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  1. one more snippet from my house rules: some gear additions and a revision to Bliss it was way OP and all my players wnated to become Bliss addicts after session 1. Matrix: Attack Dongle: This commlink attachment allows a standard commlink the ability to perform attack matrix actions. Only one dongle may be attached to a commlink. Cost 3000 Nuyen. Sleaze Dongle: This commlink attachment allows a standard commlink the ability to perform Sleeze matrix actions. Only one dongle may be attached to a commlink. Cost 3000 Nuyen. Magic: Lodge. A mage summoning a spirit or casting a ritual while inside his lodge suffers no drain. Rating equals the mana barrier strength. Cost 1000 Nuyen per rating (Max 5) Reagents: reagent may add 1 boost dice to any magic test. Cost 100 Nuyen Revised Gear: Drug: Bliss = 2 Failure initiative, +2 wound threshold, +2 strain threshold, +1 advantage on all presence checks..
  2. and Finally, i can't find my actual notes on Adepts, but this was the general idea. Luckily the player i thought going adept went Cybermonk instead Adepts: Not a player option as not ready to implement. Currently brainstorming: Ki magic skill. Initiate tier talents for Power points. Adept archetype (Ki, Discipline, Knowledge, Brawl) initiate level can not exceed the Ki skill ranks. Essense lose impacts power points.
  3. My house rules for magic which are working very well so far. Magic: Magic Skill ranks may not exceed Knowledge ranks. Casting a spell or summoning a spirit costs 2 drain and costs no strain. Drain differs from strain in that while it still draws from the same resource pool, Drain counts upwards from zero, and strain counts downwards from your maximum strain threshold. Should your drain ever exceed your current strain, you fall unconscious. Drain can only be healed by a long rest or at a rate of 1 drain per hour rested. Example: Wizzo the mage is at current strain of 7/12 and has cast 3 spells for a total of 6 drain, should he cast one more spell before healing any strain, his drain would increase to 8, which exceeds his current strain therefore he falls unconscious. Difficulty dice is considered Force of the spell. Casting a spell that exceed the number of difficulty dice over the casters magic skill shall be X wounds as well as the 2 drain cost. X being the difference between force and magic skill. Wounds like this can be healed by normal means but not magical means. Spirit summoning: Both Hermetic mages and Shamans may summon spirit. But on shamans may use the full conjuring magic spell type. (Consider Summon spirits its own unique spell type) The basic spirits in adversary section are considered Force 1 and cost 2 difficulty dice to summon. To summon a higher rank spirit add the addition number difficulty dice as the spirit force difference to force 1. Add the same number to all characteristics of the summoned spirit. I.e. Force 3 spirit increases the difficulty of the summon by 2 steps to 4 difficulty dice, however should the shaman succeed the spirit would have +2 to all characteristics.
  4. This is what i did, My game i am runnign is Gutterpunk, so the advanced runner kits are not fully developed as i had no need for them yet. Campaign types: Gutterpunk - your introduction to the streets Characters start with 1000 nuyen, this money can carry over to gameplay. Characters may spend a 1 time buy of either 5XP or 10 EXP for 1000 Nuyen or 2500 Nuyen for purchasing gear. This money does not carry over to gameplay Character will select one of the Basic runner gear kits (see Runner kits) Party starts with a (1) Dodge Caravanner (Group) or (1) Dodge Scooter (Each). Player starts as Squatter lifestyle and fake SIN rating 1 Established Runners - you have been in the shadows as a pro for some time. Characters start with 5000 Nuyen, this money can carry over to gameplay. Characters may spend a 1 time buy of either 5 XP or 10 XP for 10,000 Nuyen or 25,000 Nuyen for purchasing gear. This money does not carry over to gameplay. Character will select one of the Advanced runner gear kits (see Runner kits) Start with a bonus 20XP that can be spent on advancing SKILLS or TALENTS only. Party starts with a (1) GMC Universe (Group) or (1) Suzuki Mirage (Each). Player starts 1 month pre-paid Low lifestyle and fake SIN rating 2 Runner Kits Basic Decker: Datajack, Commlink w/ either Sleeze or Attack dongle Basic Rigger: Datajack, Micro or mini drone, Datapad. Basic Mage: Lodge rating 2 Reagents (10) Membership in a magic society group, or 1 additional magic related contact. Basic Samurai: AK-97 or Katana, Cyberware worth up to 5,000 nuyen (starting money can supplement). Basic Face: Streetline special (hold out pistol), Fake SIN Rating 2, fake licenses Basic Specialist: Armor clothing, Medkit Rating 1, Maglock passkey Rating 1 Bug Scanner, RFID Stealth tags (10), Simrig w/ Simsense module (under construction still) Advanced Decker: DataJack, Cyberdeck Erika MCD-1 Advanced Rigger: Control Rig, Medium drone. Advanced Mage: Lodge Rating 3, (1) Bound foci (no exp cost) Advanced Samurai: Ares Alpha or similar costing weapon, 45,000 nuyen of cyberware. Advanced Face: (2) Fake SIN rating 3, Fake licenses Matrix: Public Grid - anyone using the public grid suffers 2 setback dice from noise. City Grid - no bonus, no penalty Corp Grid - anyone using the corp grid gains 1 boost dice from advanced tech. Knowledge Skills: For each point of intellect the character has, they may select one knowledge specialty they always receive a single BOOST dice to checks. Examples: A player with 3 Intellect could have Knowledge: Spirit world, Knowledge: Gangs, Knowledge: high society, thus gaining a boost dice to his Knowledge skill whenever rolling on these topics. Lifestyles: Considering charging lifestyles every 4th mission played regardless of timelines. This will suit drop in and drop out play better if the players can not attend every session. Squatter: (Cost Free) Player lives in Cargo container, tent towns or otherwise abandoned flop houses. At the start of each mission a player makes a HARD Resilience test. Each net failure is a wound, each next threat is a strain to start the runner off on his day. This is to simulate the poor conditions of their everyday life. It is rolled at the start of a new mission, not every session/day Player is on the Public Grid Low: (2000 Nuyen) Nothing says low lifestyle like a run down apartment full of roaches in the redmond barrens, but at least your door locks and you eat almost everyday chummer. At the start of each mission a player makes an AVERAGE Resilience test. Each net failure is a wound, each next threat is a strain to start the runner off on his day. This is to simulate the poor conditions of their everyday life. It is rolled at the start of a new mission, not every session/day Player is on the Public Grid Medium: (5000 Nuyen) Moving on up in the world. Clean apartment with multiple rooms, steady diet. Player does not need pay night club entry fees, johnny cab fees, moderate food/drink costs are covered when out and about. Even every so often there is enough left in the kitty for a coffee or spirit that doesn’t say SOY in the name. Lifestyle options (SR core pg 370) become an option. Player is on the City Grid High: (10,000 Nuyen) A roomy house or high end condo, REAL food, and the technology that makes life easy. The character may not have the same perks as the really big boys, but the view sure looks good. Player may start each mission with a couple ammo loads of choice. Never pay for restaurants, Johnny cabs etc. Player is on the City Grid Luxury: (25,000 Nuyen) This is the big time baby, gated communities, concierge, subscriptions to any in house services you can think of. Any and all lifestyle options can be applied to your residence. Make sure your SIN is going to pass the entrance committee scrutiny. When you go to the clubs it’s only the best, and the VIP sections. Player may start each mission with any personal loads of ammo within reason, a full medkit, and a couple drugs of choice should you be so inclined. Player is on the Corp Grid
  5. I have some basic notes on a ki skill and power points somewhere. Will dig up and post tomorrow for you. Note play tesyed yet, but meant to go hand in hand with Gilbur's adept powers. I also added new drain rules to spells casting.
  6. I am interested, i have already run a pathfinders Goblins adventure in Genesys, and other d20 games like Dragonlance.
  7. Concerning spellcasting: This is what i have done: Spell force = number of difficulty dice. Spell cast force equal to or less than ranks in spellcast skill = 2 drain. Spell cast force over ranks in ranks spellcast skill = 2 drain + 1 wound per dice over. Drain counts down from your max Strain. Strain taken countgs up from 0 to your max strain. Should you ever have more strain then Drain, you fall unconscious. You can recover strain as normal You can only recover drain from a long rest. Spells cast from a lodge incur no strain. Spirit summoning lasts until services spent. and costs DD to cast. If you want to cast a higher lvl spirirt each difficulty dice adds 1 to all spirirt stats (Brawn, Agility Wound threshold etc) I am 3 sessions in on my playtest with a crow shaman and works great, gives the flavour, causes him to pause and think if he really needs a spell to accomplish his goal, but allows him to still fling spells as required and summon his spirits.
  8. After playing Star wars FFG system over past few years has demonstrated to me the difficulty in killing players (not that i am looking to but players should feel a sense of fear that it can happen) i have converted the D&D 5e death rules to SW/Genesys. You can do to negatives equal to your wounds before Dying. I call this the massive damage threshold. so a 12 wound char can go to -12 wounds before dying. if you are at 0 or negative hitpoints but under your massive damage threshold you are considered unconscious and dying. A dying character makes a resilience check each turn. 3 cumulative success auto stabilizes you. 3 cumulative failures and you die. Which ever comes first. currently i set this vs PP difficulty but may change it to be dependent on just how close you are to your massive damage threshold. (like the heal checks scales based on % of wounds lost) (you are not losing a wound per round. its just keep making checks till dead or stable.) Any healing (magic/Stims/medicine check) will stabilize a character with the healing starting from 0 wounds not the negative value. (i.e. the only reason you need to know you are at -8 is that means you are dying and not dead. Medicine checks are average difficult, with 2 set back dice if doing while under duress (ie. in combat, pull that wounded soldier back to the bunker to get cover before doing your medicine check!) and of course, you still suffer the critical hit for being reduced to 0 wounds. That may just kill you, but yet to see that happen! in about 10+ adventures i have GMed.
  9. If you have played Edge of the empire you are 90% familiar with Genesys. Magic and paragon skills only things that stood out as different and both seemed a natural fit to the game.
  10. I played at the same table ElSuave described the final battle. I was the orc scout so I can say I had plenty of non combat interactions. Scouting the farm. Tracking the wagon. Breaking into the fancy inn the vampire lady resided in, getting info from gnomes in a pub after called them noisey gophers. Our mage also researched vampires at the academy in advance of the final encounter and scored a triumph (he was a triumph machine) granting us a boost die vs the vampire for entire final encounter. Our scholar did medicine checks to help figure out the death causes. Alys and Syndrael intimidated the bandits at the farm house with some limited success, but never fear a beserek orc scout finished the job with a loud and proud take down of a bandit moving into ambush position. Long story short. Session was 3.5 hrs. Combat was 30 mins of it rest was investigation, hilarity (darn goats) and social interactions.
  11. I'm signed up for it Saturday as well, super stoked.
  12. Going to have emergency power up and running when PCS board the ionized ship. Critical systems still functioning, but engines and whatnot offline. Chaos on deck to give pcs something to work with for a infiltration / extraction
  13. I think I will drop the breach in half too. So damage 8, critical 5, breach 3 should make my encounter work
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