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  1. D6 Star Wars RPG is the only system I know of that has such a dedicated following and such great rule system that they even made there own revised, expanded and updated rulebook. Im still gonna buy this lol
  2. GAWD **** I LOVE THE WILD DIE HAHA I had a character named "Dev Colson" who was an X-Wing pilot and a complete idiot outside of the cockpit. Surrounded Storm troopers I decided to throw a thermal detonator at them with a 4D6 skill and I rolled ALL 1s haha even on that wild die, so I "throw" it with all my might and it ends up behind me exploding and sending me across the room lol.
  3. I love FFG and xwing, Armada and imp assault but I for star wars rpg I only play the D6 version because I don't like new FFG rpg... I do collect it because it looks great and is a good resource. This is really cool and it shows they love star wars.