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  1. Howdy Folks! My google-fu seems to be failing me. Has the internet play option been switched off for this app. I've only just found Fly casual (I know...been living under a rock). This seems like a great way to fly vs some friend who are very far away, but the internet option has been greyed out since I install the app 2 days ago. Thanks in advance
  2. So what your saying is that we will be reliant utterly upon an app that has the latest points costing or we play the other less formal version? No thanks. I bought a board game not a video game. And it still doesn't change the massive cost to stayin the current game using the same models.
  3. Does anyone have any clue what these conversion kits are worth in australian dollars. My collection now crosses scum, empire, first order, rebellion and resistance. So that's 5 kits minimum to get something from each faction at least playable. Seriously? Knowing the way Australia appears to get screwed with pricing i can't see these being less than $80 each. The AtSt is for legion is averaging about $90. This is why I havent gone to legion. Are current templates staying the same or are there new ones? A large number of kits were bought just to get access to fixes like the advanced tie in th imperial raider kit. Now we dont need those epic kits to get the fixes.... we just need to spend another $400+ to make them "compatible". And in many cases thats to get just one of each to a playable state because i only own or run one. Take the ghost for example. One kit gets how many ghost dials but only 2 xwings. Seriously? I think the op is right. Oh wait....i "need" to buy a core set to get the new damage deck. I dont play competitely due to massive distance from any tournament scene so i won't be getting a complimentary one and neither will my gaming group. But the means another xwing and more tie fighters to go with the 8 or more i already have. But 2.0 will balance/fix everything. For now. Until someone breaks the rules and we need an faq. Then we get resistance and first order. And another faq. I do understand the desire to reset and get everything on a par from across the waves but you just priced me out of the game. Separating the two imperial factions and the two alliance factions was a big hit. I guess ill grab the remaing 1st edition stuff and call it quits there.
  4. SWEEEEEET! Many thanks for the help folks
  5. Hi Folks, Thank you for this thread. I don't get to play anywhere near as much as I'd like and like the OP I struggle with some of the interactions and timings. Could we just clear up the following for me so that I am doing things right. If I have :- POE (PS9) with, Black One Title, BB8, PTL and Autothrusters. When it is Poe's turn to activate, I could, in order, 1. turnover a green 2 straight (reveal manoeuvre) 2. Perform a barrel roll (BB8) 3. Remove an enemy Target Lock from Poe or another friendly at range 1 (Black one Title) 4. Perform a boost earning a stress (PTL) 5. Actually do the green 2 straight, clearing the stress (manoeuvre) 6. Perform my action e.g. focus. If the above is correct then:- If I have Sensor cluster - and Poe rolls a focus/blank on green die, he could turn them into two evades - the focus due to his pilot talent and the blank due to the sensor cluster (which also spends the focus token)? If I have Pattern Analyser - it would allow Poe to K-turn, then perform an action. Can I then PTL after that action and do I then get 2 stress tokens? Sorry I have to have it spelt out like this but I would very much like to make sure I'm playing it right. Many thanks for your help
  6. Many thanks for the crazy fast response!!
  7. Hi Folks, Reading the new FAQ I took interest in the following section. "Focus, evade, and target lock tokens cannot be spent for their normal effect more than once during the "Modify Attack Dice" and "Modify Defense Dice" steps. For example, a ship cannot spend 2 evade tokens to add 2 evade results." Forgive my naivety but I don't get to play very much and when I do so, only in a small group. I am starting to think I am missing something. 1 - Is it actually possible to get multiple evade tokens in game? 2 - Does this rule mean what I think it does? IE a ship attacks mine and, after the dice are compared, my opponent has a hit and a crit. I have two evades on my ship (somehow) but can use only one to cancel the hit and must take the evade, leaving me with an evade still on my ship. 3. If my assumption at 2 is correct then what is the point of being able to get 2 evades? Many thanks for your help in advance
  8. Uhh Major? You were going to bite and throw some numbers at the cannon upgrade idea?
  9. Why is it not a reasonable fix Major? Because you said so? I thought you were backing your arguments with Math. I am unaware of anything that completely rules out such a fix. I am aware it is unlikely, but since none of us are FFG employees (are we?), I don't think we can positively rule it out. Given that you posted several options which were clearly not up to speed (your scenarios 3, 5betc) I thought that you were exploring options and that the math was the point of this exercise. So thanks for your reply it was..... Well I could finish the sentence but I'm not really motivated to!
  10. My first ever build was what I called Vader and Friends - Subtitled "how often can I crash". I built it to learn how to fly a swarm which no-one in my group flew. It was also because I liked Vader and it matched what I had in ships. It also matches your list of goodies in your sig. Vader + Engine upgrade Howlrunner + adrenaline rush 4 x academy pilots. When I first built the list I used missiles not eu on Vader but very soon the effects of boost were very clearly more useful to the way I fly. If you do swap them for missiles then proton rockets are your friend. I fly with Vader well away from the 5 ties giving my opponent the choice as to who he wants to go after. Both are bad choices for him. If Vader is left alone he needs to lurk on the fringe until you can zoom him into the rear of your opponents and boost allows range 1 for him - usually with a focus. If you have been hovering you will often have a target lock as well so you can make things hurt. I presume Luke has R2D2, making him very much a tank so you have to either kill him last or first. Personally I would take out Wedge as he kills the big advantage of the ties - their agility. The list is designed to be elusive. I often use evades rather than focus on the first pass so as to survive as long as possible. Remember the longer the fight goes the more the balance will swing to the rebel player. I get the impression that you are playing very friendly and that suits the above list - I certainly don't believe it to be tournament worthy (and therefore friendly, not stupidly good like a fat Han list or Echo swarm) but it is a lot of fun. This list is all about frustrating the opponent by boosting and barrel rolling out of his arcs. For this you will need to try and predict your opponents movements and use your seriously good dials to best effect. It also looks really good on the table having Vader and a bunch of ties trying to hunt down the trench runners.
  11. If we talk "thematically" as has been mentioned many times, then I cant remember seeing the advanced ever shoot a missile. I remember seeing it gun down some fairly helpless xwings but never a missile. It is however a testbed aircraft and I approach it as such and as such it should be open to a great many options if indeed it did spawn the interceptor and defender. None of this really affects the game in terms of making it competitive. Like Greedfly, I have taken Major's work as a very insightful view of the system we play in. I don't know how many times I have had an interceptor at range 3 behind an asteroid with a stealth generator and rolled nothing but blank green dice. If it all averages out then I don't think I will ever have to go through that ever again! The math is beyond me to figure out but as an answer to my curiosity could you please enlighten me as to the numbers if we gave the advanced a 5point heavylaser cannon (eg some form of negative point upgrade that allowed cannons) I am aware that this fix is unlikely but I would very much like to see the comparison to the initial scenarios. BTW thank you for the work you have put forward Sir. You have opened my eyes to quite a few things even in just these few pages.
  12. Why not. The consensus appears that the advance is 4 points over costed and that its major problem is the inherent weakness of green dice vs red dice. The ship was clearly designed as an early "heavy fighter" thus making it's dial reasonable and thematic. A tempest sporting a HLC would come in at 28 points. It's still pilot skill 2, it still has the advanced dial (which I like but do concede is inferior to the standard tie). A defender is 37 points (and I believe his to be very expensive) but the white kturn is extremely useful. the two would play fairly differently on the board. The defender is simply more capable of sustained hard turn dogfighting where the advanced would be more "boom and zoom" type play - not exactly but I'm struggling to put a concept into words here. I really don't feel that this would cut into the defender as much as people fear. Most players I run into run defenders without cannons anyway preferring to forgo them for engine upgrades If we want to compare imperials to rebels (as everyone is for the adv vs xwing) the blue bwing is 29 points for the same pilot skill, has more health, less agility but can take systems and torpedoes. The Advanced would give up its missiles at this point. still has no access to advanced sensors. Most people seem to regard the bwing as the king of the furball. This has fairly great potential for the HLC but also ion cannon and auto blaster would be reasonable too. A -1 might even be in order...
  13. So why not a Chardan refit style card that allows the advance to carry cannons?
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