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  1. Mass Effect sound track is great, for Fantasy I love the Conan online games sound track.
  2. I use the FFG Assault tiles and miniatures, most of the titles are great quality, but they are really small, so i scan them and blow them up. I have done a few so far and they work well, but really printing them out again kinda of defeats the advantage of titles in the first place.
  3. Tales from the Hydian Way, is a pod cast that is more rules and subject oriented, but really worth the listen for any GM or player, great ideas.
  4. I know, I sound like a whining player, who read the adventure before hand, but I researched the Module only after that last game, after I believed that, I would pick up GMing a group continuing after the mission and was looking for a way off the planet, so, I was not cheating in any way. I understand the unique politics of gaming in a store, I used to work and play at the Adventures Guild in Riverside, as well as being a GM. We all make mistakes, that's fine but neither can I turn off my percent calculating brain. From a player point of view, I'd rather just have the GM talk to me, out of game about that going on. In the past, I was the go to player to have in the game, but that might not case be anymore.
  5. I'm in an eerily similar satiation, my game fell apart on the very issue. First though, skipping a combat situations could be because of good planning or luck, but XP takes care of that. Mission reward, money, is for the job or the contract, did they fulfill the contract. Beyond the Rims initial reward negations are somewhat lacking and should give the GM and bit more guidance in the reward area. Ultimately, I think the GM made a error, in my group. We had a excellent roll in negotiation and everyone received 3k down payment of 10%, with and end payment of 27,000 per person. Things fell apart at the end, when were offered only the bonus money for the tech and confirmation of the ship, 30,000, to be split 8 ways as payment in total. Negating the original mission contact of some 216,000, plus negation of some obligations. As a group we tried to reminded him and finally intimated Roem, but the DM said he had no money? So, yes we did frag him, but after trying to remind the DM of what was done. If that being greedy, ok
  6. I would try to find the TSR Alternity adventure "Lighthouse" and/or the B5 source book, both of these had great ideas for a mapping huge stations and big places with general maps, and then more specific areas, for adventuring.
  7. I think the Wheel is a lot bigger then the Argos, I have it as well, but really you only need a small map to do most everything.
  8. I'd also hunt for some artwork, for your own personal use, and combine that with area locations, and maybe a non detailed map.
  9. Creating an item now, that is a great ideal, I never thought of it. Good temporary fix. TY
  10. Is there a way to manually adjust your skills for House Rules, adding free Knowledge, without it effecting the xp ?
  11. I love miniatures, painting them and collecting them, it helps that I have played Traveller and Infinity so I have some stuff around, not necessary, but fun. Its up to the game master, if he has access to map and art that can make things very visual, why not.
  12. Well, I just signed up. I think I can handle doing both.
  13. My old stomping ground, I still miss the Adventurers' Guild, before my move to Missouri. Still playing and loving my BH.
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