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    hakooh reacted to QuickWhit in Runewars Minor Champions Expansion   
    Short version:  My group out here in AZ started playing again after an almost year long hiatus.  In doing so, I decided to design my own expansion for Runewars that converts the champion units from the infantry command packs into cheaper, minor champion units with their own unique upgrades.  The goal is to create more build variety and tech options at a lower, less restrictive cost than including champions in a large infantry unit. We have completed the first half of this expansion (the magic users).  The second half will include the fighter champions and upgrades.  I hope to have those done in the next month.  Currently we are restricting our lists to 2 minor champions per list.  Feel free to bend/break that rule and let us know how it goes!
    The below linked PDFs contain the components of this expansion so far.  They can be printed and assembled by either gluing them to existing cards/dials, or by printing them on thick card stock and gluing them to some chip board.  Then simply place the appropriate champion unit in your extra Ardus/Kari infantry champion base and start playing.   
    Please download and enjoy!  Any feedback you have is also welcome!  Merry X-Mas!  
    Long version:  After coming back to the game, and open lamenting its early demise, my group decided we wanted more options.  I decided to design this expansion to shore up some perceived weaknesses in the game that we all shared.  My goals were as follows.
    Put the rune wars back in Runewars:  When we first started playing the game we tried out various rune manipulation builds.  While we love the thematic nature of magic users manipulating the energy of the battlefield to tilt the balance toward their army, this was usually disappointing in execution.  You often had to invest a large amount of points into rune manipulation only to lose numerous coin flips in a row.  I decided to design reliable rune manipulation at a reasonable cost for each faction.  I designed it such that it will typically go off during the round.  Anyone who has had a great game with the confluence of magic objective knows how fun this can be.  We have found mid-round rune manipulation to be a lot of fun and adds an extra layer of strategy in how you set your dials.
      Give cheaper tech options:  Similar to the above note about rune manipulation, sometimes you want to be able to include a niche piece of tech, but you can't  justify the cost.  Getting support for something like overgrow or countering cat-bounce often feels too expensive.  This expansion gives some options for tech in the 12-25 point range.
      Rounding out lists:  Sometimes you are building a thematic list that comes in at 180-190 points and your only real option is including another single tray siege unit or reworking your upgrades.  This can be frustrating and push you away from the direction you were originally going.  This expansion gives the option of throwing in a single cheap support unit that includes various builds instead, often supporting the direction your army was going anyway.
      Support for larger units:  In our local meta we have gotten away from large units for a couple of reasons.  The biggest two are getting out-flanked and not having enough units to compensate for various objectives that basically require 4+ dials to be successful.  The ability to include a few very cheap support units makes large units more viable by covering up those weaknesses. Keep in mind that we haven't done much play testing of this expansion to this point.  There are likely more than a few things here that are over/under costed.  Consider this a beta version.  We have already made a few tweaks to abilities and costs and intend to make more.  I am hoping for feedback from anyone in the community interested in trying it.  Once I finish with the warrior champion units I will get them posted as well.  Then my group will be playing with them all frequently with the goal of doing an update in the next 3-6 months based on our experiences and feedback from the community.
    Ultimately I made this expansion because we wanted it locally.  We won't be offended anyone here doesn't like it or want to play it.  However, I thought there would be at least a few players here that might be interested in trying it out.
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    hakooh reacted to Jukey in Prelude to War (Community Campaign)   
    This will be the "official" Community Campaign thread for tracking results and furthering the campaign.
    Here is the beginning map.  I still need to get names of places into the map, but I can at least update the boundaries each month, so our games played will make a visible impact.
    Season 1, part 1 (Prelude to War)

    In the latest Dragonholt Post news, Rumors of Waiqar in the Frozen North have been circulating with increasing frequency, despite an uneasy quiet on the Mistland Front.  Latari Hunting parties have been reported in the lower peninsula of Lorimor and the Borderlands far north of the Bloodwoods.  A tattered remnant of a trader caravan turned up in Forge with warnings of Uthuk War Bands roaming far from the Ru Steppes.  
    The next Great War of Terrinoth is about to begin!
    Season 1, Part 2. 

    The Grayhaven Herald reports an onslaught of Waiqar in the lands south of Dunwarr.  Fort Cradle is all that stands against the undead.  Meanwhile, the Dragonholt Post speaks of success in the reclamation of the lands east of Sudunya against Latari Raiders.  The threat of Uthuk looms in the east.
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    hakooh reacted to Jukey in Community driven campaign   
    Yeah I would need the wins and losses of each faction played to determine the results of that month.  I am working on getting a map of Terrinoth divided into small regions which can be fought for over the months.
    No reason we can't start right away.  I'll get the fancy bits worked out as we go.
    For the first month, which will go until Oct. 31st,  we'll keep things simple.
    Border skirmish
    Objective: Break their Defenses
    Deployment: Maelstrom 
    No Heroes. Core units only.  Siege max of 3.
    It should be interesting limiting the units but not upgrades.  If anyone is a good fluff writer PM me, I'm terrible at good creative writing.
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    hakooh got a reaction from Jukey in It IS FINALLY HERE!!!! 1st Runewars Fan Expansion!!!   
    Hi Church14 !
    First, thanks to extend our enjoyment with your runequest extension 🙂
    I hope you release Latari and Uthuk cards soon, so next holidays perhaps I can play with them !
    Thanks to all people who have trying to fan made something for runewars, it's very cool 🙂🙂🙂
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    hakooh reacted to sarumanthewhite in It IS FINALLY HERE!!!! 1st Runewars Fan Expansion!!!   
    OK, I thought I’d give some other folks a chance to jump in, but I guess @Jukey, me, and @Xelto will continue... 😣  (BTW, where’s @Church14?)
    @Xelto If I understand you correctly, you’d like to see a mechanic for Unhallowed which is perhaps more thematic and similar but different to Overgrowth.  I’m on board with you directionally as well and one of the things I like about Runewars is that each of the factions is quite different (although some of their upgrades are identical).
    Here’s the dilemma I faced:
    I didn’t want to add a piece of terrain to the game because of it’s ability to shut down movement of large units when there’s 4 pieces of terrain on the board I was concerned about putting tokens on the same piece of terrain that the Latari could end up putting Overgrowth tokens on as this could create a sort of trump effect making folks less likely to use it. The token placement is not random but rather represents locations where the Waiqar have performed specific rituals prior to the battle, sort of preparing the battlefield with field entrenchments, etc.  The Latari do have the Greenwatch Herald which allows them to put a token in the battlefield albeit at a particular range of a unit. There are Unhallowed units which are always considered to be at Range of token but don’t create the effect themselves.  I kind of like the idea of units being one source of the effect, though.  I think you’re both onto something. Placing the Graveyard in place of one of the existing terrain pieces seems to fit with your thematic expectations and accomplishes much of what a placed token would. As @Jukey noted, the Uthuk are going to get their own token placement, board position effect.  I need to think how to make it similar but different from Unhallowed and Overgrowth...  We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it...🙄
    So, how about this:
    I’ll make a couple of the unique units to be sources of Unhallowed.  When the unit dies, the token goes away if it hasn’t been used.   I’ll add a rule that says, “During Setup, at the start of Step 5- Place Terrain, you may replace one Dangerous terrain piece with the Graveyard or one Defensive terrain piece with the Blighted Ground terrain piece taken from outside the game.  The next time you are to choose and place a terrain piece, your opponent makes that choice instead.  After Setup, place X Unhallowed tokens on the terrain piece you chose where X is the highest Unhallowed rating from a unit or upgrade in your army.  You may then move each token to within Range 1 of the terrain piece.” I kind of like the idea of reserving the unit sources to being Uthuk, but thematically it has a great feel for the Waiqar.  What would you suggest for Uthuk?
    Once again, thanks for your thoughts and let’s see if we can move this forward.  I’m working on the Latari, that should be finished by the end of next week...
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    hakooh reacted to sarumanthewhite in Currently available figures that can be used for Runewars   
    So with the first card based expansion nearly complete for playtesting, I want to start thinking about new units for each faction.  While we're not going to get any new figures from FFG, there are a ton of figures out there and with the Litko bases and a .pdf, we can make some cool new units...
    I have the Sylvaneth from Age of Sigmar for the Latari but would be interested in ideas for the other three factions.  The key requirement is that you have to be able to buy enough of them at a reasonable price to make an army.  I like a lot of the figures in Descent, but I just don't see how you could make units that take 12 figures or more to work as each box only has 3-4 of them.
    I figure each faction needs one more rank and file unit with possibly a new champion.
    Any suggestions...
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    hakooh reacted to sarumanthewhite in Getting The Band Back Together!!!   
    Look, I know that in our hobby these days, there's so much stuff coming out that even good games get overrun by licensed products.  At the same time, I would offer that our perspective's have been biased by the need to buy new stuff every 30-90 days.  Having been in the gaming hobby for going on 40 years now, I can say that was not always the case.  We typically got a couple of releases a year and our interest picked up with it's arrival.
    Now that we're starting to get our fan made content up and running, I wanted to share what we did to build our group and keep it going in spite of everything else.  I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this.
    I took the lead by having a couple of armies to share with the newer folks and then as I came across armies being sold on eBay, I picked them up (at quite a discount!) and put them in my closet for future use.  With three of us having actually purchased our own armies, we brought in another 3 to play on a bi-weekly basis.  I essentially schedule the pairings every two weeks with the missions/deployments and send them out to the group.  Those two folks are responsible to schedule their own match in that time period.
    We score winner's/loser's, points don't matter beyond that.  After 12 weeks, everyone's played each other once (6 players, weeks per game), we total it up and have a playoff to figure out the winner.  Prizes are Gentleman's Honor... 😀
    We find that the bi-weekly format where folks schedule their own game works perfectly.  It's just too hard to get all 6 in a room on a given day due to personal lives, etc.  Now, the other three folks all have bought armies and we're up to a group of 6- plenty for us.  
    Again, we're living in the post-Thanos snap world, I get it.  At the same time, if folks want to make this work, it's really not that hard, you just have to stick with it (like anything in life).
    I'd love to hear other folks experiences...
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    hakooh reacted to sarumanthewhite in It IS FINALLY HERE!!!! 1st Runewars Fan Expansion!!!   
    OK Folks,
    I know that what's left of our community is decimated by the announcements back in January and the subsequent "Game is Complete" notice at Gen Con last week.   There's nothing I can do about that.  However, as I noted in an earlier topic, I refuse to let it go and wanted to share what me, Jukey, and Church have created to fill the void.  You will find below download links for compressed .pdf's of the card files for our first, fan-made expansion.
    I'm still getting the Latari and Uthuk cards into their graphic format, but for now, here's the Daqan, Waiqar, and Generic cards.  There are approximately 75 new cards for just these three portions of the expansion and we're targeting another 25 or so each for the Latari and Uthuk bringing the total expansion to 125 cards.  We realize that this is a lot to digest but we feel that it addresses several key points:
    Unique units - Each faction gets at least one unique unit for each of it's unit types.  Designed to make the many of the non-standard unit sizes playable, each of them will change the dynamic of your army building. Hero builds - Each hero gets one or more new ways to play that hero influencing your overall army building and tactical decisions.  'Nuff said... 😀 New Units - Each faction gets one or two new units to nominally address things they're missing or to perhaps buff up an underpowered unit.  Waiqar get trash cavalry and Daqan get a golem unit that is a little more balanced (and useful, we hope). Unit building options - I get frustrated by force-building games that limit choices due to cards which are just more useful or cheaper than their peers.  We've tried to create some options here to shake things up.  To be sure, we don't want things to be overpowered, but the three of us agree that there's an opportunity cost to a card as well as it's points cost and so we've tried to address that dynamic here as well.  In the next day or so, I will be preparing a spreadsheet so that folks can share their opinions on the cards in a standardized way.  In the meantime, you can reply to this topic or start a new one.  Please post any battle reports in that section of the forums.
    I owe folks here the Latari and Uthuk which I should be able to finish in the next couple of weeks now that Gen Con is over and my work travel has a small gap.  Rest assured I will get this done.  In the meantime, there's something new for each faction even if you can only use the Generic cards...
    We know that not every card or idea will survive playtesting, so part of our thought were to get the cards out there and let folks decide.  We are happy to receive any feedback, all we ask is that if you find something we missed, please offer one or two suggestions on how to fix it.
    After we get this out, we will start working on new units using currently available models from other companies.  I already have two such units for the Latari (using the Sylvaneth from Age of Sigmar) and some ideas for the Daqan.  Anyone with suggestions for Waiqar and Uthuk, please share them with us.
    With that, enjoy...  😎
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    hakooh reacted to Marc1080 in The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers - Star Wars Campaign idea   
    Hi everyone. 

    Long story short. I'm a veteran d&d gm who is known to build his own campaign.
    However I'm new to the FFG Star Wars system. With my players we finished the beginners game Escape from Mos Shuuta.
    Currently we are going trough the follow-up story of The Long arm of the Hutt.
    Hopefully when the story is compleded will my players and I have a feel for the system.

    I'm currently brainstorming about a couple of ideas one of the ideas I had was a Firefly kind of setting, somewhere between Episode III and IV.
    We dicussed this already with my players and some had already some character ideas.

    An other idea I have is a campaign build upon The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (An space western cartoon from the 80s).
    With the Sector Rangers does Star Wars have something similar.
    Sector Rangers are mostly assigned to provide law enforcement services in the farthest stretches of space and usually traveled in pairs or groups of four.

    The current idea for a setting: Early years of the New Republic.
    After the fall of the Empire and the rise of the New Republic are the Sector Rangers, once a noble law enforcement community, rebuilding.
    The players could new be members of Sector Rangers or be deputized by a senior Ranger.
    The New Jedi Order also exist in it's early stages. The Sector Rangers (players) could support the New Jedi order in mission.
    This allowes for my players to play as a Jedi as well, as I'm planning to allow all the 18 classes from the three books.
    I'm currently looking into adapting Trouble Brewing into a campaign starter.
    The R4 unit part of this adventure could well be an former Jedi R4 unit who who has some information which could lead to some Jedi-artifact or even lost temple.

    To which degree I have to involve the Jedi will depend on the classes my players choose.
    As mentioned I'm playing with some options. However I'm looking for some inspiration. Any ideas?
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    hakooh reacted to Jukey in No new product confirmed   
    It would have been nice if they could have just put the game on hold for a few months or years until they have time and resources for it again.  Announcing it is done is a bit depressing.  It really takes the wind out of the communities sails.
    I still am up for doing community created expansions, but have a lot of other games and hobbies that require attention as well. 
    Runewars will always be special to me because it was my first real wargaming miniatures game, which got me into painting, kitbashing, and batrepping (I know, it's been too long since the last madlands tale).
    Heres hoping the dozen or so active members can still pull a community driven future together for this brilliant game.
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    hakooh reacted to drainsmith in New Dispensary additions - Printer Friendly stuff   
    Added a printer friendly version of my GM Screen
    Version 4 of my generic vector character sheet. I've dropped off the Combat Summary, since it is now in the GM screen, and added an extended Talent Pyramid.
    Printer friendly version of v4 character sheet, above.
    As always, my Dispensary of Genesys is available here:
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    hakooh reacted to sarumanthewhite in It Is TIME!!! (or This is NOT It!)   
    Just thought I'd give folks an update on this project.
    I've recruited @Church14 and @Jukey to help out and they've designed the Uthuk and Latari parts of this.  We've exchanged our reviews and feedback on about half of the material and I'm working to get it all rolled up into a package which we can get out to the community here in the next few weeks.  To be candid, I ran into some time constraints with work/family around the holiday and I'm also trying to find time to practice for Gen Con!!
    Regardless, we are working on this and you're going to love it.  We have about 100 cards for you and I'll start sharing some previews of it here shortly.  Thanks for your patience!!!
    What is dead may never die!!!
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    hakooh reacted to Supertoe in A brief overview of the setting for those new to Terrinoth   
    I've seen a bunch of posts asking about the Terrinoth setting, so I took the liberty of putting this brief overview together.
    Major Factions:
    There are four major factions in Terrinoth. These races will definitely appear in RuneWars.
    The Daqan Lords: (I might have some of the history wrong here, but I think I've got it right) This race consists entirely of humans, though they are the friendliest of all the races towards the others. They are know for their discipline, valor, and fighting skills.
    History: After the First Darkness ended, an era of peace began, with King Daqan presiding over the 100 year peace. (Daqan was presumably given long life by the magic of Timorran, more on him later). However, Daqan mysteriously vanished during the Second Darkness, and was never seen again. People still whisper that Daqan will one day return to guide them through a dark time. The RuneWars are seen by most as that time. After Daqan's disappearance, the empire was split. The Council of Thirteen took over ruling the northern Baronies, while each Free City became a loosely allied self governing city-state. The most powerful of these city states was Tamalir, which was the only Free City given its autonomy during the reign of Daqan. This was meant to be a temporary solution until Daqan returned, but the system is still in use today.
    Other important Free Cities:
    Riverwatch: Home to people of many different races, like most of the Free Cities, however, it is unusual in its high Orc population, something shared only by Dawnsmoor.
    Dawnsmoor: A loosely governed city of mercenaries, traders, and refugees, populated by Orcs, Elves, Humans, but not dwarves.
    Greyhaven: Home to the most prestigious magical academies.
    Forge: The only Free City consisting of primarily one non-human race. Forge is mostly dwarves, with a few humans who are descended from refugees from the Third Darkness. There are strong tensions in the city.
    Between the Second and Third Darkness, the Usurper Kings overthrew the Council and took over the free cities. However, a combination of revolts, assassinations, and just plain bad luck killed them off. This led to the popular myth that any who tried to claim Daqan's throne would meet a tragic demise. The Council and The Free Cities rule most of Terrinoth to this day.
    Besides the usual cavalry, infantry, etc., Daqan features Rune Golems, which are magical constructs created during the reign of Daqan for use in emergencies. Siege Golems are massive, sightless golems that lumber around with a huge crossbow strapped to their back, which makes them a powerful siege unit, as well as a terrifying Catapult-type unit (no race actually has real catapults, an interesting fact). Also, many great heroes and generals ride a Roc, a massive bird that dominates the battlefield. Battlemages are commonly found in the ranks, and they are experts at creating "Rune Shields", which protect their troops. Finally, constructs called Ironbound are rare but powerful, being nearly unkillable.
    Waiqar the Undying
    Waiqar the Undying was once the top general in the army of the great wizard Timorran. But in Timorran's fight against the Uthuk Y'Llan in the First Darkness, Waiqar was captured and tortured by the Uthuk. When Timorran eventually rescued him, Waiqar had changed. Whether he had been corrupted by the demonic influence of the Uthuk, or if simply the torture broke him, nobody knows. At the end of the 100 year peace that followed the First Darkness and the Scourging of the Wastes, Timorran knew his life was nearing its end. So he channeled all his powers into an object he called the "Orb of the Sky", so as to keep his peace alive forever. This proved to be his undoing, for his most trusted general, Waiqar Sumarion, launched an assault on the tower where the orb was kept. Broken and defeated, Timorran was forced to shatter the Orb. He then used the power of one of the shards to transform his most trusted acolyte, Lumii Tamar, into a raven. He then told Tamar to take the shards and spread them across Terrinoth. When Waiqar reached the top of the tower and saw what Timorran had done, he was furious. He killed Timorran with one blow, and then took the shard from the dead body of the great wizard. Clasping the shard, Waiqar made a dark oath. He vowed never to rest until he had all of the shards. The enormous hatred within this oath produced an unexpected result. Waiqar vowed to never rest, so never rest he did. Death had no hold on him any longer. He took his army and fled to the Ru Steppes to the west of the Free Cities to plot his return. His army died, but rose from the grave to support their master. Waiqar then brought the most skilled Necromancers to his lands, and the undead army began to form.
    Waiqar then launched an attack on Terrinoth, known as the Second Darkness, but was repelled by the King Daqan, and later, the Council.
    Waiqar also caused the Third Darkness, the revolt of the DragonLords. He spoke to the powerful Zir the Black in her dreams, and when she learned of the shards, she and the other DragonLords set out to find them, tearing Terrinoth apart in the process. When the dragons found a shard, they carved their own runes onto them, amplifying their power. Some dragons split the shards into smaller pieces, giving them to their mortal allies. These are the minor runes used by spellcasters today. Two things stopped the DragonLords and Waiqar's plot. First, the Orcs of the Broken Plains joined the fight alongside the Elves, Dwarves, and Men, laying aside old hatreds. The second was that one of the dragons killed Zir.
    Now Waiqar plots again to take the shards, and this time he won't rely on Dragons to do it. Waiqar is the one who started the Fourth Darkness, commonly known as the Rune Wars.
    Waiqar's army consists of Reanimates, who are the remains of his original army. When their skeleton body is killed, the soul simply finds a new skeleton. The Reanimate Archers are are also his original soldiers. Necromancers create new soldiers every day for Waiqar. Bone Horrors are quickly cobbled together creatures made out of any bones the Necromancers could find. Death Knights are the bound spirits of mortals who swore allegiance to Waiqar at some point in time. They are mounted on undead horses, and wear black armor. Barghests are undead werewolf type things, and Wraiths are spirits bound to Waiqar. Banshees are typical Banshees, and occasionally a Barrow Wyrm, or undead dragon, can be found in an army. Carrion Lancers are new to the world, and I honestly don't know what the are. But I see why they created a new elite unit, because Banshees are so generic and Barrow Wyrms fly, which could be confusing in a starter set.
    The Uthuk Y'Llan
    This is the only faction truly unique to Runewars and Terrinoth.
    The Uthuk were once simple nomadic people known as the Loth Khar living in the Ru Darklands. But the Shaman Llovar Rutonu was corrupted by the Ynfaernel, the dark gods of Menarra (Terrinoth is the continent, Menarra is the world). Llovar had his tribe drink demon blood, and soon they became the corrupted warriors we know today. During the First Darkness, the Uthuk were all but wiped off the face of Terrinoth during what was known as the "scourging of the wastes", which occurred after Timorran defeated the Uthuk. He wished to wipe them out for good. But some survived, and now they have returned, hungry for vengeance. The Uthuk can be found to the northwest of the baronies, and Lord Alcaron (the closest thing to a real character we have) was the first of the Daqan to fight them since the First Darkness. The Uthuk hunt the wild demons of their lands, and drink their blood in rituals to renew their dark pact.
    Berserkers and Blood Harvesters make up the infantry for Uthuk. They have many bone spurs, and super human strength. Viper Legions use poison arrows to wound foes. Blood Sisters and Warlock Chieftains are the main magic wielders, and they use dark magics. Flesh Rippers are wild demons tamed by the Uthuk to fight as cavalry. The Obscenes are Uthuk possessed by demons of gluttony, and they go into battle frenzies and feast upon the blood of their victims. Grotesque are Uthuk that have severely mutated so that one arm is completed covered by bone spurs and shells. They use this arm to great effect in melee combat, and can also shoot Spurs on bone out from the arm to bombard their enemies. The Chaos Lord is a massive demon that serves as the Uthuk's heaviest, strongest ground unit. The Doombringer is an insect-like demon that burrows underground, surprising its enemies.
    The Latari Elves
    The Latari Elves are the last of the Elven tribes, the rest having been wiped out, mostly by the dragons in the Third Darkness. They live to the southwest of the Free Cities, south of Waiqar's lands. The other tribes which have faded into history are remembered in Latari by way of the Tears of Latariana. As they never received a Battlelore faction, and were never very important in Runebound, not much is known about them. Sorry bout that.
    Less is known about the elf army due to never receiving a Battlelore faction. However, we know that they use archers as their primary foot soldier, their warriors are highly trained and difficult to kill, they ride bear-like creatures known as Leonx, as well as mighty pegasuses. They also enlist the help of mighty tree spirits known as Forest Guardians (which were rather lame in both Rune Age and the original Rune Wars.) They also have mages known as Storm Sorceresses.
    Sub-major Factions:
    These factions only appear in Rune Age: Oath and Anvil, as well as in passing references throughout the game series. They have a decent shot at entering the game, but don't count on it.
    Dwarves of Dunwarr
    Little is known about the dwarves. We know that they are generally reclusive, and only mix with other races at the Free City of Forge, and even then grudgingly. While the humans and elves are considered "good", dwarves are more "neutral". They generally stay out of everything, unless they have to. The only thing that convinces the dwarves to act is a threat to Dunwarr itself.
    Dwarves have the least description of their armies of any faction. This is because three of their units in Rune Age are: Sentinel, Forge Master, Guardian. Very generic. So I guess they are mostly foot soldiers? They also employ bombs. This is known from the Demolitionist in Rune
    Age (I so hope he enters RuneWars), and the Dwarven Fire Bombs in Rune Wars (again, the old one. This is so confusing. Couldn't they have come up with a different name?). They also use Digging Machines and War Machines to fight with. I personally take issue with them having machines. The rest of Terrinoth is still fighting with bows and swords, and haven't even invented the catapult yet, but they have all this technology. How come some hasn't leaked out to the other nations? Hopefully they change this in RuneWars, and make them magical constructs or something.
    Orcs of the Broken Plains
    Okay, there are a lot of myths to bust in this one, so let's get a move on. First, this is not a unified nation, rather it is a group of tribes. These tribes war often, and that combined with a harsh terrain make the orcs a tough people. They do unite in Rune Age: Oath and Anvil, but Rune Age is generally accepted as more of an alternate, possible history. They will likely unite at some point during the Rune Wars and join the game. Second, Orcs are not evil. In fact, some orcs are civilized enough to be on the Council of Dawnsmoor (of course, that doesn't mean much. It's not an elected position. You just show up. Still, an Orc that can participate in politics isn't evil at all, at least by the literal definition). You can meet very civilized orcs everywhere in Terrinoth, especially Riverwatch and Dawnsmoor. However, they get a bad rap because orcs often launch raids on the lands controlled by the Free Cities. Why is this? As I said, the orcs are made of many different tribes. Some raid, some integrate. But even the raiding ones really aren't evil. I mean, look at Old Man Waiqar (as he is known to fans of the games), or he Uthuk. They want world dominance and slaughter. These orcs just want some money, and they want it now. Even the Orc heroes in Rune Wars (old one, this is seriously getting annoying) are neutral aligned, reflecting the orc mentality of "I align myself with the winner/whoever pays me the most." Of course, racism is rampant in the Free Cities, mainly due to these raiding tribes, and naturally some cities are beginning to turn finding racists into a witch hunt (generally those with non-humans in control of the government), which overall benefits the civilized orcs greatly (especially the politicians). So you know, not that different than today's world! Third, orcs aren't stupid. Sure, the collective IQ of the Broken Plains ain't great, but that doesn't mean orcs are stupid. This isn't Warhammer. Orcs actually can count to ten. It's more that the vast majority of the orcs are warriors/survivors, and so they have the same IQ as humans of that type. Fourth, orcs are very spiritual. For whatever reason, they are the most religious of all the factions, and the Spirit Caves from Rune Age are an excellent example. Thing is, their religion actually works for them. Spiritspeakers often go to the Spirit Caves to ask a question. They then fall into a trance. When they awake, they find themselves in front of the picture that best answers their question. And sometimes that painting is fresh. This is the closest to divine intervention that the  Runebound universe has, so don't worry, Nuffle won't strike down your Carrion Lancer. Elder Mok, a hero from the universe, has the power to unleash the power of his spirit in an incredible magical storm. So yeah, watch out for the Orc with the drum.
    We have enough knowledge of the Orc armies to get a good idea of them. Their primary foot soldiers are called Ravagers, and they are rugged, tough brigands. They employ strange beasts in their army, and Beastmasters lead them. Spirit speakers are far from inept at Battle magic, and are seen as supporting units in the Orc ranks. They also ride lizards, furthering their connection with beasts. Finally, occasionally a Giant Troll can be found in the army. These are dumb as a brick and just kill whatever they want whenever, including other orcs. Oh well.
    In case you haven't realized by the length of this section, I really love orcs.
    A note on magic: Most magic (especially with humans) comes from rune shards (or in other words, the shattered remnants of the Orb). Hence the name Runebound. Very few people can create magic without a vessel such as a Timmoran Shard or Dragon Rune. Here's a quote from the Runiverse Document from 2013.
    "Since Runewars posits the idea that the runes are actually shards of Timmorran's Orb of the Sky, later inscribed with magic runes by the Dragonlords, the "runes" created by the stone scribes are most probably based on the Dragon Runes which the Dragonlords left behind. It is known that the Dragonlords gave their shards to their followers to enhance their powers in battle. [RW]"
    "Perhaps the stone scribes have found a way to "copy" runic magic onto an original shard onto a stone tablet, thus allowing wide distribution of known Rune spells, but not allowing the recreation of those spells whose original rune shards are still missing. This dovetails nicely into the Rune Seekers' quest to recover lost runes as well (see “Rune Keepers,” above.) It also explains why so many runes in the artwork look like stone tablets if the Stars of Timmorran are actually crystal shards of the Orb. These are scribed copies of the original shards."
    What is the Canon?
    I personally feel that only the following games can be considered canon.
    Rune Age
    Rune Wars
    Runebound 3rd Edition
    Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition
    Battlelore Second Edition
    Why not Runebound Second Edition? Two reasons: First, it has an inaccurate depiction of the Dragon Wars (or Third Darkness), which has since been rectified by the new edition, and second, let's not forget that an expansion added aliens. Yes aliens. Shoot. Me. Now. This leads me to believe that it really can't be considered canon.
    Other factions?
    It's unlikely, but the following factions could enter the game
    The Overlord (who controls an army of monsters)
    Mercenaries (monsters who work for anyone)
    Torue Albes (more humans)
    Zanaga (Lizardmen)
    Al-kalim (Arabia. Highly unlikely)
    Isheim (Halflings (also called Onoit))
    Katijie (Singhara): In some of the expansions for Runebound second edition, they speak of lion-people called Singhara. One of these heroes is called Lyssa. However, the new edition of Runebound has Lyssa in it, and she is now called a Katijie. So I'd go with Katijie. They never speak of Katijie nations or tribes, which make me doubt that they'd every make them a faction.
    What is the Rune Wars?
    A few years before the Rune Wars, the Uthuk left the Ru and began to invade the northern baronies at Hernfar. The heroics of Knight Captain Alcaron helped repel the invasion, but the Uthuk were far from done. For the Rune wars were started by Waiqar with his invasion of Daqan territory. Suddenly Daqan was fighting two fronts. It wasn't long before Daqan called the Elves to their side. Unfortunately, the elves didn't exactly go to the side of the Daqan Lords. You see, Waiqar's invasion was for more than just dominance over land. He wanted the runes. Daqan discovered this too, and began their own search. So when they asked the elves for help, the elves just jumped in with their own search for the runes. And the Uthuk were drawn to the runes, likely by the powers of the Ynfaernel. So you see, the RuneWars are fought over the dragon runes, not land. I know I didn't explain it well, but I can't really do better. The runes lead to power, so they fight over them. Got it?
    Hope you found this informative.
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    hakooh reacted to Jukey in It Is TIME!!! (or This is NOT It!)   
    'Something Big is Coming....' 😉
    It won't be official or licensed mind you, but it's coming. 
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    hakooh reacted to flightmaster101 in Gen Con Grand Tournament   
    We are going to figure out objectives, deployments, and errata soon.  We completely understand the need to practice and we are working out the kinks.  Stay tuned!
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    hakooh reacted to Jukey in Unit pricing algorithm (help!)   
    I'm trying to deconstruct units to find the point pricing, so I can create an algorithm for building new units, and at least get close to a reasonable price.
    This is not my area of expertise, and so I'm wondering if anyone else has done this already.  It seems fairly straightforward until I get to the dial, where everything goes wonky.
    The dial gets weird, since things fluctuate on usefulness depending on both sides of the dial.
    If anyone has a better grasp of how this works, please help me out.
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    hakooh reacted to Xelto in Unit pricing algorithm (help!)   
    It's more art than science. I really don't think you'll get a perfect algorithm, as there are simply too many variables. But if you really, really want to try, what I would do is determine what you think is the ideal "standard" command tool for infantry, for archers, for cavalry, and for heavy—a normal mix of turns/charges/initiatives/etc. For example, infantry would probably have, a move 1/2/3 on initatives 3/4/6 with the option to charge or turn-charge at -1, an attack on 4 with a +1 hit or +1 surge, a shift on initiative 6, and so forth. Then look at the proposed dials, and rate them on how much better or worse they are than the standard you've chosen, and adjust appropriately.
    But as I said, no algorithm is going to be perfect, even if you managed to get the dials portion of the algorithm flawless. It can get you into the ballpark, but it's not going to be fine-tuned—that's where the art comes into play, and there's no getting around it. There are simply too many variables to consider, and you have to consider how each piece fits into the larger whole. For example, suppose you're designing a new archer unit, and you want it to have a 4x1 configuration. In this configuration, a training slot would probably add ~15% to the cost by itself, as this would allow you to get Rank Discipline. But if this unit, for some unholy reason, comes with precise 1, that training slot is far less valuable. Yes, you can still get Close Quarters Targeting, but that's actually less useful on this unit than it normally is: this unit loses threat quickly, and it's most likely to get hit by a combination late-turn charge followed by a regular melee attack, which in most units happens before missile fire. The unit is probably going to be down to threat two or below before CQT comes into play, and may even be eliminated.
    It's weighing factors like this that brings the art into play. And my experience says that by the time you've gotten the unit working the way you want it to, you've got a decent feel for what it should cost, and only have to do a bit of fine-tuning to it.
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    My feeling with this is that you establish benchmarks based on what other units cost and then, as @Xelto said, you have to apply the “art” from there as there’s simply too many variables that aren’t directly quantifiable.
    Of course, if you choose a benchmark that’s over/under powered, then you’re stacking one problem on top of the other.  I think the community has identified which units are on the edges (or outside) of those boundaries.  In the end, you simply won’t get it exactly right for everyone’s tastes.  Look at the debate surrounding which units/upgrades were over/under powered...
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    Definitely not a science, and the above-suggestions are a good template.  Part of the problem is that the game creators were learning about the game as they went, so in the early phases, it is likely that some units are costed too much and others not enough, but later units are often priced a bit more appropriately.
    Where you'll have problems:
    1.  Granularity:  The lower the price point, the more possibility that something gets off.   If a unit's real power value is 9.5, is that 9 or 10?  If you had 2000 points for a game instead of 200, you'd have an easy 95, and the rest of the system could account for that granularity, but when you're forced to round, you're got to get cheap and expensive outliers.
    2.  At the extreme ends of abilities, it can become impossible to cost a unit successfully.  This is an extension of granularity, but is slightly different.  For example, imagine designing a siege that is worse than the Scion.  At some point, it is just so bad that it becomes unplayable, or it gets to a price-point that is spammable in a ridiculous way.  Or at the extreme end of good, you have a unit that is so powerful that it becomes an auto-include, or it effectively gets priced into a nice shelf-relic.   That's where the generic template with price point comes in as a useful mediation point.
    3.  Will ceteris ever meet paribus?  That's the Latin for "with all things being equal."  We love to say that phrase so that we can eliminate variables and compare two items on supposedly equal footing.  Yet all things are almost never equal.  While there seems to be a basic idea behind the classes (infantry, cavalry, siege) and the races (Daqan, Uthuk, etc.), there's quite a bit of diversity going on.  This comes in the dice thrown, the mix of melee/range attacks, the movement on the dial, the stats on the card.  In fact, there are almost so many variables going on that I suspect the design process was more along the lines of:  2 trays of non-siege are going to be around 17-18 points, which we are then going to walk up or down based on how the dials/cards turn out.  That just seems like an awful lot of variables for an algorithm to capture.  The best bet will probably be to not let the algorithm act as a substitute for playtesting and thinking.  It can probably get you within 2 points, but the rest has to come from good judgment.
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    Thanks for the replies!  This helps me a great deal, as I'm thinking I should focus more on what is in the actual unit for points, and let the dial develop more on a 'feels right' aspect.
    For basic building blocks, I've been doing hp×armor + dice + unit abilities + natural skill (if applicable).  Costing dice at W=3, R=2, B=1 has been coming out fairly accurately.  Things like brutal and precise seem to be about 2-3 points, and unit abilities range from 3-8 depending on power and effectiveness.  Still working on what a slot is worth.  At a quick glance, it seems most slots are about 1 point, possibly with the exception of uniques.
    In the end I think it will largely come down to putting the units on the table and costing them where they feel good, and less on a statistical spreadsheet.  
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    I've got a working algorithm that is placing within 2-3 points proper values.  It gets weird with seige units, but everything else seems to be coming together proper.
    I'll post the results once I run a few more units thru the deconstruction process.
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    The Fellowship is forming!
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    Already designed and shortly ready for release!!  😀
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    So, let’s start talking about what you’d like to see in my Uthuk expansion.  To get the discussion going, I’d like to capture folks ideas on strengths, weaknesses, and things you think will be fun.
    Feel free to share your idea for a card or two- all efforts will be credited where possible
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    Awesome ideas.  This is the perspective I want to get to make sure we don’t tip things one way or the other.  We can definitely increase list building options without breaking the game.
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