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  1. Something a little different this time, I picked up a Z-95 a few days ago but I couldn't decide on a paint scheme. I also wanted to have some nice terrain, possibly a space station so I came up with these! A selection of salvaged Z's being repaired for use by the scum and villainy of the universe. I'm also planning on putting together a small space station using the landing pads and some other random stuff, here's a closer look at them. And a better look at the damaged Z's, some in better shape than others! As always C+C greatly appreciated. Cheers Chris
  2. Thanks for all the kind replies everyone, didn't expect that good a reaction! I have a couple more ships finished, a bit of reinforcement for the Imperials in the form of the Aces. Again, slightly altered colouration but I like to add my own touch to the models. I've finished all the ships I currently have at the moment so I'm not sure what to do next, I was thinking maybe a Z95 since I can't find a Falcon! Any thoughts on what I should go for? Cheers Chris
  3. A selection of Rebels, repainted in my take on the classic colours. Much more photos in my topic: Flying under new colours Cheers Chris
  4. Diving into the game but I must admit I wasn't a fan of the pre-paints (not that they're at all shabby!) so I gave these a bit of a sprucing up. Mainly focussed on the Rebels for now but some more TIE's are next on the desk. First up; X-Wing and E-Wing. The first A-Wing, I love this model so there will likely be a red one at some point. A B-Wing with the common cockpit and flight stand mod. And finally for the Rebels, a HWK-290. I'm still not completely set on this. It might get another colour on some of the panels later on. Right now it looks very "grimy industrial" rather that military. The full Rebel fleet so far, eagerly avaiting the new Y-Wing and Z-95 box set later in the year! It's not just a one sided battle though, Imperial TIEs! Red canopies... because bad guys. Thanks for checking them out, all C+C greatly appreciated! Cheers Chris
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