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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TDE-C6 this one is almost finished, and future ones are uncertain at this point.
  2. Overall, taking into account all expansions and a min of 6 players in each game. I would say... you can't give an obcjective note. Only a win/loose ratio table would allow us a glimpse into a characters performance.
  3. I've looked through your tables and I must say they are irrelevant. If you wanted to do a proper ranking, it would have to be in a 1v1 situation, with specific rules same time. You're in luck though, as such a table exists and I have participated in it. Enjoy. Talisman League of Champions
  4. I find the highlands good for grinding gold, unlike the city. There aren't that many ways to get gold there. I agree when it comes the the dungeon though, usually you power up enough that you don't have to go to the dungeon, becuase it's youre playing with random treasures it's easier to get arnkell and tp straight to the CoC, and if you play without random treasures... only then it's worth it to go for the LoD.
  5. Probably one filling the gap between the Woodlands and the Highlands.
  6. If you want to figure out what's next, look at previous Talisman editions or fan contributions. I bet a company like FFG has figured out what and when to release many years in advance. Therefore, anything that hasn't even been mentioned anywhere is highly unlikely.
  7. UtileDulci

    Faster games

    Hey, I've been wondering how to speed up the game without interferign with game mechanics too much. More like using additional dice for tracking current strength/craft instead of calculating it every time before a battle. Any ideas?
  8. My fastest game lastet 30 minutes, 1vs1 bloodbath. Longest...5h, if not more. And I played with as many as 7 ppl as well (8 total).
  9. I'd also say that game time increases with the amount of players. Someone made a neat topic about shortening it though, check it out.
  10. Me want o_o What are it's origins?
  11. Hey, I suppose not, since The fight is divided into 5 parts: 1) evasion 2) spells 3) str/cft bonuses 4) rolls 5) rerolls So, your and a createrues power are calculated in step nr 3, therefor it won't change in step 5 (where rerolling happens).
  12. I'm afraid the Thai making those neat sleaves hasn't been active since 5/2014. What other alternatives are there at the moment?
  13. That's also a valid option
  14. Hello, I've made a cheat sheet for the amount of cards in all the Talisman games, in case you were wondering or planning on sleeving/boxing them. Enjoy and comment https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v_3VNJinWhf4r6mxCVoPBQOSZQX6uU4KWaRT0xqPyCw/edit#gid=0
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