if any, during the Escape test action window provided by Gollum's Forced effect in the Dead Marshes scenario? 2. Assuming a player has an effect that is limited to "once per phase" would the player be allowed to trigger this ability during the action window provided by Gollum's Escape Test and then also trigger it during the Travel phase, potentially stacking the effects that would both subsequently expire at the end of the Travel phase? 3. Also, does this ruling also apply to "Until the end of the round effects" and "At the end of the round effects"? In Battle of Carn Dum, for example, it is possible for Thaurdir to attack you as a result of flipping. This flip is triggered by the Forced effect on the quest card that triggers "At the end of the round". This attack provides the players with an opportunity to trigger actions during the attack steps. So, if a player triggered an action that "lasts until the end of the round" during an attack made "At the end of the round" would it persist through the entire next round? If so, my first question also applies here. Could you stack multiple limited "once per round" "until the end of the round" effects? 4. Would Beorn (ally) shuffle back into your deck if you used his action during such an action window, since Beorn specifically says "At the end of the phase in which you trigger this effect, shuffle Beorn back into your deck.", I assume he would stay in play and wouldn't even shuffle back in at the end of the Travel phase (in the example with Gollum). 5. When you are resolving "At the end of the round" effects, are you considered to be in any phase? If so, what phase? 6a. What happens if you trigger Beorn's ability during an action window provided by an attack "At the end of the round" or "At the beginning of a round" since neither is a "phase" and Beorn's ability specifically says "At the end of the phase in which you trigger this effect..." 6b. If Beorn stays in play, can you trigger his ability a second time in the Resource Phase of the round and have +16 attack from both triggers of his ability? 6c. What happens, for that matter, if you trigger any "until the end of the phase" or "At the end of the phase" effect during an action window provided by an "end of the round" or "beginning of the round" attack since you are not actually in a phase? 7. With respect to Full Sail Ahead and the Weather Turns Foul quest cards in Flight of the Stormcaller, what, if anything, prevents the players from being Forced to place progress on Full Sail Ahead at the end of the round, immediately advance, and then have to also place progress on the Weather Turns Foul? 8a. You said that Eowyn's ability would end right before Gollum's Forced effect started if you had chosen to trigger it during the quest phase. Is this still true? 8b. If this is still true is it fair to say that if any "at the end of phase" or "until the end of the phase" effects are activated within that "suspension timing" you mentioned, that once the players resume play, they will start resolving all remaining effects (those that still needed to be resolved before the suspension and those that were started within it) in Passive > Forced > Response order? 9. What happens if an action window is provided by an end of phase effect (like in the example with Gollum's Forced Escape test) and during that "suspension timing" a new encounter card is revealed that happens to have an "end of phase" effect? Will it also be immediately resolved once you continue play? 10. I asked Caleb about a potential inconsistency in rulings and asked him to explain why the two situations resolved differently. The following answer was received: 11. Would Beorn ally's effect be considered a lasting effect AND a passive effect or just a passive effect (assume you trigger his action during the Eowyn / Gollum Escape Test example). Specifically, the part that says "At the end of the phase in which you trigger this effect..." 11a. To my knowledge, "lasting effects" are a subset of passive effects and are typically structured with the following wording: "Until the end of the phase, X". Is this correct? 12. If you use Vilya to put Dwarven Sellsword into play during an attack made by Thaurdir flipping "at the end of the round" in the Battle of Carn Dum, I assume based on the Forced effect ruling you would not have to trigger the Forced effect on Dwarven Sellsword that round since it was not in play at the time its specified trigger was met. Is this correct?
  7. The timing resolution for effects that share the same condition is Passive > Forced > Response (Section 1.37 in FAQ). So I am pretty sure that, in this case, the passive effect created by Sneak Attack will return him to your hand before the Escape test is triggered so he wouldn't be able to participate.
  8. Yeah that's fair. I think the only two possible interpretations are what RichardPlunkett mentioned though. One interpretation says it does activate Local Trouble and the other says it does not.
  9. I agree Forced effects/Actions/Response are abilities. I think a literal reading of Local Trouble is incorrect, however. In my post just before this one, I rewrote how I think Local Trouble was intended to be written which explains why I do not think Local Trouble would activate if Honour Guard or attachments attached to the hero did anything.
  10. I don't think anyone/anything triggers Forced effects. They simply are triggered once a specified prerequisite is met. That's why I think the wording on Local Trouble saying "When attached hero...triggers an ability" is poor because heroes don't trigger Actions or Responses on themselves. The player controlling them does. If RichardPlunkett's first interpretation is correct, it should have been worded something more like this: "When attached hero exhausts, readies, or has its game text triggered..."
  11. I do not think attachments would trigger it, nor Honour Guard. So let me quote what RichardPlunkett said, because I think he has it spot on. Basically, if the designers say it is intended to be #2 of his interpretation, it is perfectly fine justification, though I agree with him I would push for #1 without asking the developers. Neither of these interpretations allow Honour Guard or attachments to activate Local Trouble's effect.
  12. Thank you for helping reinforce my point. What makes you think that discarding cards is inherently bad?
  13. Well we can say with certainty, that the Forced effect on Nazgul of Dol Guldur is an ability, so I see no reason to believe Cirdan's or Glorfindel's Forced effects are any different.
  14. This is fairly subjective and while the developers might rule that Local Trouble does not trigger from Cirdan's Forced effect, I do not think stating it being a drawback is a good justification. It's a benefit in the case of Elven-light, or Lords of the Eldar, or other such cards so if those were the cards I discarded, would it suddenly become an ability, because it is no longer a drawback, and trigger Local Trouble's effect?
  15. You are correct and it was a mistake on my part. I guess Galadhrim's Greetings could have kept my threat low enough since Elu_Thingol never used them and had access to extra resources thanks to Resourceful, though it may have taken another turn to get Glorfindel into play. We also had Robin Smallburrow in play so I imagine we could've used his ability if necessary, though I can't say for certain if my mistake with Secret Vigil mattered significantly or not.
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