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  1. pick gambler, always pick gambler Gambler is the best tree ever and not just for the mechanics Screaming out from the top of youre lungs "DUBBLE OR NOTHING!!!" and then rolling the dices
  2. Just a short uppdate on how my DM have dealt with the question He ignored it pretty much and i dont have the energy to argue more than we already do
  3. heres a challange for you a trandosian to hide as a human
  4. Simpel, write youre groupes funny inside jokes but add no context "Youre honor, he need killing" " Squib!"
  5. In the campaign i have been playing in for about 2-3 years now we are crawling up on about 1500xp (i would just like to note that we only get about 10xp per session) and we are still getting challanged
  6. I would make it so even if the credits are still invalid it is still possible to exchange theam for imperial credits at an imperial bank for a lesser ammount But showing up to an imperial bank with a bunch of republican credits will raise quite a few eyebrows on how they got theam so they will have to find a middel man (who wants to be paid) and that middel man mostlike has a boss (who wants to be paid). So they will still get money from it but just less money. Or They can start up a front company and launder the money via theam Rember the players would want something out of the plan they did and just getting a red hearing is never fun, making it in to a intressting quest to launder the money is alot more interesting
  7. He is currently using a random movment system based on athletics
  8. How should he treat it since he says it dose not make sense to do it by the book
  9. So im playing a star wars edge of the empier game and my GM is having troubel with movment and how to treat it on the map since movement in this game is since its not ridged as with games like D&D
  10. Thats different, if i joined a ongoing campaign i would be fine with the starting XP but after playing over a year getting bumped down to 40% of my earned XP just dose not sit rigth
  11. I would just wanna point out that i have been playing with this group for almost a year now and im baiscly all that time is for nothing now, my GM is saying that thiere will be story reasons to catch up but i honestly dont buy that Also thats only a 100xp diffrences my other charater hade 340 earned xp so im getting 220 less than what i hade
  12. So this is kinda related to my other post about the snipers from hades ( for some reason i cant say he ll?) So i need to make a new character for the campaign im in but im only getting about 40% of the XP (120 extra from start) i hade for my other charater and mabye some bonus? (its uncleare) my question is being so far behind the curve is theire any way for me to catch up and be actully useful in the group Also is this comon for many groups to do this in this star wars rpg?
  13. Just to clarifi about the situation we were evacuating civilians from the planet and thiere was no talk of surrender and he declared that the mission was successful but i think im goning to leave the campainge of diffrently related reasons mostly that i think that my GM is out to get me
  14. Yes 2 of us went down me and another player and i was effectively killed (captured but GM told me to make a new character) And no we have one combat monster but the rest of us are avreage at best
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