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  1. Saga (Age of magic), Kings of war, warlords of Erehwon, Oathmark, 9th age a lot of generic miniatures games, and they are all good. But none is like the runewars ruleset. Pleeeease, FFG, for the sake of Vurun'thul make it free ! give us the rules behind the rules, or sell the ruleset and brand to a real miniature company !
  2. Hi Church14 ! First, thanks to extend our enjoyment with your runequest extension 🙂 I hope you release Latari and Uthuk cards soon, so next holidays perhaps I can play with them ! Thanks to all people who have trying to fan made something for runewars, it's very cool 🙂🙂🙂
  3. Runewars creators assume combo (waiqar unit + heros waiqar unit) > (others faction units + their heros units), so waiqar units recieve a cost penality to buy ? Perhaps there is a layout faction cost ? or just a wet finger ! (I mean loosely artistic estimation)
  4. Yeah, I want that !!!!! 😉
  5. Next step : finding a serious company to take the brand and sell RWM compatible products for passionates players like us !
  6. Yes, it's that, I'm trying to do custom stuff and I don't know how to calculate cost for one single unit tray and after that how to find to value of several trays.
  7. Hi, Someone know how is build unit cost please ? Because I'm doing some mats and I have no success to retro engineering it ! Well I'm not good to do mats 🙄🙄 Thank you in advance.
  8. Built your hope ! This is today 11th birthday of my oldest soon. He invited 5 more friends and they are playing runewars at this moment. They are in another room, and I hear them laughing and crying, I just push the door and they seem having a blast ! Lol, I just find the criticial mass to play runewars ! just need now to talk to the fathers so I can make them discover this game too 🙂
  9. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/11/the-land-endures/
  10. Not really what you whant but it's runewars symbol font. It was extrated from an official pdf rules with Fontforge sofware (extract from pdf) then juste little reworked with http://www.glyphrstudio.com/. The result need more work to be fine, but I'm totally noob with this. To use it in excel or word, chose insert symbol menu. So if you or someone like it's good, otherwise 😉 Runewars-custom-Regular.otf
  11. Thanks all for answers, I'm going to try a SW set too. I will see ?
  12. I just bought 2 genesys set dices and I was very disappointed with dices quality. There are very "plastic looking" and lightweight. Well perhaps I'm eccentric but I want buy two more sets but I don't find (google) any alternate reseller. Someone know if this exists please. Thanks.
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