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  1. How about something in the Android Universe? I bought Infiltration, loved it. FFG killed it? I don't know what happened. I bought everything Android:Netrunner! Best game ever made! Then R. Talsorian yanked the license to the name Netrunner since they were bringing out the new Cyberpunk 2077 Afterlife card game licensed to CMON. I bought all the novels in the Android world. Enjoyed those. Mainframe doesn't excite me. New Angeles looks kinda interesting... maybe? It just doesn't scratch the adventure game itch. How about a new card game in the Android Universe?
  2. It's really concerning to me that this is also the set that is supposed to kick off rotation. I heard someone drop a hint that they are not doing a normal set of data packs but instead doing a Starter set 2.0, which could be good if done right (IMHO cleaning up a bunch of the cards currently on the MWL) but it could also go really wrong. I would rather see a great new Data pack set. Time will tell.
  3. For years many have responded to this thread voicing their desire to see a Dune game of any (or many) kinds. I have heard Mr. Herbert is exceptionally difficult to work with but the fans are speaking, I think such a classic EPIC as Dune (right up there with LotR and Star Wars) deserves a well crafted LCG and board/miniatures game.
  4. I would love to see the Dune property in an LCG. But I think the old game needs some serious updating to the rules with so many CCG/LCG game design lessons learned since that game came out. I would prefer to see a whole new game with deep strategies & intrigue and fantastic faction battles across a galaxy of planets and across the many epochs of time. And of course, control of The Spice.
  5. @Gaffa: Buzzkill. I've been a huge fan of FFG for at least 10 years. I am fully aware of their business practices, and forum rules. We are fans on these forums. Fans want to get excited.
  6. POST # 100!!! I agree with the above posts. The fans need (and deserve) a little love. A note, a tease, a blog entry. Something to keep us excited and build anticipation for whatever FFG is doing with L5R behind closed Roseville doors.
  7. I am an old player of the L5R CCG, I started playing when Spirit Wars set hit the stores. I got DEEP into it and became an AEG tournament organizer all through Gold and Diamond Edition. Then I stopped. I know the game changed and morphed over the years following. But what I know now is, I will be buying at least the FFG L5R core set. I hope it rocks.
  8. According to the new NAPD Most Wanted deck building restrictions, these decks will be illegal for tournament play by the time they hit the store shelves.
  9. Oh My Gourd! Runner mini-factions are blowing up my mind! I think I just... SQUEEEEEE! (That was me, squealing like a pig)(a digital cyber-hacking pig)(I like roots)(and shards) Can't wait for this box set! I'm sure we all are going to say something similar. But I am stupidly, engorgedly in love with this game. O frabjous day!
  10. I cast my vote with those who want a revision to Android. The universe is awesome, it needs more awesome games that appeal to a wider audience. And what happened to Infiltration? Its a great game! I love it. But almost all mention of it has been removed from FFG except in the store, where it is "out of stock"
  11. VanderHuge

    Android rpg?

    I can only agree that I am a huge cyberpunk fan, and I really have been enjoying the Android novels and Android:Netrunner and Infiltration. WE NEED ANDROID RPG!
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