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  1. Really, I don't think it's a good idea to limit force sensitivity within itself. If someone wants to go for it, then go for it. However, I personally do not make the road to becoming a Jedi or whatever an easy road to bear. I actually even came up with a system to essentially "unlock" Jedi, and I don't really find it plausible that a charaster would start off on a sort of Jedi Knight style class. I limit the Jedi aspect, not the Force Sensitivity aspect. As the Empire gathers agents of darkness to capture or destroy force wielding folk, I explain to those who seek interest in Force Sensitivity that while it's completely doabke, and available to everyone, it is definitely dangerous. The more force you show, the more likely people take notice. After some time, someone is bound to find you, and do their duty. I also make it a bit of an xp dump to reach a state of Jedi-ish nature, though I do not limit the characters in their abilities. They can buy FSE and then head straight into whatever Force Powers they want (restrictions of Force Rating still applicable) and let them do it their own way for the most part. I never start them out with a lightsaber nor do I start them out with anything to guide their training. Using the stories laid out before them and the ever expanding politics, and so forth, the characters who truly wish to reach a sort of Jedi-hood, must find their way naturally!
  2. Wrote up a Solar System that had a sun spiraling towards supernova. Wouldn't actually hit supernova for a long, long time, but in the grand scheme of a Galactic calendar, it would merely be days. That being said, the sun essentially super radiated all of the planets, and while there was one colony of droids left, they themselves were spiraling towards utter destruction because of it. The planet used to be very in tune with life. So, kinda?? Btw, the players never decided on helping evacuate the droid's, so all hope is lost on that front.
  3. Ponderous is for the Droid to never exceed 2 maneuvers in one turn. Awkward is the ability to add 3 setback to Brawl, Melee, and Coordination checks. Check out the Venerable Hutt Stat block in LONH pg. 47.
  4. I'm a jerk, and will kill a player for making a bad decision in a heartbeat. So, the sort of make up for the whole Dark Souls, die and start over (or ya know, any game in the 90s and before), I actually start out each player with a lot of different gear all tailored to their career, specialization, and species. I abstain from anything too huge, as well as anything restricted. I give them a few different options to choose from, allowing them to pick and choose what they believe their character would have, up to their Encumbrance rating and no more. I feel like it allows for a lot of mobility, and reinforces the idea that this character has lived before this campaign. It's worked well so far, tbh. When I was doing the RAW, which I did for a long while, it seems that the players felt too scared to make a drastic change, which is not totally all on them. I try to set up a lot of realism, and so, it helps to aid em in at least gear. Combat characters usually have a few different armor options, and weapon options. The utility characters get a lot of utility gear to choose from. And so on. I also allow the players to make a claim for something in a book that I haven't added, as I could miss something, but it usually doesn't work out because they want a 4k restricted Verpine Rifle or something.
  5. The Pathfinder rules specifically state that a character is an ally to himself so any effect that could be put on "an ally" can be put on himself, too. Or herself. Or, so I don't upset the Verpine community, itself. Themself* would be what you're looking for. I'm sure itself would be even worse than he or she, hahaha.
  6. One way to reduce the herculean task of something so vast is to take a minor Sector and center it around there. Maybe moving into neighboring sectors, but having one fully fledged out Sector can still be a huge task within itself.
  7. There's also the idea for a grand roster of all types of characters, probably limiting everyone to one character at first to make it as organized as can be until everything settles, and the groups can be interchangable. That way it's not always a search and destroy mission or a mission to rob a museum done by the same group every few weeks. Can set up a GM screening type deal maybe to ensure you're getting the right kind of GM, maybe something with a "your goal as a GM is this for this situation, your players do this, how do you respond or proceed, for one small tiny example. If you get the answer, "I bring in more NPCs from thin air, because the group outsmarted me." Well, you may have a problem. And, with having specific GMs, could have them also have a character to play elsewhere on the forum if they have the time!
  8. Appreciate all the help so far! I've just made it up before, but I figured it was great to ask yall about what you do about it. Thank yall!! Hope to hear more!
  9. So, I was wondering what yall did when faced with supplying stats for NPCs that aren't something to fall into a pre-written Adversary listing? I know, books like Lords of Nal Hutta have some listed adversaries tied to planets and the like, but that's not what I'm looking for. The best way to get my question across I believe would be to provide an example. Your players are going to sabotage a mining facility to cripple the production so that the Empire has one less resources to count on on planet X. The facility has x amount of miners, a security team, a maintenance team, and a medical team for example, all beneath a Miner Foreman. The security team, maintenance, and medical teams have adversaries like reskinning Corp Security Officers or Physicians, however, what about the miners? Do you just throw some stats together, and just move on incase the group decides to attack some miners for example, or? I figure that's the right way to go, but I'm a bit of a nerd and like to use the adversaries (reskinned, or otherwise) as a baseline so I don't feel like I'm overwhelming or underwhelming NPCs. I'll of course edit them a bit to fit certain things, like maybe riot gear is a bit much for this mining facility and instead it's a cloth uniform with the same stats of Heavy Clothing. Minion NPCs aren't too hard, but what about the Miner Foreman? I mean, this has gotta be an experienced person, and probably knows his way around fist fight at the least, but what would you stat 'em like? This isn't about this specific thing, but for the unaccounted for NPC types like Miners for example. Just want to get some perspective on what yall do.
  10. The edit is what I meant :people. Oh, I wish I could help
  11. I hope that I'm just missing it, so you don't have yet another thing to change, but is there a way to modify how many of something a trader may have? So like a weapons dealer may only have hand blasters, and I get that I don't need to look at anything else, but the search pulls up a lot of them. Any way to get it so it only showcases 5 or 10 or 1 for example?
  12. I have a mechcromancer type in one of my games. I run the Droids as NPCs. So, in my games, the player technically doesn't have extra turns. The droids of course recognize their maker for who she is, and listen to directions. If the directions go against programming, she must make a leadership check, but that's only come up maybe twice. However, the fun part is when other players try to get the droids to do something, or have a problem with a Droid, as the droids have their own personalities m.
  13. I'd rule things like Durable and Supreme Armor Master to take the effect once the I jury would be applied finally. So,Minor Nick (04) is rolled. PC doesn't like that, suffers a strain and hits for another Easy, like Stunned (36-40). Then, I'd have Durable and or Armor Master take place. Narratively, Precision Strike sounds like said PC is aiming to do something specific, like landing a discouraging wound or distracting the person. However,if the person is durable and or has supreme armor master unlocked, I'd say narratively, this person isn't as easy to distract, slow down, set off balance, sting, or what have you simply because this person is so Durable or is so in tune with their armor. That makes more sense, imo, than such a precise shot that this person's durability or fine armor is negated.
  14. Personally to me it depends. Does the person have climbing gear or otherwise has some means of making this particular climb more trivial than challenging? Honestly, I'd have two checks. 1 for the Athletics, and 1 for the stealth. I don't think it bogs anything down nor does it do anything except add to the narrative, because generally I'd imagine the climb would take some time, and so, why shouldn't it take a couple checks? If the wall they are climbing is tall enough, I'd probably make them do more athletics checks for climbing, especially if it's a plastoid wall or if they don't have any proper gear. I'd forgo the athletics by the time they reach the area that the guards would begin to take notice of, and add setbacks or a potential boost depending on how well they climbed against a Perception of the guard's if the climb or even protocol called for an active awareness or Vigilance if the guards are standing guard, but aren't exactly looking around or even if they haven't been prompted. Considering the intent and the obvious threat here for the guards probably being unaware, threat on the athletics check could definitely call for added noise, which may prompt the guards to search.
  15. September seems like a good guess for third quarter as Rogue will be out in the coming months after as well as Christmas and Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Good way to get some people who want to get their kids into games like these with something they'd be super familiar with.
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