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  1. Defeating both figures of one group eliminates the group and thus the Imperial Player cannot reinforce the group again but instead has to deploy the whole squad. That might make a difference in certain plays, since the imperial player may not have enough threat to deploy the entire group again but enough for a single figure to keep the pressure up. Especially with hired guns as that means you (almost) definitely get one shot in for your reinforce cost.
  2. Shhhh, you're supposed to reroll the 3 blanks, not the hit
  3. I'll give a +1 just for mentioning HotAC. Though I'd say for the rebels, 2 X, 2 Y, 1 A, 2 B, 1 HWK is more realistic instead of forcing everyone to a different seat.
  4. It's cute that you think FFG actually takes the ship size as a decider for base size. I think the U-Wing, the K-Wing, the ARC-170 and the Scurrg would like to have a word with you regarding hilarious base size decisions.
  5. I am SO interested in this and would love to see the point adjustments for everything. Sounds like an amazing project!
  6. I think you should watch the movies again because all of this happened 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...'
  7. Good lord that X-wing in the top right corner has a laser bent so far it actually rolls 3 dice against one target and 1 more against another at range 1 to the right of the x wing.
  8. The avatar is so fitting for this reply. +1
  9. Expected this when I read the thread title. Not disappointed.
  10. Keyan Farlander so you can use the PTL stress as a focus token and have one more action to do something different instead, e.g. give a squadmate an action via squad leader or do barrel roll/boost adjustments, given you have vectored thrusters/engine upgrade. Outmaneuver for a cheap version of Wedge Antilles, given you can reposition you should be able to get out of arc of someone. Don't think of Sabine's ability as "move you away" think rather of adjust your angle. I usually run BB-8 because I want to keep the Elite slot for damage adjustments, but I use the bb-8 barrel roll in planning ahead for the move, then you can still end up in range 1 of your squadmates just with a good angle on the TIEs. I second the pooling XP, we only play it this way since I heard of it, it is so much better, there is more cooperation and helping instead of ruthlessly trying to get the kill for more points. What I can recommend as well : Ban predator as an elite pilot talent, instead get automatically predator vs. an enemy type that you killed at least 5 times, but only reroll 1 die regardless of enemy PS. Everyone pretty much gets the reroll against TIEs soon enough, but people could try to specialize vs. other types.
  11. Not sure where you read that he says it's in a bad state. As he uses comparative words like worse similar and better he nowhere states it's in a bad state. It could be in a glorious state and Armada still be in a worse similar and EVEN MORE GLORIOUS state.
  12. Heh, even more fuzzy math when 0.001% of 10,000 are used. So somewhere in the world someone uses a tenth of his base plate?
  13. If you do green maneuver every turn (and the ARC even has 6) you are an amazing action hog: Reveal Green Maneuver -> BB-8 Barrel Roll -> Experimental Interface into Expose or Squad Leader if you have it and want to give someone else a needed action -> execute the green maneuver to clear stress -> get a free focus token from Kyle if you have him and need it -> now comes the default action: Target Lock -> attack -> opportunist if possible (target does not have focus/evade tokens) for stress + 1 die -> reroll dice with Target Lock, clear stress and use "focus" with farlanders ability if you managed to get a stress, else take the focus token from kyle -> still have a focus token left over for defense (if you took farlanders ability) End of turn: no stress, so do it all again next turn Distance 1: 6 ATK Dice with TL + focus (keyan), but only 0 AGI on defense (Expose variant) OR Distance 1: 5 ATK Dice with TL + focus (keyan), but only 1 AGI on defense + free action for squadmate (Squad Leader Variant) Bonus Points: You can get the combo going early without farlander (level 7) because you can replace farlander ability with kyle katarn free token until you are level 7. But you may need to opportunist only at really good opportunities because you can't clear the stress with keyan yet. Everything else is "freely accessible" and you can do some good 5-6 attack dice punches every now and then (when you think it's adequate). Also nice to have: Tail Gunner and Wedge reduce target agility by 2, so out of the rear arc you can have: Distance 1 (rear): 5 ATK Dice with TL+focus (keyan), 0 AGI on defense, vs. target - 2 AGI. That's some serious damage against normal TIEs in distance one, you even stand good chance to insta-wipe normal TIEs with every shot. Choose Maneuver from 2 or 3 speed, maybe 4 if koiogran -> Use Stay on Target to intended maneuver -> maneuver turns red -> gain stress -> gain TL from red maneuver (targeting astromech) -> remove stress because hobbie clears stress when getting target lock -> get focus from kyle -> do normal action (barrel roll/boost from engine upgrade/vectored thrusters or focus if you don't have kyle) -> combat: use opportunist to roll 1 more die -> gain stress -> use target lock to reroll -> clear strses from opportunist because hobbie clears stress when using target lock -> use focus -> profit e.g. Distance 1 primary weapon front: 5 dice with TL+focus or distance 1 APT (TL), 6 dice, 3 blank to focus, focus token Distance 1 primary weapon back: 4 dice with TL+focus vs. -1 AGI on defender (Tail Gunner) Different combo but works also pretty well, needs to be level 5 to work because of Hobbie Klivian skill, may lack a bit of punch until level 7 with opportunist. Well that's why I got for ARC-170
  14. I suspect it will be 'roll' as well, just because in the picture, the next letter after 're'/'ro' seems to be a "high" letter like an l, definitely not something small as you can see by the smudge. So 'roll' matches the picture more than reroll because of the higher smudge
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