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  1. I believe the Vault Tour tournament at Adepticon was won by a Dis/Logos/untamed deck.
  2. You left off Vaultkeeper. @Simplegarak Bait and Switch is a necessary deterrent to the decks that can generate crazy amounts of aember. I can only think of a few other, Doorstep to Heaven, Too Much to Protect, and Interdimensional Graft General musings on the topic. You have to be able to interact with your opponent’s aember and ability to forge keys. If you can’t they just need to be able generate 18 aember quicker than you can. If they can stop you from forging they don’t even have to be faster. You don’t have to use Shadows to slow your opponent down, it’s just the easy button. Aember control and key denial are primary strategies of house Shadow. If you have Shadows in your deck for aember control it allows for a wide range strategies in your other houses. Where as if your aember control is coming from other houses more limited choices you need specific suites of cards to get the job done. There are still quite a few options, it’s just harder to put it all together than simply choosing Shadows as one of your houses. In summary, you don’t need Shadows to control your opponents aember. It’s just easier to check that box and move on to the rest of what you want in your deck if you go the Shadows route.
  3. This is nothing like when destiny came out in my area. When destiny came out we got approximately 11 booster boxes and 8 of each starter for the whole area and the restock took 2 or 3 times as long to get here. That didn’t even come close to meeting demand. The store I bought from was allocated less than a third of his order. Just by the nature of the game Destiny requires more product to both play and stay fresh. The early days of Destiny were dark days indeed. My area received enough KeyForge product to support way more players on launch day than it did of Destiny. We had 15 at our release tournament with stock left over at the end of the day. I don’t even think my store was allocated. If it was we still had product for sale going into at least the second week.
  4. I live in a fairly small market, less than 400,000 people. We have struggled to keep product in stock. Having said that , the longest dry spell with no stock at any of the stores was about 3 weeks. We definitely haven’t been able to support sealed events on a regular basis. In fact we just had our second sealed event last weekend. Sound familiar? We haven’t let that stop us from having tournaments, we just play archon. Our smallest event was 9 people. We are a diverse group. Everybody has more than one game they play. We struggle to get 4 people for days without tournaments. That’s on us, not lack of support from FFG or our local local stores. The prize support for chainbound events leaves a little to be desired, ok maybe a lot, but are you and your friends only playing KeyForge for the prizes? Based upon what you say in your original post it sounds to me like you have a local problem organizing events more than an FFG problem. I mean really, saying FFG sucks when asked about local interest is a horrible answer. Ever hear the saying “You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar”? I’m not trying to insult your local store, but based upon the way you phrased their response they need to work on their marketing and event organizing skills. Does the amount of available product slow the growth of the game? Most likely yes. Does it kill it, no it doesn’t. As long as people have a deck or 2 they can play the game with a friend. FFG can make a game and provide OP structure, but the responsibility for the actual building of a community at the local level is in the hands of local players and store owners. P.S. I have played almost every weekend since the release of KeyForge. I think I missed 2 because of life. I’ve played that frequently because I make arrangements with people via personal contact and/or announcements on the local Facebook page or because a local store organized an event. I didn’t wait for FFG to print more decks or organize a tournament. Sometimes you have to put in some effort to get what you want.
  5. I’m not judging and for good reason, I’ve bought decks from eBay myself. However, the above portion of your post seems niave at best. Based on how you talk it sounds like KeyForge isn’t your first rodeo and you should know better. Since the advent of a secondary market for card games they have been nothing if not speculative. How do you think people that bought a play set of Jace the Mind Sculptor for $360 one week only to have it banned the next felt? About the same as you I’d imagine. I packed 3 and bought 1 for $40 and still felt bad. If you are going to speculate in the secondary market you need to accept the risks and move on or get out.
  6. Champions also gets E:.33, where Numquid doesn’t. Numquid remains on the board to reap or fight to in future turns as well as removing your oppenent’s only creature if they have just 1. Sometimes Champions is better, sometimes Numquid is better, that seems very KeyForge to me. I just question why Champion’s rating is so much better.
  7. I wondered about the rating of Nimquid the Fair (A:0, B:1, C:0, E:0) vs Champion’s Challange (A:0, B:2, C:0, E:.33). I thought they should be more closely rated to each other. Thanks for starting the thread. I was going to message the creator of KeyForge Compendium, but forgot.
  8. How frequently do you think the combo goes off before the deck loses and how many turns does it seem to take on average before it goes off?
  9. I don’t want to see the player base reduced, but this really shouldn’t cost the game players. The groups should take FFG’s advice and chain the decks appropriately. I played in a local tournament Saturday. I didn’t bring my best deck and neither did a couple of other players. I brought a fairly average deck that I wanted to play some games with. I’m not saying my fellow players would have had a problem with me bringing my best deck. I just thought it would be better to bring something lighter for our second tournament. We are not even a month in yet. Groups should be able to police themselves for a brief time while we are waiting for FFG to get serious about OP. We don’t have a problem yet. When or if the deck becomes a problem that can’t be fixed with chains ( in casual now, in OP when the app is ready) FFG should deal with it in an expedient manner. I would prefer we actually have a problem before we start fixing it. Don’t get me wrong, it is not too early to discuss a potential problem. It is too early to try to fix a problem that might not even exist, at least in my opinion.
  10. Ok, if we make the combo LA, PS, and NS there are 698 decks or .00256194 percent of the 272,450 decks currently in the data base. I still don’t see this as happening frequently enough to be a problem for OP.
  11. There are currently 1,811 decks out of 272,450 decks in KeyForge Compendium that contain those 3 cards. That is .00664709 percent of the decks. Even if you toss in the 470 that includes Chota it is only .00837218 percent, less than 1 percent. I just don’t see this as a problem. Not only do you have to get one of these decks, you also have to pilot it through to victory. In a major tournament it’s unlikely you will hit that combo every game so the rest of your deck better be good. If you have a deck that good you deserve to win a national or world title before FFG chains it or bans it. Edit: Don’t you need a Nepenthe Seed or Reverse Time to make sure you draw the cards you need a second time? If so, that would lower the number of decks capable of pulling off the combo.
  12. It’s way too early for knee jerk reactions to decks that are doing well in the first 3 weeks after release. Having said that, I still like some of what you wrote. Your first point is a great idea if it becomes necessary. We don’t have near enough data 3 weeks in to pull the trigger on this though. I don’t agree with your 2nd idea. The ability to lock someone out should exist in the game. The lock should be difficult enough to achieve that playing a deck dedicated to achieving it is a high risk/high reward choice. If a deck like that ever becomes too efficient we will have a problem depending on how frequently the combination of cards that make it efficient show up. If they show up in 1 out of every 10,000 decks I don’t see a problem, chain or ban the decks. I’m definitely not sure 8 Horsemen decks are a problem. I watched the Team Covenant video too and I’m not sure why you think the deck that Stephen beat Zach with was custom made to beat double Horsemen decks. Decks that have multiple ways to purge creatures (to increase the likelihood of getting it) can easily put an end to repeatedly cycling the Horseman of Death. In summary, it’s way to early to pull the trigger on major changes in KeyForge. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg of possible decks. The decks that seem strong now may have more ways to counter them than we realize or show up so infrequently as to not be a problem. If in time, the combos you bring up prove to be real issues I’ll be all for implementing changes.
  13. They could just go to the KeyForge secondary market and buy a deck that suits their needs for $12 to $16. The KeyForge secondary market is pretty reasonable if you’re not looking for Horsemen or Timetravellers. If you are playing CCG’s competitively good luck building tier 1 decks for $100. For the same amount I could buy 5 or 6 competitive KeyForge decks I know I want to own. I’m taking a deck I bought from CSI for $12 to my tournament tomorrow. I bought it because it had a Bear Flute with 2 Acient Bears and a Neutron Shark. Cards I knew I wanted, but didn’t have in any of my decks.
  14. I never in any of my comments assumed everyone would know what they’re getting into or adapt to it. I specifically said it would lose people because of it. My contention throughout has been it won’t be enough to be detrimental to the success of Keyforge. My reason was because more people will lose the ccg paradigm we currently apply to card games accept KeyForge for what it is.
  15. Who says not being able to deck build is a shortcoming and not a strength or just neutral? if you accept you can’t deck build you’ll probably learn to accept the fact there is a card or two in your deck you don’t like. That is hardly an end of the word situation. Personally, it doesn’t bother me at all. If you aren’t going to be satisfied until you get the exact deck you want, you’ll have major problems with KeyForge. I am saying more people will end up accepting that the design of KeyForge prohibits changing their deck than will become disillusioned and leave. KeyForge isn’t a deck building game. Quit thinking of it as one. Evaluate it based on what it is. That’s all I’m saying.
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